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1378884 tn?1315509445 I also have a workplace injury, fell on sacrum and R hip last November. I am starting a course of prednisone for 30 days. Never had problems with hip, (pain is radiating to my foot) or back until I fell. Is the Doc trying to rule out RA or Osteo for my R hip? I understand that prednisone is a inflammation reducer and autoimmune suppressor. He found a deposit on the bone near hip as well. MRI tomorrow too.
Avatar n tn I am taking 1500mg Glucosamine Sulphate + 1200mg Marine Chondroitin + 1000mg Omega 3 fish oil daily. Despite this the symptoms have now spread to my right hip, right shoulder and slight symptoms in my right knee. I get some relief from taking 400mg of Ibuprofen at night so I can sleep. Is there anything else I can do to try to halt the progression of the disease? Or are there any better meds I can take. I am 54yrs old,female and not over weight and physically active.
Avatar n tn Once my ring finger knuckle hurt for a year. The doc said the X-Ray showed no knuckle between the finger bones. Is this a case of disappearing joints? I've tried glucosamine chondroitin and shark cartilage but I can't see any noticeable improvements. Is there any way to resolve (aside from pain killers and drugs that have unknown or risky side affects)?
Avatar n tn It would be unlikely for osteoarthritis to present with this many symptoms. You may want to look at a more systemic disorder - including rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus or other rheumatological disease. Blood tests looking at the ANA level and rheumatoid factor can be considered. Imaging the spine with an MRI can be done to evaluate for any nerve compression. A referral to a rheumatologist can be considered to evaluate for the aforementioned conditions.
1459410 tn?1285698605 I have tried acupuncture, which I thought helped some, herbal heat pack, ice, valium, ibuprofen and wear a flat-planed splint for my jaw osteoarthritis. I recently got an MRI after years of suffering and learned about disc displacement, one of them displaced all the time and it's torn. Pool exercise might help you some if they are joints that go underwater. And if you have knee arthritis, I saw on tv where I scientific study was done proving acupuncture can be a help.
Avatar m tn I would strongly suggest you see a rheumatologist to rule out OA, RA and PsA before accepting a single diagnosis of "weak quads." I have had PsA for 47 years, diagnosed when I was 18, and your symptoms are exactly the same as mine were back then. (I have no idea what shape MY "quads" were in at the time) While it was good your doctor took X-rays, it can take many years for visible evidence of arthritic damage to appear. Those are my thoughts and I wish you the best.
Avatar m tn Hi, The symptoms of severe pain that you are experiencing may be due osteoarthritis or degenerative disease of the spine. The treatment of osteoarthritis includes exercise, medications and measures to protect the joints. This includes a teamwork of rheumatologist, physical therapist and orthopedic surgeon. Please consult an orthopaedic surgeon and rheumatologist for treatment and continue the physiotherapy at the same time for the relief of the symptoms. Hope this helps you.
1388332 tn?1285350047 Have you checked with your Doctor at all concerning this pain in your Hip? You might be encountering the beginnings of Osteoarthritis in your Hip Joint. I've lived with that for the past 36 years. I've had 2 hip implants and I'm getting ready for a third in September. It would benefit you to make an appointment with your PCP (Family Doctor) and see what they think and depending what they discover from possibly some x-rays go on to either an Orthopedic Specialist or a Rheumatologist.
Avatar n tn it sounds like you have bursitis. Arthritic hip pain usually gives you groin pain, not lateral hip pain, worse when laying on it. I'd go to the doctor and ease your mind.
Avatar n tn I have had a catscan which showed some back problems but pointed to the hip as the possible cause of pain. The MRI of my hip showed mild arthritis and some deterioration of the labrum. After lots of research I strongly suspect I may have a labral tear.
Avatar f tn I had this happen to me and it was caused from Osteoarthritis in my hip. It would cause the pain to radiate down my leg all the way to my toes as you are experiencing. I had to have a THR (Total Hip Replacement) done when I was 35 years old to get the pain taken care of. I've had 2 others since then, over a 30 year period of time. (the first one lasted for 26 years.) But it's my understanding that SI Joint disease can also do this. That's why you need to get it narrowed down.
Avatar f tn My physio didn't say anything like that, i think i remember her saying i have some bone spurs there but not osteoarthritis, my gp's checked the x ray for another reason but they didn't say anything. My hip bone and socket is sort of narrow on one side of it. I'm freaking out about my future, there was pain before but not anymore, i'm not restricted at all other than the annoying hip clicking! I'm so scared. Now i'm having physio once a week.
Avatar m tn At age 58 in August of 2011 I had my right hip replaced as a result of Osteoarthritis. Then after 2 weeks developed severe pain again that was not relieved by anything. I was made to wait for 5 months before Insurance Companies would allow any further surgery. Then in January 2012 my second surgery to my right hip was done. This seemed to be better for a while. Now in January 2013 at the one year mark I have developed severe pains to my right hip area that travels all the way around my leg.
1378884 tn?1315509445 There is some degenerative osteoarthritis of R hip with some small marginal osteophytes. There is also chondromalacia predominantly along posterior and superior aspect of the femoral head with irregularity of the articular cartilage. No intra-articular loose bodies are identified, allowing for some intra-articular air which was apparently administered at the time of injection. Continued...
