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Avatar n tn So what I'm wondering is could this all be one big yeast infection that started in my mouth and has spread through my body? Is there anything else, other than yeast or mono, that it could be? My doctor appt is later today, FINALLY, but I'd just like to hear what others may think. In my book, two opinions are always better than one. Thanks in advance to those who reply!
Avatar m tn can a male develope a yeast infection in his penis by receiving oral sex - in other words does having someone give me a blow job cause a yeast infection?
Avatar n tn I also get the funny feeling in my forhead(tingling tight feeling) the thrush symptoms come and go in my mouth, dizzy spells and headaches and anxiety attacks when I have a yeast infection. My doctor has test for everything STD wise and I have come back clear. My test for yeast came back as heavy yeast. The yeast can cause all those symptoms you are having when it has overwhelmed your body like mine. I have been treating it with some pretty heavy stuff and it still comes back.
Avatar n tn "Inserting yogurt in the vagina, in effect, puts it at the front line of the yeast infection -- yogurt and its good ba cteria are now in the trenches warding off further expansion of yeast colonies. However, yogurt contains lactose (milk sugar), and yeast thrives on sugar. In reality, yogurt may be joining the ranks of the enemy!" So basically not a good idea! Stick to the OTC cream.
Avatar m tn A yeast infection can become a very uncomfortable disease to deal with however luckily there are ways in which guys can treat the symptoms of male yeast infection. One amongst the most common ways in which that men contract the disease is through gender with a female partner who has yeast infection. It's very important for men to use protection throughout sex in order to limit the likelihood of contracting the disease.
Avatar n tn 42 yr old , healthy,no medical hx. I had a yeast infection on 11/ 2nd one in 2 yrs, so I used Monistat3. It burned terribly!-had to wipe it out! Called MD she gave me Diflucan 150 every 3 days for a total of 3 pills. Took 1, started to feel relief, did the gynazol cream that she ordered as well. Itching, discharge gone in about 2 days, but still reddness and slight burning. Didn't take the other pills, started having bad abdominal pains. Blood tests + everything ok, most likely GI related.
Avatar f tn Prior to coming down with diarrhea symptoms, he had sores in his mouth which were recently diagnosed as thrush. The ulcers in his mouth look the same as the ulcers in the colonoscopy photos on his colon. Could this be a yeast infection in his colon?
Avatar f tn Now I've never had so much as a cavity, thouh my oral hygiene could be better, my gums were rotting and my mouth was in a lot of pain. The doc prescribed some antibiotics and it cleRed right up. My question is, can you transmit gingivitis? An added note, about the girl I had unprotected sex with, I also had oral sex with her. So wouldn't anything on my penis also be in my mouth? Thanks in advance for the answers! P.s. I'm 24, male, and athletic if that helps to weed out anything.
Avatar n tn my question is, if this is the case and he is basically just giving me my infection back all the time, would this have an affect on oral sex? can a yeast infection manifest itself in the mouth, and what symptoms would it have?
388038 tn?1203703020 Could someone please describe the symptoms (in detail) of yeast infections in cats and what a cat foster parent can do to relieve her discomfort while enlisting the services of a vet. My poor Daisy (4 yr. old Mau) is miserable. Thanks for your help!
Avatar n tn Can i have gotten a vaginal yeast infection in my mouth and passed it on? Given any lack of other symptoms (lesions, scabs, spots, rashes, etc.) for either of us, is a STD likely (i am sure it is possible, but want to know if it is very likely). The bactrim and pecicillin are working well, and the lymph node is almost back to normal, so now i have no symptoms of anything at all.
Avatar m tn I feel much better as the rash is pretty much gone and my skin is peeling a little. However, my yeast infection seems to be back. Is this normal for my yeast infection to come back so shortly after treating it in the hospital? Is it possible that I am relapsing. The lamictal should pretty much be out of my system by now but maybe it's still a little active in my body. What should I do?
Avatar n tn Said she went to the doctor on October 10th for what she thought was a yeast infection and it turned out to be an STD. Said she had never had a yeast infection before in her life. She's 28.... I asked her what the name of the STD was and she sad she didn't know and would have to get back with her doctor to get the name of it. I asked her if she had slept with anyone other than me she it had been 2 years since she had sex, then it changed to 1 year, Then it changed to January of this year.
