Symptoms of graves disease in women

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Avatar n tn Based on stored blood samples they were able run tests on 500 service women diagnosed with thyroid disease. They also ran tests on a control group of 2000 women. 60% for the group that was diagnosed with graves or hashimotos, TPO was elevated years before symptoms showed up. But the postive rate ofr the control groups was 5 to 8%. Upshot is a positive TPO isn't diagnostic by itself.
Avatar f tn Check with your doctor as well, I wish I knew if you could take them when you're pregnant.
Avatar n tn Have been combing the sites to find where I fit in. Have Graves Disease. Had RAI nearly 6 wks. ago. It has been complicated by several gallbladder attacks. Can't get gallbladder removed until thyriod levels come down. Endo put me on PTU. He doubles my dose from 300mg to 600mg after two weeks. With each blood test my levels kept rising. One test showed my WBC to be very low. So Edno takes me off PTU completely.
1428646 tn?1330978063 01 anti thyroid peroxidase 288 free t4 77 so have not had this all asessed as of yet but it is pointing in the direction of graves disease. but i am not diagnosed yet are you diagnosed with both?
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a 28 year old woman and was diagnosed with graves disease 3 years ago. I have commented o many forums regarding my problem but would like your advice. I was treated with radio active iodine in 2006 and then became hypothyroid, I now take 150mg of levothyroxine daily. I have never suffered from graves opthalmology as far as i'm aware. For the last 6 months I have had a chronic daily headache. This started 3 days after purchasing new glasses.
Avatar n tn You may want to pop in there for some advice as well. Both diseases (FM and Graves symptoms overlap) Make sure you stop back in both places. Take care.
Avatar n tn ve been having these severe migraines for over 2 months now, my eyes hurt terribly from all the pressure, im not sure if its the pressure in my nerves from all the spasms and intense pain and weakness im having in my limbs but im scared that its ocular migraines, i could not read properly with having bad pain in my head, i have graves disease but with my doctors appoinment yesterday at the endocrinologist the doc says im 'normal' when im everything but the muscle weakness is so sever i
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with graves disease and had the radioactive treatment to destroy it a few years back. I have had a few times where I did not have my meds for a week at a time. Is it normal to feel so tired and cranky? Also I took Zirtec for my allergies and I felt like I was cloudy and just wanted to sleep and tightness in my chest..... I am currently on 137 mcg of Levothyroxine.
Avatar f tn I finally found out that I was pregnant the beginning of last year and made it to 4 months and suffered a miscarriage for no apparent reason. I have all the horrible symptoms of Graves/Hyper including the severe anxiety, complete insomnia, and muscle/joint pain. My last TSH was .23 but I do not have the T/T4 levels on hand and I'm not quiet sure that my Doc has even tested for Antibodies which I have requested for my next panels.
Avatar n tn "The "Ask a Doctor" forum has been shut down since June 2014; MedHelp has not indicated whether or not they plan to reactivate it." - Wikipedia. Excerpt from Hashimoto's thyroiditis following Graves' disease. Acta Med Indones. 2010 Jan;42(1):31-5.... "Pathogenesis for chronic thyroiditis following anti-thyroid drug treatment in patients with Graves' disease remains unclear.
Avatar n tn Hello. I'm 36 and I am almost 9 weeks pregnant. I have Graves' disease and had radiation treatment back in 2009. I hadn't been taking my thyroxine constantly for a few months as I was super stressed and now that I am pregnant haven't missed a dose. My thyroid levels are still very high and I'm worried that this will affect my baby's brain development/IQ levels. Has anyone else had similar experiences? I'm scared and worried.
Avatar f tn she should see her endocrin regularly and also monitor her symptoms. Depending on the extend of her disease, she may look to have alternative treatment.
199177 tn?1490498534 My husband was diagnosed with graves disease this last week .He sees the endocrinologist Monday is there anybody that can help me understand this and are the partiular questions he needs to be asking the doctor .
Avatar f tn hi i'm a 28 yr old woman and have suffered badly with symptoms from graves disease for 3yrs i've been on propylthiouracil for a year now as i had a severe allergic reaction to carbimazole! my symptoms include insomnia,severe fatigue,anxiety,bouts of depression,poor concentration,memory loss,bruising easily,dizziness,nausea and graves rage and weakened immune system (sick often). the problem is that i've recently had a blood test that read normal at 5.
Avatar f tn I had a complete thyroidectomy in 2005.Does the surgery mean that I am cured of Graves or what? Nothing I read seems to address this directly.I still suffer from the protruding eyes and tiredness.All my levels appear normal.It doesnt help that I am perimenapausal either.
Avatar n tn i know that was long-winded but if you can get thyroid normalised before resorting to thyroidectomy, please do this.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Graves disease 11 years ago. My endo prescribed Methimazole, which I was allergic to, so he told me he didn't want to prescribe me anything else because sometimes the allergy kills the thyroid. It apparently did, because all of a sudden I was hypo and I had to go on synthroid. Since then, I lost my health insurance and got handled by my PCP instead of the endo (cheaper).
Avatar n tn Menopause symptom share some of thyroid symptoms, as well as a lot of other health conditions. Women have been know to suffer menopause symptoms way up in their 70's. None of the thyroid hormone medications or drugs are a 100 percent cure-all for symptoms, so you might have to treat each symptom separately from each other. Levels are the prevailing diagnose of Graves'/thyroid.