Avatar m tn Well, without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include postural issues, neuro-muscular causes such as muscle sprain, nerve impingement, injuries to muscles/ ligaments etc inflammations, fractures/ dislocations, referred pain from other regions, micronutrient deficiencies etc. I would suggest getting this evaluated by an orthopedician for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
Avatar n tn I have been reading up on labrum tears and one of the symptoms is clicking of the hip which I don't have. I have pain when I get out of the car or have been sitting a long time.....I feel arthritic when I try to walk. Also moving my legs certain ways causes pain. I had an MRI in July 08 and it showed nothing. I'm at my wits end and think I just might have to live with not being able to run and constantly having pain.
331673 tn?1199357885 Do you experience any grinding, locking, catching, or giving way of the knee? Grinding is characteristic of osteoarthritis; locking and catching are characteristic of meniscus injuries and osteochondritis dissecans (meniscus injuries are much more common than osteochondritis dissecans); and giving way is more characteristic of ligamentous injuries. Are there any positions that make your knee more or less comfortable?
Avatar n tn X-rays and CT scans don't always see what is going on as the resolution isn't great (X-rays being the worst). An MRI of your lumbar spine would definitely show if you have signs of degenerative disc disease. Please keep us updated on how you are feeling and let us know how things go at the doctors. I encourage you to become an active of our community as you are always welcome. Wishing you the best.
785373 tn?1236332003 I guess what I'm wondering, is whether my symptoms ARE what the first doctor suggested? I've never heard of this before. And I am REALLY worried about this issue with my shin, it seems to be softening, and it radiates pain all through my leg even to be pressed on by regular sitting if my shin is at ALL pressed against something. I'm just so tired of being told I'm in pain because I am depressed. I'm depressed because I am CONSTANTLY in pain, regardless of meds.
Avatar f tn She then sent me for an MRI and an appt with an orthopedist. The MRI showed fluid around the right hip. The ortho said that my symptoms would not be caused by that and scheduled a 3 phase bone scan. Those results showed some activity in that area along with minor osteoarthritis I do not need a hip replacement so I am left with pain that is idiopathic. I am wondering if it is muscular because when I lift my right leg, or turn over at night, I cannot straighten my right leg.
1522912 tn?1292053850 The pain is worse when I rotate forward from the hips without bending my knees, and extends down the back/inside of my right hamstring, and around to the inside of my right kneww which also becomes swollen and tender on the inside of the knee (side of my knee closest to the inside of my left thigh). My right hamstring is very tight and painful. I have seen a sports medecine doctor and a physio, chiro and osteo, no one can help me.
Avatar n tn I have seen two doctors in the past who gave no warning and were surprised at the WD symptoms on abrupt discontinuation of antidepressants. I have also read accounts on this forum of the same thing happening to forum members. I think many doctors have far less information about these drugs than we believe. THAT is dangerous in itself. Just think how little they really know about interferon! Thanks for your synopsis. Well put!
3134561 tn?1342629375 For an effective hip pain management, one should know the symptoms and causes of hip problems. Hip replacement surgery is one of the most prescribed treatments for hip problems. The Stryker hip replacement recall broadens definition of metal-on-metal hip. There are several people all over the world who are dealing with hip pain problems on a daily basis.
Avatar n tn She is also very active. Her parents have had hip and knee replacements. My mom and I both have symptoms of restless leg syndrome, especially the urge to move. I move my legs constantly when I'm sitting in my desk chair. Is RA hereditary? Could this be just another symptom of restless leg syndrome? Are they related? And why would the pain stop during activity. Could running and other strenuous excercise worsen a possible injury even though I have no pain during that activity?
Avatar n tn I am a active 24 year old and have been expierencing aching hips sometimes both at once,sometimes just one and the pain hurts in my lower back and hip,and allso radiated down the back of my thigh and sometimes into my knee when it happens. The hip pain is worse in teh eveing,if i am sitting too long,or too active that dayallso i notice i have the pain when it rains or is cold outside.The pain allso wakes me up at night and interferes with my sleep.
Avatar m tn Every season that I could remember, I was plagued by a nagging pain deep in my left buttocks. Months would pass and without any symptoms then out of the blue the pain would return. Irritating at first, but with prolonged use, it would be completely debilitating. The pain ended my running career early each year, but it would eventually dissipate after the season. It was not until after I finished college and started working that I began to make progress toward solving my hip problem.
405614 tn?1329147714 I also posted this in the Orthopedic community. I would appreciate any input. I discovered that I have a hip labral tear in my right hip, and went to see a surgeon about having it repaired arthroscopically. I was told that my hip arthritis was to advanced to have a good outcome and I would be needing a hip replacement, and should wait until then. Her chart notes said that I have " hip symptoms consistent with femoral acetabular impingement and arthritis.
Avatar m tn My mother has recently experience these symptoms: shoulder, wrist, hip, knee pain. Plus, in the mornings sometimes she can't make a fist, and experiences "buzzing" in her joints throughout the day. Especially her hands. She also experiences a great deal of back pain and she bruises easily. She has been tested for parvo, limes disease, arthritis and lupis. no luck yet. she also can be quite thirsty throughout the day.... any idea?! she has been given naproxen as a pain killer.
Avatar n tn There are reports of stiffness of the joints which may account for the clumsiness in the hands you describe. I am concerned with symptoms of falling as you may be in danger of trauma. Some patients experience sleepiness, this may increase the risk of falling. If you feel some headaches or dizziness prior to feeling the sense of instability – you may need to have this evaluated with a neurologic examination.
Avatar f tn My symptoms are pain in right hip. I can not tell you what triggers the pain except the bridge exercise does. Sometimes it feels like a muscle cramp and it gets worse standing walking or any moving and sometime the pain just hurts. The pain is not always in the same place. Sometime the pain aches and ache can be dull and will increase quickly. A few times it felt like it was burning.