Symptoms of period or pregnancy

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Avatar f tn Are these more pregnancy or period symptoms. I have a hard time with the difference of the two because I have never been pregnant before.
Avatar f tn So, because my period is 1-2 days late, I'm wondering whether these are symptoms of my period and I'm just being paranoid, or are they more than likely pregnancy symptoms? Thanks.
849762 tn?1288188348 food cravings at nights mostly watery discharge on underwear the same during my fertile period before ovulation. I continued having the discharge a day or two after ovulation til i tested pregnant.
Avatar f tn Would u get ur symptoms of period coming and b pregnant? Would the symptoms go away or change to pregnancy symptoms?
433182 tn?1205169776 I feel like im about to get my period but its way to early for it to start. Should i test or wait to see if my period comes?
Avatar n tn could all these symptoms be an impending period due to my IUD removal throwing everything out of whack? or Could it possibly be very early pregnancy symptoms?
1181036 tn?1367372240 I thought it was a little early too, but in my last pregnancy I started noticing symptoms around 7 or 8 dpo. Well today is CD 26 and my cervix is high and soft again and I had ewcm...which is really weird because I already had high soft cervix and ewcm around Christmas time. No idea what is going on with my body because I don't usually get anything but thick sticky cm before my period (sorry tmi). Also, I still have the leg/joint pain and heartburn.
Avatar m tn the only way to know for sure what is happening in your body is to visit your doctor. Symptoms of pregnancy aren't the same for everyone and often mirrors symptoms of a period. Also, sometimes our brain is very devious in conspiring with our body to produce certain symptoms because we have planted the idea -- this might be why are having these pregnancy symptoms. However, you cannot know for sure until you visit your health care provider.
187316 tn?1386360282 Some times the antibiotics can make you feel sick.. and sometimes I body's have symptoms of pregnancy around the time we start.. another thing is sometime birth control can make you feel pregnant.
Avatar n tn Today I've checked my cervix position and it is high, wet,soft and possibly open. My period is supposed to come in the next week or so. But could I be pregnant, or experiencing pms symptoms?
377012 tn?1283969035 i was just wondering did any of you have cold symptoms or actually have a cold when you found out you where preggo!!
Avatar f tn I've been told that diverticulitis may be a possible culprit if you have certain pregnancy-like symptoms and a history of colon problems. You might want to ask about that. As for the rest of it, well, urine tests are not for everyone but I sure wish someone would tell the doctors! About 6% of women who fail a urine test will show up pregnant on blood work. This is especially true if you aren't very far along but there are also rare women who never get a positive pee test.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately there isn't much you can do being on the male end of this relationship if she doesn't want to take a pregnancy test. Ask her if she has had any pregnancy like symptoms, such as sore nipples, mood swings, or here's a good one, ask her if she'll take her temperature first thing when she wakes up in the morning. Typically, if she's not preg, she should have a temp around 97-97.9. Women who are pregnancy tend to run a higher temperature, such as 98.6 and higher.
670717 tn?1271782479 And yesturday I had some cramps and felt a little sick to my stomach. I'm due to get my period by CD 32 or 33. Now I know that clomid symptoms can mimic pregnancy symptoms, but I don't know about this late in my cycle. Also I know that clomid induces ovulation and that will surge progesterone which can make your nipples and breasts sore. But I'm far enough past ovulation that I dont think that's it. Any input? I'm really curious.