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4218301 tn?1351218199 At which time my gall bladder was removed along with with a Roun-Y procedure. I am now 25. I am always in a low level of pain that I have managed. I get attacks where my Lipase and Amalyse elevate sometimes minimally , many time into the thousands plus. At this time I am treated at a hospitial with iv pain medication, fluids and rest. This has more or less become my constant life.
Avatar n tn severe abdonimal pain moving to the back, fever, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomitting. There may be yellowing of the skin. IBS symptoms are as follows: Diarrhea, and sometimes pain in the lower abdomen. The pain is often stopped by having a bowel movement. Hope this helps a little and good luck!!
Avatar n tn Hi, I did drink far too much in my 20s to mid 30s or so, and I lowered my intake a great deal sometime in my mid to late 30s.I am now 44. About two years back I would have occasional attacks in the upper belly at night, once in a blue that were excruciating. They woudl die down and nothing more happened. I also had been chronically worrying for literally YEARS, and having "butterflies" in the tummy all the time.
Avatar n tn It is estimated that five to ten per cent of the population has fibromyalgia. Most of those diagnosed are women aged between 35 - 55, but men and children can experience symptoms, too. Pain is the most distinguishing characteristic of fibromyalgia. Medically, it’s described as generalized musculoskeletal aches, pain and stiffness.
Avatar n tn All symptoms of what I call the 'antibiotic syndrome' which have greatly increased in frequency in recent years. On further examination, more symptoms may be discovered. Most of the gastro-intestinal tract is tender when pressed, especially the small intestine, liver and gall bladder. There may even have been a gall bladder operation that failed to improve the condition, sometimes even worsening the symptoms. There could be a history of thrush or oral, anal or vaginal itching.
Avatar f tn The metabolism of aspartame in the human body and the proposed toxicities from its metabolic components have concerned a lot of people and have been the emphasis of many post-marketing surveillance studies. Aspartame is metabolized by digestive enzymes and peptides to three common dietary components: amino acids, aspartic acid, and phenylalanine. Minute amounts of methanol can also be detected.
Avatar f tn They say that it takes around 1-3 years to repair/restore the body after sobriety if it is gonna repair!) Most of my men friends in AA talk about their dreams like you do! In and out of color - etc. Be sure to have a 6-8 ounce glass of water with fresh lemon juice squeezed into it in the morning...this is a natural liver detoxifier! Keep It Simple!
Avatar n tn I just got word that I won't get the referral because my primay care physican talked to the cardiologist on the phone and based upon the results of an echo and a holter done 5 months ago, before I had an escalation in the symptoms, they feel that every is just fine. As a matter of fact, the MD stated that this is to be expected in this stage of pregnancy. So, I've had more more more anything. I am screaming for help but no one will listen.
Avatar n tn Anyway, that makes a difference during all of this, in my opinion. Stay positive and by the end of the weekend, I bet they are a memory, distand I hope. How is your pain now? Do u have another way to manage it? I wish u all of the best, and please let us know if u need anything else. There are lots of smart ppl here who have done this before and are so willing to help if u need it. Good Luck and God Bless. sincerely, tracy ps....
Avatar n tn They are all aware of my decision in this matter and back me up fully. Because of my chronic pancreatitis, and the fact that I have 3 lesions in my liver, liver failure is a strong possiblity. I would consider liver transplant if it came to that. I have seen first hand some great success stories and know that this type of transplant is much more successful. I wish you all the best and hope you receive a liver when the time is right.
Avatar f tn Organism like Chlamydia and Mycoplasma need special cultures and also are a part of the STD panel (done in your case—were these two covered?). The other possibility is tuberculosis. This can give similar symptoms on and off. Allergy to food items excreted via urine is another possibility. Rule out diabetes too. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn Perhaps sleep apneia? It can cause a lot of the symptoms you have described. I know this because my brother-in-law suffered from it. I wish you all the best.
Avatar n tn All symptoms of what I call the 'antibiotic syndrome' which have greatly increased in frequency in recent years. On further examination, more symptoms may be discovered. Most of the gastro-intestinal tract is tender when pressed, especially the small intestine, liver and gall bladder. There may even have been a gall bladder operation that failed to improve the condition, sometimes even worsening the symptoms. There could be a history of thrush or oral, anal or vaginal itching.
Avatar f tn And no matter how much I clean out my system with enemas and laxatives, I still have this pain in my upper abdomen. All of those new symptoms are common with SOD and Biliary Colic and things of that nature. To quote from "Elevated liver enzymes suggest sphincter of Oddi dysfunction; elevated amylase and lipase suggest dysfunction of the sphincter's pancreatic portion.
Avatar m tn I ask these quuestions because nobody seems to think of these. A lot of women have problems with their mentrual cycle. Something to do with the hormones. I know some of my worst attacks were during this time. Also eating for me helped to relieve the pain. I guess it stimutated my bile duct enough to open and let some bile out. Which eased the pain. I know many of the people who post on this website are anti ERCP with menometry because of the risk involved. The risk to me was worth it.
