Symptoms of heart problems in pregnancy

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Avatar f tn Has anyone had gallbladder problems brought on by pregnancy? What where ur symptoms? Iv been feeling unwell every night after dinner last few days, pain in my right shoulder blade, tummy cramps, extra bloated, really bad indigestion/heart burn. and an upset tummy last few days too. Just wondering what it could b making me feel like this.
Avatar f tn ) Also keep in mind that its a good idea to take your baby to visit a cardiologist too as these things tend to be genetic. Perhaps after the baby is born, if it is warranted, you could look into having the hole "patched" .Its a relatively easy and painless procedure thanks to modern medicine. I was actually awake the whole time and watched it on the little TV beside me.
Avatar f tn i had to be seen by a cardiologist cause of heart problems in the family but mine was just from the pregnancy.
Avatar f tn m a 19 year old male who plays high level Junior hockey. In August of 2012, I began having heart palpitations and shortness of breath aswell as chest pain upon exertion. I went to my GP who refered me to a cardiologist who gave me a battery of tests. These tests including a full cardio blood test including lipids, thyroid, blood cell counts, vitamins and minerals and all of that stuff.
Avatar f tn Since fall in 2017, I've been having heart palpitations and a little bit of chest pain, but it wasn't bad and only occurred once in awhile. I had an EKG and 48 holter monitor done, but no symptoms occurred then. But since January, it's been getting a lot worse. I have chest pain and palpitations every day. The pain is sometimes sharp, sometimes it's achy and throbbing, and sometimes it feels really tight, especially when I lay on my side.
Avatar m tn Just out of interest, when do these symptoms occur? after eating? at rest? during exercise? Is there any kind of activity you can associate it with?
Avatar n tn doctor said that c has got problem of less oxygen saturation in heart.and also due to intake of a large no. of medicines she has problems in her brain.....i cnt explain myself...but she said she has not control on her body sometime...and she dnt remember what she is doing. i only want to know there any threat to her life??? and is there any cure possible??? please help me...i dont know anything about heart diseases...
Avatar n tn I am a (usually) healthy 22yo male, with no history of heart problems, but for the last year I have been feeling really bad and it is driving me crazy to not be able to live my life as I used to. In the beginning I had a few panic attack where I ended up in hospital thinking I had a heart attack, but after doing EKGs the doctors said there was nothing wrong with me.
Avatar n tn Inadequate oxygenation can produce symptoms of breathlessness, as the body tries in an effort to compensate for the decreased oxygen supply. The breathlessness could be due to cardiac or lung disorders. Breathlessness on exertion could be due to the decreased lung function. Again in cardiac disorders the heart is unable to pump the blood adequately, more so when subjected to stress like exercise. The chest pain could also be due to decreased oxygenation.
676912 tn?1332812551 At the very end of my pregnancy I felt better than I had in a long time. Hardly any appitite but I had tons of energy for the last two weeks and wanted to be on the go all the time. I had the typical aches, but compared to being sick my entire pregnancy they were a blessing.
7626640 tn?1392749281 yes they can be.
Avatar f tn i currently started having heart palpitations, thats getting me worried.. i dnt have history of heart problems, neither in my family... and i am concerned... we are trying to get pregnant and i dnt one to take pregnancy test right now with no common pregnancy symptoms, besides i am getting my periods as usual.. can heart palpitations be a sign of early pregnancy? what is going on with me plz help....
Avatar m tn My name is CaEl and for the past few days I have been finding that it is very hard to keep a steady breathing pattern. I am having a hard time breathing and I have to keep on taking deep breaths in to even be able to breathe. I haven't had much of an appetite lately either, and I get sick just thinking about food. I have been drinking as much water as I can. Then my heart, I find now, is always beating quickly. I am also getting a lot of dizzy spells.
Avatar n tn I am a 46 year old female, with heart disease in my family. I have for about a month feeling pain in chest, face, jaw and weakness in my left arm. My doctor did a ekg, but saw nothing. What could it be?
Avatar f tn Back in July, in the middle of a movie, it felt like my heart all of a sudden stopped. Everything got really hot. I thought I was about to faint. Then, not 5 seconds later, my pulse started to race and I got cold. My sister and I left the bathroom early, called my uncle, and he took me to the hospital. There they gave me an EKG, and took a bunch of blood, but nothing was found wrong. It happened again in August, so I went to see the doctor.
Avatar f tn According to the American Heart Association, an ECG stress test’s reliability is only 67% which means that a stress test may in fact have a false negative or a false positive. There are a number of heart attack related instances that a treadmill stress test will not be able to identify. It will not, for instance, identify vulnerable plaques which is known to lead to heart attacks." Your dotor has a responsibility to find and treat the underlying cause of your chest pain, etc.
Avatar f tn It is important that you heart signals be observed when you are experiencing the pain problems. Were in having any of your pain symptoms when an EKG was done? If yes, then a longer term monitor may not yield anything new.
Avatar n tn i have beenin having a lot of heart jumping in the last few days i seem to be having a heart burn attack is this serious and ism it unsual
447939 tn?1235061943 You are presenting with classic anxiety/panic symptoms and this should have been the first thing out of their mouth once they had your test results in front of them! I would find another doctor, have your records and all your test results faxed to them and get the help you need, which is dealing with what I perceive, in my totally non-medical capacity, is anxiety. Your doctor is a boob. Run away!
Avatar f tn The description of your medical condition referring to heart valves is considered medically insignificant and may not progress or cause symptoms. An EF of 60 is good, and it represents the percent of blood pumped with each heartbeat (normal is 50 to 70%) For your doctor to make a diagnosis regarding a heart rhythm disorder may require an EKG test. The test involves monitoring and recording the electrical impulses as it passes thru the heart.
Avatar f tn SVT is Super Ventricular Tachacardia or a very fast heart beat that is electrical based that is in the upper part of the heart...that came become very irregular. The main thing that i would do with your issues is to call your doc today because he/she will want to take a look at your medicine because it for some reason seems to have stopped doing its job if you are still have issues w. angina.
Avatar m tn My resting heart rate is about 120. I've been seeing a personal trainer to try to make it stronger but according to her observations my heart has been able to take less and less over the last few months. I get random chest pain, and sometimes it's so bad I have a hard time moving my left arm. It causes strain in my neck and joints, particularly on my left side. I've had my cholesterol checked and it's fine. Same with my thyroid.