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Avatar m tn The penalties are draconian and sentencing to prison for sale of steroids withoutm prescription in the Federal system is mandatory.
3249922 tn?1347023649 I also wanted to know if I was to go on synthetic testosterone does that affect my ability to have kids in the future? Thank you...
Avatar m tn What happens is their testicles began to shrink because the synthetic Testosterone replaces their normal level of true Testosterone. Scientists for years have declared that prison convicts become more aggressive because their Testosterone levels increase while in jail. I wish you good luck, and I hope you find the way to correct your situation.
640719 tn?1277140030 Usually the OB's only look at certain aspects of estrogen and quick to prescribe synthetic BC for abnormal levels. I fee you need to stick with the D O and run ALL the panels to see ALL your levels - then you can seek compound Rx's for options on how to treat the conditions.
484508 tn?1290010544 I had been on Androgel for low testosterone, but it did nothing, so I started testosterone therapy replacement using pellets, a newer procedure. I am 65. After 7 days, I was hit with overwhelming anxiety, panic, the yawns. Today it is a bit better- Today is day 8. I had no idea that testosterone replacement could cause anxiety. I took the stuff because I had anxiety, that Celexa had done a tremendous job of helping. I had to take a Klonopin last night because I was so anxious.
Avatar n tn can you sale your testicle & if so how much can you get for, an who you will buy it.
Avatar m tn I stopped taking the testosterone all together for about 2 weeks and it got a little better but then I started taking it again and then it went right back to being rock bottom again. WTF did tamoxifen do to me??? Why is my libido completely dead? Did I just totally overload my body with testosterone? I thought tamoxifen was an anti-estrogen blocker but apparently it actually boosts your testosterone as well.
8377023 tn?1399509160 Oshkosh and Carter's are having a $3.99 sale. My mom just told me.
Avatar f tn The big advantage of going the synthetic route is that you can manipulate the T3 and T4 separately for a custom fit. It sounds like you might be feeling a lot better. You certainly don't seem to suffer from fatigue! LOL I think you have a good plan. Retest in 4-6 weeks or sooner (T3 doesn't take time to build in your blood like T4 does). See what your numbers are doing then and how you're feeling. Remember, though, that the object of treatment is to feel well.
1236629 tn?1268884764 Dr. Frank Shallenberger is very knowledgeable about this subject. He has a newsletter, Real Cures, that I subscribe to. He has found that some people can get off the hydrocortisone after a few months, but others, himself included, were not born with adrenal glands strong enough to withstand the big stresses. They will need hydrocortisone for life. As for myself, I didn't do well on hydrocortisone. I take methylprednisolone, 1 mg. (I cut up a 4 mg tablet). This works well.
880023 tn?1241744504 I mostly completed my shopping list for the baby, except the travel system. I was wondering, if it worth waiting for the Thanksgiving sale to get it. I never really paid attention if they ever have anything like that on sale for Thanksgiving, but would assume stores like babiesrus would offer some sale. Anyone had experience with it?
5373017 tn?1367136199 I am 49 years old. I take dolophine for chronic pain. I knew ED was a aide effect of this medbut I'v been taking it for 20 yrs and it just started affecting me about 8 years ago. Other than stop taking the med is there anything that can be done for this type of ED and why did it not affect me the first 12 yrs? I think dropping testosterone levels might be the cause, maybe TSH. I need help. It is odd that alot of guys in their early 20 r having ED proplems.
Avatar m tn And a bonus is that it is a $4 (for 30) / $10 (for 90) prescription whereas I think I was paying $70 for a 3 month supply of patches.
Avatar m tn Andro is just a synthetic testosterone replacement that you can get in numerous ways. I take a gel that i rub on my shoulders everyday or it also comes in injection i.m. and i bekieve there is also a pill. I have to take it because the radiation i had "cooked" my other nut even thougjh it was covered everytreatment. Give your son my best wishes. I know how hard it is to have your mortality thrown in your face at a young age. In my case 26 when diagnosed.
Avatar n tn Hi to cure my acne and hair growth my dermatologist recommends to use a hormone pill (sponalactaid i think?) to reduce my high testoterone level. My mother had breast cancer because of hormone pills so I refuse to take it. Instead, I researched ways to lower testosterone "naturally" and came across an herbal supplement called Macafem which claims to affect the pituatry gland to make the hormones produced more "balanced" Anyone heard of this and is this true?
Avatar f tn i have just gave blood samples for SHBG but i dont know if the testosterone test is for bio-available or not, my doc not up to scratch on this hormone thing and my endo is all for keeping ;me in the dark, i wish i knew more about the whole system. I am on 50mg of DHEA DAILY which makes no difference at all and on fluoextine 30 mg and the testosterone patch but nothing seems to make any difference. moods are all over the place and depression can set in occassionally as nothing seems to change.
Avatar m tn ve completely changed my life 6 months ago, eating healthy, cutting the booze and smoke out and really havent touched testosterone boosting supplements in years. My doctor put me on Lexapro for my depression and xanax to help me sleep at night or when I'm having real bad anxiety. Lexapro didn't work and xanax is a short term fix. I don't like taking anything synthetic now but realize I may have to.
631270 tn?1224862606 Hi Mary Pat, I know there is a woman who has spoken of taking injections that (I think) included Estrogen and I recall reading her posts on the Hysterectomy site. There is also a woman who answers posts (has in the past for sure, but I have not dropped by that site for a while) about Hormone replacent and she uses Estrogen pellets and I know she uses Testosterone but I cannot recall if that is in the pellet, but I think it is.
Avatar f tn I have had luck with ross, motherhood is a little more expensive but the clothing lasts longer. Look for things on community sale pages. I know that Facebook is a great resource for that.
Avatar m tn , less frequent masturbation) will increase your count. Finally, there are fertility drugs (such as synthetic testosterone) that can help your count if it's medically necessary.
Avatar m tn It has hovered at around that level for about a year. A healthy person my age should have a total testosterone of between 700-1000. I don't know what my normal T levels were before but they must have been much higher than 250. It must have something to do with all the cycling I do. The Ed came on suddenly. I was fine December 14th 2011 and then by December 16th I could not have sex at all. I used to be able to have sex several times a day.
Avatar n tn Also Libido been falling off for several years now and dropping faster as of recent. Last Testosterone test was about 2 years ago and it was around 350.