Avatar n tn Pancreatic and SOD problems are really beyond the training levels of a general practioner. I have several friends with SOD in my pancreatitis group, since the problems are interrelated. They describe the pain as being very sudden, violent pain in the upper abdominal and upper sternum. Pain strong and sharp enough to cause them to break out in a sweat, totally dehabilitating while it lasts, often accompanied with vomiting. Diarrhea usually follows after the SOD attack.
1702615 tn?1421815848 I KNEW the I KNEW there was something in there blocking something. I have been in pain daily and getting worse. I now see another (new) primary care doc tomorrow for referral to a new gastro doc who will hopefully be able to help me out. Looks like common protocol on this would be to go in and try to see what the actual obstruction is and then handle as needed. Glory be to God for giving me the nudge to push for different imaging and NOT let the doc cut me.
Avatar n tn The crappiness you felt in December could also be due to peri-menapausel symptoms - some women get hit very hard. I got hit hard in April with a return of severe depression and tried a few different SSRI's again - I get terribly shaking with them, so that's why I was put back on xanax. My dosage has been slowly reduced over the months, but my true tapering begin this past October.
Avatar n tn I too am terrified of getting pancreatitis, having been in pain off and on since 1991. My gallbladder was removed LAP in 1992 in hopes that would get rid of the right upper quadrant pain but did not. The pain has progressively gotten worse over the past year. I've also had an endoscopy, upper GI and colonoscopy, (all with normal results) in January 2005. My blood work is always normal, which confuses everyone. I guess because they think something "has" to be elevated.
Avatar n tn Since I have had all the test done I am now wondering if I have some form of Cancer or maybe some Disease and this is just the beginning of symptoms. I should add here I am not a sickly person.. I hate being sick and I don't take drugs ever. But now I am taking too much pain meds and it is making me mad! But I can't get rid of the pain without the pills. The pain is under both ribs and in the center of my back.
357965 tn?1197306864 Nothing is holding me down from making everything I want to come true, come dreams are waking up right in front of my eyes and I am truly grateful and humble for this to be happening to me............
429155 tn?1205676864 30, back to bed, and after a lot of thrashing about, holy of holies I sleep for 3 hrs, wake up and dressing gown is drenched in sweat, back to bed get another 1hrs sleep, then up at 07:30. It's now Monday. Monday 0945.Am feeling a bit better now, go see boss at work to explain ( goes ok ). then have a drive round, I find I am noticing things I took for granted before, things are in much sharper focus. Although I had real bad stomach cramps, the Flu like symtoms have all but gone.
Avatar n tn I am getting really tired of this in a quick hurry. I hope you get better really soon, what are the symptoms of pancreatitis? I hope they find out your problem soon. Take care.
Avatar f tn The Dr was quite certain that my condition was due to my stressful job and commented that it was a rare condition he had only seen in 4 other patients - all of whom were women in a similar position. I had 4 or 5 hospital stays, A&E visits over the years and each time bloods are taken and results normal. My Dr thinks that the condition will settle over the next couple of years but I'm inclined to disagree.
Avatar n tn I also experience pain in the upper midline of the abdomen and nausea, with an excessive amount of gas or air trapped in my stomach. I also get chest pains at times and the pain can also be felt in between my shoulders. I have noticed that if I eat chinese food or something fatty or greasy I get the pain worse and get rotten egg smelling flatulence.
Avatar m tn All these symptoms (cough, feeling of lump in the throat, a lot of mucus) are signs of GERD. As I read on the Internet, one of the causes of GERD is in reducing of the tone of the lower esophageal sphincter. Things that lead to a decrease in the tone of the lower esophageal sphincter: -alcohol; - analgesics and some antibiotics; -coffein; -chocolate; -smoking; - progesterone (for women); -stress -and others factors.
Avatar n tn Following is my case, please see if anyone can help or relate: I randomly get "periodic episodes" of severe stomach pains that occur roughly about 2-3 months apart, almost always a few hours (anywhere from 1-4) hours of having a dinner (that is, almost all episodes occur at night time right before or at about bed time); each generally lasting 7-9 hours on the average.
Avatar n tn Hi! I recently have been experiencing pain in the upper left hand side of the abdomen, below the left rib cage for about three weeks. The pain feels like a sore muscle pain (similiar to pain one experiences from lifting something too heavy) and then I feel the pain in my left rib cage and shortly thereafter the pain goes into my back into the middle section of the back. I saw the doctor and he first suspected gastritis. However, the test results came back normal and the h.
401095 tn?1351395370 He or she may be able to treat some of these symptoms. There are limited studies to support the use of Suboxone in pregnant women. You must tell your doctor if you are pregnant or become pregnant while taking Suboxone. Your doctor will need to decide if the benefit of using Suboxone outweighs the risks. If you are taking Suboxone, talk to your doctor about whether you should use contraception. Side effects rarely mean that you should stop taking Suboxone.
Avatar n tn Pain in the upper right of my stomach, right below the rib cage, muscle spasms and more and more frequently, I get what feels like a charlie horse (this becomes worse when I haven't eaten and happens almost everytime I sneeze or cough) . Burning sensation and the area feels numb to the touch when it's burning. The pain now often "jumps" to my lower abdomen on either the right or left side of my belly button.