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Avatar f tn Urologist performed cystocopy (normal), ultrasound (normal with R kidney hydronephrosis), CT scan showed no hydronephrosis but two 2mm non obstructing LEFT kidney stones. I keep having symptoms of what feels like uti that subsides with drinking a lot of water. Macrobid removes all symptoms while i'm on it but they return 2 days after I stop taking them. I don't have any other symptoms, the pain I usually feel is bladder discomfort and pain in urethra, some burning and urgency.
Avatar n tn So we are starting month 1 with the birth control pills, and waiting for an ultrasound in a month or two. As for the kidney stones...she was told to drink lot's of water, as much as 2 -2 liter bottles a day. She began drinking the water and in about a week she passed a substance that resembled sand. She had no pain when this happened. I reported this to the doctor, who said yes..she had just passed the kidney stones.
18533109 tn?1465644152 Get It but ,Usually, an imaging test and an analysis of urine are done to diagnose stones. Tiny stones may cause no symptoms, but larger stones can cause pain in the area between the ribs and hips in the back. Sometimes stone formation can be prevented by changing the diet or increasing fluid intake.
192055 tn?1263559137 I have every symptom of kidney stones and its runs in every female in my family. -For 2 weeks had extreme sharp pack pains -Then turned into a dull, constant pain in my lower right back (kidney) -Went to the doc, found blood, no bacteria, in my urine -Slowly both kidneys started to hurt... -All of a sudden, one night, i was sitting down, I got really hot, started to sweat, and felt nauseated. I felt something moving in my left abdomin... not a pro but felt like it could be a stone moving down.
Avatar m tn It was found that my stone was calcium based and I was told to avoid all dairy products as well as some fruit and veg. There are 4 different types of kidney stones. Unfortunately, once you have had kidney stones the chances of getting another one are much higher.
Avatar n tn Up to 20% of adults with kidney stones may have medullary sponge kidney; the corresponding figure in children is unknown. Among patients with kidney stones, hypercalciuria may occur in 40-50%, and recurrent gross hematuria may occur in 10-20%. Although no evidence indicates that risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) is higher in patients with medullary sponge kidney, up to 5% of males and 35% of females have a UTI.
Avatar n tn Normally, there is no hemoglobin in the urine.
Avatar n tn Hello and hope you are doing well. The common causes of blood in urine in females are kidney stones, urinary tract infection, blockage of urethra by stone, tumor, etc.Intake of antibiotics, any kidney disease; inflammation of the kidney, bladder infection can cause blood in urine. A complete history, laboratory and imaging studies may help in determining the cause of your symptoms. Treatment will be specific based on the cause. Schedule an appointment with a nephrologist.Do keep me posted.
Avatar n tn Pain and discomfort on the lower left side of abdomen just below and to the left of navel can be due to several causes such as Crohn’s disease, colitis, diverticulitis, infection in kidney, kidney stones, adhesions, polycystic ovary in females, IBS, constipation, and an abscess in rectus abdominis muscle or psoas muscle. Since you do not have a lump or a tender hot spot, in all probability it is not a muscle.
Avatar f tn if there is a slight trace of blood it could be kidney stones, when i have kidney stones its usually my lower back that hurts.
Avatar n tn i got my mirena in may of 06 and i have had all the symptoms! i even posted a question on this forum about all my symptoms and nobody answered it so i decided to look for myslef and i found this! this is crazy! i makes me feel a little better knowing that i am not the only one out there though.
Avatar n tn Even before pregnancy I have had slight blood in my urine. For some odd reason all the females in my family do and the doctor is stumped by it. We are all perfectly normal and it is just one of those things. I am sure you are just fine. The doctor will continue to monitor it to make sure it does not increase. Are they sure you do not have an UTI??
Avatar f tn after completion, symptoms returned, a CT and ultrasound showed a 3mm stone in L ureter, and a 8mm stone in R kidney & retained fluid in both kidneys. I was given another anti biotic and sent to a urologist who prescribed a non-narcotic pain reliever (Dr. gave me Vicodin) and gave me samples of Uroxatral that relax the muscles surrounding a male prostate (!?!) making is easier for him to urinate.
Avatar f tn Pain and discomfort on the lower left side of abdomen just below and to the left of navel can be due to several causes such as Crohn’s disease, colitis, diverticulitis, infection in kidney, kidney stones, adhesions, polycystic ovary in females, IBS, constipation, and an abscess in rectus abdominis muscle or psoas muscle. Please ask your girlfriend to consult a doctor for primary examination followed by proper referral as a confirmed diagnosis is not possible on net. Take care!
Avatar n tn The lower part of right lung Tumours from other sites We shall now take you through a few of the various possible causes of right abdominal pain, giving a very brief gist of the important signs and symptoms that will help in recognizing and making a diagnosis of the possible cause of the pain. As a quick run through, causes of right side abdominal pain in any age group or sex would include the following: Appendicitis? Are you between the age bracket of 9 years to 40years?
Avatar n tn I have yet to find a definite answer, though I have had my hormones tested and discovered all of my hormones are out of balance. I'm in the process of trying bioidentical hormone replacement to see if that helps. Hope you find some answers.
