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Avatar n tn What are the symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes? I have a child who is extremely tired and thirsty all the time. Should I have him checked for diabetes?
Avatar n tn Don't know if you had your blood count before or after the fissures but you should have it one again. Perhaps anemic from blood loss. I agree with diabetes88 you should see a doctor who is taking your symptoms seriously. See a metabolic endocrinologist for a thorough exam for diabetes. See a metabolic not reproduction endo.
514704 tn?1228316237 is this symptoms of diabetes? diabetes runs in my moms family... all of her brothers and most of their kids have it. i need advice..
Avatar n tn This sounds like what is happening to my daughter. Has anyone ever heard of this type of diabetes? He told us that it is not Type 1 or Type 2. We are going to do more blood work (anti-insulin, anti-GAD, and anti-islet cell) and a glucose tolerance test with both glucose and insulin levels. We will hopefully get a definite diagnosis within the week. I am still hoping of the possibility of controlling this with diet and exercise, but so far it looks like we may end up on insulin.
Avatar n tn My question is this- Can there be any connection between juvenile diabetes and behavioral difficulties or changes?? I know of a 3 year old who exhibits the regular symptoms of juvenile diabetes (thirst, urination), but can also be a behavior problem or difficult. The mother doesn't see it, and won't have him tested because he can be so difficult. Any non-invasive tests to determine diabetes??
Avatar n tn But his dad could certainly occasionally do a random glucose test on the little guy if he thinks his son is showing any symptoms of either hypoglycemia or diabetes. An occasional random glucose test could clear up any fears fairly quickly, but do remember that normal, healthy people have glucose levels that change throughout the day.
Avatar n tn I think i have heard that constant ear infections (although i know they are quite common in babies and kids) could be an indication of diabetes. With me having it, i was worried about him possibly showing the first signs of it. I am afraid to ***** his finger to check his blood sugar. He is a very happy playful baby. I am hoping that i just imagined this, but wanted to see if anyone else had heard this. His ped. does not seem to be concerned. He got tubes put in on Monday.
Avatar n tn I can speak only from experience of the symptoms of diabetes but if you are worried it is easy to have a simple blood test to confirm your symptoms. For me excessive thirst and urination were the most apparent feelings. But I do also experience nausea and fatigue if my blood sugars are running very high.
1341040 tn?1276321302 I know of plenty of kids and teenagers that have it. Do you have a family history of diabetes? From what I know, that's a huge factor. As much as it's bothering you, I think you should get your blood sugar re-tested. If it's not diabetes, talk with your doctor and see if you can go from there.
Avatar f tn I am about 20lbs overweight now. I dont think I have any symptoms of diabetes, but I know I didnt have it 6 months ago when I had my surgery because I guess it would have shown up on my preop blood work which was all normal. Like I mentioned, I don't have any symptoms, but the other day I tested my mother in laws glucose level with her accucheck and decided to do mine also. It was about a hour after I had eaten a bowl of sugary kids ceral. It was 189.
Avatar n tn I have heard from so many parents of type 1 kids who notice that their kids' emotions do swings, depending on glucose levels. So this could be the entire root cause. But I am not aware of any link between bipolar disorder and type 1 diabetes. You may want to try to stabilize the glucose levels as best as you can and just educate yourself about bipolar disorder so you can evaluate her as she grows older.
Avatar n tn I'm not a medical professional, just the parent of a kid with diabetes. I'm sorry to hear about your son. It's not unheard of for there to be no antibodies if the diagnosis is early enough and your child is way early in their honeymoon. You don't mention what symptoms you say which triggered the diagnosis, nor what his score at diagnosis was. Did he have ketones at diagnosis? This information could be useful in providing better information.
Avatar n tn Her sleeping and behaviour are all of a sudden upside down. She is hyper, irritable, excessive crying. Do any of her symptoms sound like type 1 diabetes? And is it likely in someone with IGA deficiency? Should I ask my ped. gastro to see endocrinologist? They thought for several months she maybe also had Hereditary Fructose Intolerance, but she doesn't throw-up when ingesting sugar, which would be a marker for HFI. Please any advice would be appreciated.
328328 tn?1261682204 and a active boy. I found out recently that 2 of my Uncles on (mothers) side have Diabetes. If he is very high under this. What is are all the tests-please just direct me. thank you very much.