Avatar n tn their is a bacteria in yogurt that keeps the bacteria in your body that causes a yeast infection low. therefore reducing the chances of a yeast infection.
Avatar n tn Did he do a culture on any of the spots? It doesn't sound like yeast, or an std. You should try posting in the dermatology forum.
Avatar n tn Can i have gotten a vaginal yeast infection in my mouth and passed it on? Given any lack of other symptoms (lesions, scabs, spots, rashes, etc.) for either of us, is a STD likely (i am sure it is possible, but want to know if it is very likely). The bactrim and pecicillin are working well, and the lymph node is almost back to normal, so now i have no symptoms of anything at all.
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Avatar f tn He woke up this morning and was complaining of a layer of gunk all over the top of his mouth and back of his teeth. Now his mouth his so swollen he can barely talk (it hurts him) and he can barely eat or swollow. And he is also coughing up blood. I'm just wondering if anyone has had this or knows anyone that has had these symptoms before. Or any advice or anything. Just any information, because the doctor did not go into any kind of detail at all.
Avatar n tn You can indeed get cuts and tears from a yeast infection. In fact there are other dermatological problems that can also cause those symptoms. Herpes can be transmitted from oral to genital, but it isn't that common. If you don't have small blisters in a cluster than I doubt it is herpes. Look into lichen sclerosis or just do a search for vulvar skin disorders.
Avatar f tn Taking antibiotics can absolutely cause a yeast infection - in your mouth and also in the genital area. Although probiotics are a good idea, with some antibiotics you should not have any whilst taking the antibiotics. If you have a problem, you can make an appointment to see you doctor who prescribe for you an oral gel called Daktarin (may be called different in your country), sometimes he may prescribe antifungal mouth drops.
Avatar n tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Chronic diarrhea can be due to parasitic infestations, hence a stool test is a must. Other causes are irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, crohn’s disease, malabsorption syndromes, pancreatic diseases, diabetes, hyperthyroidism etc. HIV too could be a cause, though chances are less after a single unprotected oral sex. Yes, it can also be a fungal infection. It is difficult to comment beyond this without examining.
Avatar n tn i had alot of yeast infection and i don't have hiv.i never heard such a thing.i get tested every yr because i am always pregant lol.
Avatar m tn I though it was something like a yeast infection, so I bought an antifungal. The day I bought it, a red painless bump appeared. I have been using the antifungal for about 5 days, and I have seen massive improvement there is still some stuff that is down there when that area becomes moist. But The antifungal cream says to use it for a total of two weeks. The only thing is the red bump is getting less red and drying out, but is not totally gone.
Avatar f tn I asked around and everyone said that the symptoms (burning, itchy, and white vaginal opening) were that of a yeast infection. My question is can the fact that this guy has bad breath a lot and he was giving me oral sex have anything to do with my getting a yeast infection?
Avatar m tn Two weeks later I developed a rash on the head and a little brown scab on the shaft of my penis. They crusted and went away in a week. I then got a blister on my inner thigh which developed a yellowish pus with a white circle around it. A week later it turned into a red sore. There was pain but a little itchy from time to time. If it helps during this time I developed a canker sore in my mouth.
Avatar m tn Hi, A yeast infection is also called candidiasis. It is the name for a common infection caused by a type of yeast-like fungus called Candida. Candida albicans is part of the normal environment of the skin, mouth, and intestinal tract. It causes an infection only under certain conditions.
Avatar m tn ok so maybe its not a yeast infection, but that infection thing. but seriously it hurts when i pee like a good solid burn... and the discharge is yellowish like umm say if you had an infected hair and you popped it open the discharge is about the same color as that...
Avatar m tn I am a male and would just like to know if yeast infections associated with hiv can only be mouth and penile or are there any other yeast infections aswell that can be related to hiv. (2).secondly are a coupple of months enough after a potential exposure as repetedly mentioned on the internet considering yeast infections as the initial symptoms or does it have to at a latter state mentioned by some very reliable doctors.
Avatar f tn I have a yeast infection which will not go away. I went to my Gyn. and got a prescription for Terconazole 3 day which relieved symptoms but only lasted 1 day after treatment. They called in a prescription for a 7 day treatment. That didn't work and they treated me with Metrogel for a bacterial infection. The yeast came back (or never left!) and I treated myself with 7 day Monostat. One day later I have a raging yeast infection.