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601801 tn?1225595945 i think my cat my be pregnant but i dont really know thier symptoms can anyone tell me what to watch for
Avatar f tn How far along were you when that line showed up on your belly? I was 10w6d. 2. They say cats know when you're pregnant? My cat Riya has been glued to me for about 2 weeks now. 3. Personality at 11 weeks? My 'babby daddy' kinda screwed us over. When i talk about him i start to cramp. Stress or is the baby upset too? 3. Have you done research on the CVS? One out of three woman miscarriage after having it done. I told my doctor no and she's pushing it.
Avatar n tn Then Friday night my stomach began to swell, My weight has gone up a little however, I look about four months pregnant. They did rule out, appendicitis, gall stones, and that type stuff. Now I am terrified that there is something really wrong. I was wondering if an Ultasound can show up cancer? I am 26, years old mother of three kids ages 4 to 6. I am mortifiied that something is really wrong...Any information that that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
679823 tn?1231191279 If she escapes outside she will get pregnant. Cats are extremely efficient breeders, that is why there is a cat over-population. If you don't plan on breeding her and don't want to deal with this behavior, I encourage you to have her spayed.
Avatar f tn I agree with PK it sounds most likely an upset tummy, & if its ongoing & theres no obvious cause like a sudden change in her diet or something else shes possibly eaten, such as flea treatment not agreeing with her??
Avatar n tn My Abdominal CAT 2/6/06 revealed bilateral adnexal cystic lesions (3cm left & 1.5 cm right)with a small amount of free fluid in pelvis. I have experienced the feeling of being full & bloated for about 6 weeks now. I have even gone up a size in my pants & had unexplained weight gain (even though I eat the same thing everyday becasue I am on a strict food plan) and began cutting back & exercising more because I thought it was metabolism related (I'm 36).
Avatar f tn I'm 5 1/2 wks along and have a few symptoms (sore boobs/nipples, mild abdominal cramping, tired at times). Just curious what symptoms everyone else has and when they started. I'm just wondering if the morning sickness is gonna hit me next week.
Avatar f tn I just found out im six weeks pregnant. I know that if you have cats you're not supposed to do the litter boxes. I have two cats and have a question. Am I still allowed/or is it still safe to hold and pet my cats? Is it just the litter box I'm not allowed to touch or are my cats off limits too? I also have two pet rats. Does the same apply? As I am an animal lover I have many pets. Including a dog and an outside dairy goat. What can I do and what can't I do? Thanks and any help is appreciated!
Avatar f tn My cat gave birth to seven cute kittens. two of them died a few days later. the other 5 are healthy and about 1 month old. it's been a few days that my cat doesn't eat well and she doesn't care about her kittens as before. Is she sick? Is it normal for the mummy cat to stop eating when she wants to stop feeding her kittens?
Avatar n tn Now that I have a cat who sheds a lot I make sure to watch for those symptoms again. I have also been to the doctor to run routine exams but it seems I'm fine. I did say I was swallowing hair but they just laughed and told me I didn't have parasites, my heart was perfect etc.... They did tell me to find ways to prevent the hair from entering my mouth, and that's when they told me what Savas mentioned above about what's in the hair.
209987 tn?1451939065 My son has a 1 1/2 y/o mini pincher/chihuahua. She was in heat about 2 weeks ago...since then her teats are growing, she lays around alot, and she's more defensive against other animals...she's also stopped trying to "dominate" the cat. Is it possible she's pregnant? She had been "mounted" around the same time... When would symptoms appear if she is?
Avatar n tn I am 13 weeks pregnant and own 2 cats. One has just entered the house and vomited what appears to be a dead mouse. Now I know that there is a huge risk in pregnancy with toxyplasmosis with cat faeces but wondered what risk this poses? I have gone upstairs in my house awaiting my mum to arrive to clear the vomit in case it is risky for me. But is there anything else I need to do to reduce the risk of the disease in this circumstance?
1153085 tn?1341305493 1. A change in behavior when a cat is pregnant is normal. I would be more concerned if her behavior didn't change. Provide her with a secluded place where she can give birth and nurse the babies, That is what she is looking for. 2. As soon as her babies are weaned, have her spayed. Once the babies reach 2 pounds, have them spayed or neutered. 3. Keep her indoors.
Avatar f tn I found a cat about a year ago outside of my workplace. I noticed she had several wounds and could not walk properly. After taking her to the vet i found out that she had been attacked by other cats. The vet had to put a cast on her right leg. He told me that that was the only major problem and that everything would be fine. I decided to keep the cat. I struggled to find a brand of food she would eat and she would sleep all the time, very typical for a cat.
193137 tn?1367883663 While we have received no consumer complaints related to this issue, cat owners should monitor their cat for symptoms, including a reduction in appetite or refusal of food, weight loss, vomiting or diarrhea. If your cat is experiencing health issues or is pregnant, please contact your veterinarian. Consumers who have purchased product affected by this voluntary recall should return it to their retailer for a full refund or exchange for another NUTRO® dry cat food product.