Avatar f tn They have check all of glands becaue of the kidney stones i have had in the past. But this pain is no pain compared to a kidney stone. i have passed a stone the size of a jelly been, but this is more painful but with pressure. its really hard to explain the pain. I dont know what left to do. i dont have insurance so going to a ER, id have better luck going to a vet clinic. They dont treat you very well and find every excuse not to treat you as a patient.
Avatar n tn it seems the less i think about it, the calmer it gets. no real change in lifestyle prior to onset of symptoms. i had been bike riding a couple days before, which is not a typical activity for me, but i am not convinced that had an impact. had also been bowling the day before onset of symptoms. for the past couple days, i had noticed some urethral soreness along with the buzzing, but that has been calmer today as well.
Avatar f tn Thinning hair (predominately in older females). Kidney Stones. High Blood Pressure (sometimes mild, sometimes quite severe; up and down a lot). Recurrent Headaches (usually patients under the age of 40). Heart Palpitations (arrhythmias). Typically atrial arrhythmias." ** This website discusses a minimally invasive procedure that removes the affected parathyroid gland. Maybe this is something that can help you??
Avatar f tn No females in my family have urinary problems only my uncle and grandpa have had (prostate) problems. I learned I have tiny kidney stones in my right kidney. Will this cause urinary problems such as frequent urination (I sleep through the night), sometimes burns and back pain? I had a UTI and when I finished antibiotic I still had symptoms. I went to a different doctor who sent me to get ultrasound of bladder, uterer and kidneys 'cause urine from lab came back with no problems.
Avatar f tn The causes can be urinary tract infection, kidney stones, urethral strictures, cystitis, urethritis, sexually transmitted diseases, vaginitis, endometriosis in females, and prostatitis in males. I will advise you to drink plenty of water so that if there is any infection the bacteria get flushed out. Void the bladder fully while urination. Seek medical help. You may need tests like urine microscopy, urine culture and ultrasound kidney ureter baldder.Treatment will depend on the cause.
1738210 tn?1310718850 I have also looked up celiac disease, and a lot of the symtoms match, but gluten doesn't upset me. The most recent development in my symptoms it that the pain can sometimes become almost rainbow-like in it's placing. The worst pain stays upper left under the left ribs, but then it seems to stem out in an arch over the belly button and to the right... but the farther to the right it is, the duller it feels. My pelvic area has also been giving me some more problems than normal with this cycle.
Avatar f tn So every member in your household should adhere to these rules, and they should be treated with medication as well, because if you don't, something called ping-pong infection happens and the family members keep infecting each other.
Avatar n tn I would suggest an ultrasound abdomen to confirm the diagnosis.Other possibilities are irritable bowel syndrome, hepatitis(inflammation of the liver), kidney stones, pneumonia, musculoskeletal pain,lower rib fracture and malignancy.Irritation of the nerves supplying this area can also cause pain.Irritation can be due to nerve compression or pinching due to any spine related pathology. In females,ovarian pathology can cause such symptoms.
Avatar n tn Gross hematuria (blood in urine) visible to naked eye is seen in kidney and bladder stones, cancer of kidney, UTI or urinary tract infection, sickle cell anemia, bladder endometriosis (in females), low platelet count, bladder injury and bladder infections. Apart from urine examination, you would need some other blood tests, imaging tests and maybe cystoscopy. Since you also have a sore throat, a streptococcal infection involving both the throat and the kidney should also be looked into.
Avatar n tn Didn't have the usual symptoms (burning, gross discharge with ordor) too many times. Now ten years later I have had all of these symptoms plus UTI's with Strep B in my urine. I have been on anitbiotics several times and have recurring infections monthly. I don't know what is going on or how to cure it. My doctor to tells me that it is a "normal" bacteria in the vaginal.
Avatar n tn When I was researching it online, I came across someone with the username of tinklebells who posted the same exact symptoms in October of 2006. So if she happensto be reading this, I would love to know what the doctor said because this is driving me crazy. And if anyone has any clue as to what it could be, then let me know please. THANKS !!
Avatar n tn I too have been experiencing this for a couple of months. Been worried sick, as i have other symptoms of MS. Am seeeing a dr this morning and will post update later.
Avatar f tn Muscle stiffness in the trunk and limbs that comes and goes--this causes back stiffness or pain, an exaggerated upright posture, and stiff-legged walk Severe muscle spasms in the arms and legs when the person is startled, touched, upset, or anxious Curved lower back (lordosis) and deformed joints in the body, over time Falling during sudden muscle spasms (may cause additional related problems) Diagnosis The symptoms suggest the diagnosis.
Avatar f tn UTIs are common in females compared to men due to several anatomic factors. The risk factors for recurrent UTI in females are sexual intercourse, use of spermicidal products, having a first UTI at an early age, and having a maternal history of UTIs. Most common causes are stones in kidney, changing sexual partners frequently, pregnancy, diabetes and childhood infections. The urine can also be due to retention of urine anywhere in its flow due to obstruction.