Avatar m tn 120. Is your son overweight? Do you have any history of diabetes in your family? If you son is overweight, this may be type 2 diabetes (unfortunately getting more common in kids). If he is not overweight, this may be early type 1 diabetes (autoimmune). If your doctor is willing, ask him to test your son for type 1 diabetes (they can test antibodies).
Avatar n tn A friend just lost her daughter this weekend and the diagnosis was untreated type 1 diabetes. We are all stunned because she had NO common symptoms - NO unusual thirst; NO frequent urination; NO unexplained or rapid weight loss; NO lethargy, or fluctuations in body temp (feeling hot, or clammy, or chilled); The only indication that she was not feeling well was a headache that came and went over that past week. She also felt mildly nauseated, but this was not persistent and was not severe.
Avatar f tn ( God help us all if our kids get this zCrap
Avatar n tn Our 38-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a few weeks ago. Of course, my husband and I are very upset and shocked since she was always extremely healthy until recently. She also has been very moody and irritable. We were hoping that starting insulin injections would help relieve the moodiness, but it seems to have continued, even though her sugar levels have been kept under control. Is this a common occurence at the beginning phases of Type 1 diabetes?
Avatar n tn That can cause stomache pains and weight loss. Some of her other symptoms do sound scary. I hope you can find a doctor that can figure it out. Keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I haven't heard about kidney stones & diabetes before at all. In general, it's best to drink plenty of water to keep the concentrations of minerals in our urine from being extreme. I've read "somewhere" that our urine should be nearly colorless with jsut a bit of yellow; darker yellow means we're not well-enough hydrated. I use that rule of thumb myself, but do check it out with your child's doc. Perhaps others will post with good info to share, too.
Avatar f tn I know, it sounds crazy, but there is a type of diabetes referred to as MODY (Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young) - which is the result of a mutated gene - that they think my grandson may have. I had never heard of this type of diabetes..........until my grandson's situation. It generally presents the same as t1, however, blood tests are negative for the antibodies and anything else that would typically show up.
Avatar n tn The information you obtain on this website does not come from medical professionals, so any information should be reviewed with your daughter's healthcare team. We consist of people who are either living with diabetes themselves or are directly related to someone who has diabetes. Anyone living with a chronic disease such as diabetes, can be prone to anxiety, depression and mood swings.
176838 tn?1211463974 Just wondering because I've been through the thyroid issues with my daughter (precancerous thyroid removed at age 16) and Type I diabetes problems with my now-15 year old son. Some of the things you are mentioning with your son are symptoms of Type I diabetes which is an endocrine autoimmune disorder which *might* impact or affect they thyroid. When they figure out your son's problem, you might want to get your daughter checked too, just in case.
Avatar f tn Hi there.. I'm sure if you have MS and kids... you would worry about all the symptoms that they say they feel... how old are your kids? I would keep it in my mind and when or if it continues.. it matters how old they are too.. but keep it in mind and let the family dr know..
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed at age 12 after an unrelated virus made me sick enough to require some bloodwork, and before blatant symptoms of diabetes had appeared. I still require a very low dose of insulin and find that my diabetes is easily controlled, and these studies would seem to indicate that I was perhaps one of these honeymoon phase kids even though I started the insulin 35 years ago.
Avatar f tn However, some of the preschool classes in my district have had many children absent due to an unspecified Influenza A (one class had 2/3 of the class out). Only a couple of kids I know of were hospitalized because of it. One little girl had severe undiagnosed diabetes, and I guess the illness aggrevated it. Someone else's nephew was hospitalized because he has asthma as well. I heard another boy in district was hospitalized, but I don't know his situation.
544772 tn?1321288809 I've noticed over the years that my hypoglycemic reaction symptoms have changed - generally dramatically - at stages of my life. When I was young, I hallucinated. The next incarnation was paralysis of all muscle groups including vocal - I figured it was my body's way of shutting down unnecessary parts in order to keep working. Luckily I was able to scream MOM when I realized it was happenning, although the first time was pretty scary for my parents. I've been thru the sweats and trembling.
Avatar n tn But I jz couldn't do it no more. My health was going down hill from all of it. Plus I'm nicer to the kids. I was soon irritated all the time. I felt so bad I kept saying sry mommy's so frustrated all the time.
1179192 tn?1263915143 I see some typical symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes to my 4 year old e.g frequently going to the bathroom, bubbles with urine/ always thirsty/ since my husband has type 2 diabetes so we have Glucose test meter in the house - and tested my son before and after meal - he always get around 85- 100 is he have a diabetes..?