670929 tn?1226176781 My cat suddenly died this morning. There was no warnings or signs that he was in distress. He was sitting on his cat house enjoying his breakfast one minute and on the ground the next. He tensed up and look as though he was going to vomit then went limp. I tried to perform CPR and didn't notice anything blocking his air way. We called the emergency vet line and were told that if he wasn't breathing and no pulse was felt that there was nothing more they could do.
300987 tn?1219987265 e. a cat in diestrus) or who is pregnant, you are effectively spaying a cat with fully-functioning corpus lutea: i.e. a cat with high blood progesterone levels. The consequence of this can be the same as the situation that occurs during birthing.
482660 tn?1282319941 nausea, fatigue,and bouts of dizziness,nipples are always hard(tmi lol). I'm just too afraid to test. My DH thinks i could be and ask me was i pregnant!!!! I just don't want 2 be dissapointed!!!! Should i wait to test after my AF is due????
Avatar m tn In the USA, if someone gets bitten by an animal and there is no proof of vaccination, Animal Control will usually quarantine the animal for around 10 days to make sure it does not have rabies. It does not sound like the cat was showing symptoms of rabies but that is not a guarantee it is not infected. I don't know what the procedures are in your Country but if the cat is still around, maybe someone can pick it up and quarantine it.
1296191 tn?1280703473 Cats that are over 7 yrs old need to be checked for these common conditions-hyperthyroidism, and kidney disease. I am concerned that your cat is very skinny, despite a good appetite. These symptoms, along with the vomiting, could possibly be caused by thyroid disease. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Once she was diagnosed I became obsessed in finding information and other cat owners in the same position as me --- to no avail.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering since Oct 2007 with what I think might angina symptoms. I am a 46 year old mother of two daughters, living in the UK. I had my first experience in Oct 2007 whilst sitting at my desk at work. It started out as severe pain in my throat, which seemed to graduate up into my jawline and ears. I had pain/discomfort in my chest also, (akin to what I would describe as severe indigestion).
Avatar n tn I am currently having my period and am positive that I am not pregnant (I also had a period last month and I did a pregnancy test). I have always had regular bowl movements-- almost at the same time every day. Symptoms: I have gained almost thirty pounds in the last 8 to 10 weeks without significantly altering my diet. I began having occasional stomach aches in March. I did nothing because I thought it was nervous stomach due to some events at work.
Avatar f tn His mom rescued a stray cat about 3 months ago even though there was a possibility that the cat could harm me or my baby. Pregnant women aren't suppose to come in contact with cat urine because it can affect an unborn child. Also, being that it was a stray I thought it was completey irresponsible for her to bring it in the house without having seen a vet first. I asked for the cat and the litter box to be left in her room to avoid any risks.
Avatar n tn My RE put me on birth control and symptoms cleared. Yet, after I stopped the pill symptoms came back. My problem is slghlty different than yours now because I have chronic nausea. Yet, I get diarhea from time to time, and especially during cycles I noticed that diet plays a huge role as far as controlling digestion. For example, steam rice and chicken, oat meal, solid foods help process firmer stools (sorry for mentioning stool but that's the point).
Avatar m tn Today's noon I saw it again ( it pregnant or have a little fat abdomen , that I'm sure it's the same cat in our company yard ) . it walk in sunshine , seems very normal , not far away there is a car passed away and she didn't showed panic . There is no ANIMAL CONTROL here and I'm not sure whether I can see it again . What the rabies chance ? What should I do during and after the shots ?
Avatar n tn Hi, My cat is a 2 year old spayed female she looks like a cross between a simese and a shorthair, some say she is a snowshoe. I got her from the shelter when she was about 10weeks old, she is strickly an indoor cat. Her eyes stay dialated about 98% of the time, only when she is in direct sunlight do they go to slits, and sometimes even in the sunlight they stay dialated. She also has a slight head tremor which comes and goes, it looks almost like a person who has parkinson's disease.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to get a lung infection or pneumonia from breathing in cat litter? The night before last I cleaned out the litter and for the next few hours I was having some chest pain and tightness, and my throat was getting sore. I felt better by the time I went to bed and woke up without any chest pain or issues. Then I went to class and after walking around a bit I developed the issues again, which sort of came and went throughout the evening and were much better when I went to bed.
Avatar n tn If you didn't have the spine imaged, you should talk to your doc as MS can show up there too. Hypothyroidism can certainly be a cause of your symptoms. Once treated adequately, your symptoms may improve. Another test that may be helpful is an EMG to see if this a problem of your peripheral nerves. Laboratory workup such as ANA, sed rate, blood count and electrolye profile can also help rule out other potential problems such as lupus and other rheumatological disorders.