Symptoms of urinary infection for men

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Avatar n tn You can get a bacterial infection from having sex with someone who has one or just from having poor hygiene in general. What type of bacterial infection do you mean?
Avatar m tn Furthermore, symptoms of cystitis or bladder infection include cloudy or bloody urine; low fever; pain or burning with urination; pressure or cramping in the lower abdomen; and strong need to urinate often. Often in an elderly person, mental changes or confusion are the only signs of a possible urinary tract infection. Check with your doctor for proper management. Warm regards.
Avatar f tn Im 90% sure that I have a urinary tract infection but I have additional symptoms that I dont usually have. My partner and I had sex several nights ago and I developed the usual symptoms: painful urination general discomfort frequent urination urine is cloudy and pink What is unusual is that I have clumps of something when I pee. They are pinkish is this a possible symptom that will pass just like the others?
Avatar m tn The other possibility which needs to be ruled out is a urinary tract infection, prostatitis and also any stone in the urinary tract. Prostatitis often presents with burning pain at the end of urination. I’ll suggest you to get yourself examined by a urologist , followed by an ultrasound of the urinary tract and maybe some tests like urine examination etc. I would also suggest a 24 hrs urine test and a swab culture of the discharge to confirm the diagnosis.
4251679 tn?1370305531 UTIs are exactly what their name describes. and infection in your urinary tract. its not in your vagina, however, ive always been told not to have sex while you have one because sex could be the cause of it. and its best to make sure its all better before introducing even more bacteria. Ive never heard of it being contagious, and dont think that it is, but ask your doctor. and ive also never had a cream to use, so im not sure what thats for.
Avatar n tn Visible blood in urine should always be checked out. It can be an infection or a kidney stone, for example, which will be much better if treated early.
Avatar f tnSymptoms of acute hepatitis C infection include decreased appetite, fatigue, abdominal pain, jaundice, itching, and flu-like symptoms.” If you had an acute infection, it’s very likely the RNA test would have detected virus; I tend to agree with the others that you’re dealing with anxiety.
Avatar f tn Had a call from my midwife today to let me know the results of my urine test and they show I have a urinary tract infection (UTI). I've had no symptoms but she said I need some antibiotics. Has this happened to anyone else, should I be worried?
649848 tn?1534633700 In recent years, scientists have started to use the terms bladder pain syndrome (BPS) or painful bladder syndrome (PBS) to describe cases with painful urinary symptoms that may not meet the strictest definition of IC. The term IC/PBS includes all cases of urinary pain that can’t be attributed to other causes, such as infection or urinary stones.
Avatar m tn I had unprotected oral sex over a month ago. I have not had any symptoms of discharge or pain with urination. However a week ago, after masturbating i started to have some changes in bladder frequency/irritation. I still have not had any discharge and was wondering if i needed to be tested or do you think this is unrelated? Also, at what point am i contagious with an chlamydia/gonorrhea (ie immediately after the BJ)?
Avatar m tn yeah I did some research and found it was yeast infection, do you know what symptoms it causes in men? I have the symptoms of a urinary trac infection, and that weird line it's straight almost like a swollen vein right under the follicules of the pubes. No pain and some residue, it's the same tone as the skin maybe mildly darker I don't know I just obsessing over it and know how i am in this state of mind.
Avatar m tn Hi, i have seen here where men contract urinary track infections from oral sex as bacteria common in saliva is not common in the urethra but i you did have and infection, there should be some white discharge 2 weeks later. Gono can can be contracted by oral sex but you would have a white puss discharge around 5 days later not 2 weeks But since you have these symptoms obviously its related. These are called UTI,s which are not really considered STD.s.
Avatar n tn The CDC now recommends urine specimens as the specimen of choice for testing men for gonorrhea and chlamydial infection.
Avatar m tn The symptom of struggling to empty your bladder is a sensation caused by infection or inflammation of the bladder or uethrea. The best course of action for you is to visit a GP, or Urinary doctor and take some urine samples. I could be something as simple as your diet habits, or something more complictaed - either way, don't lose sleep over it. Your erection problems are more likely a side effect from the worry or concern you are going through.