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Avatar n tn Signs and Symptoms of a Chemical Pregnancy Due to the fact that in a chemical pregnancy a fertilized egg does not implant into the uterus most women do not experience signs and symptoms of pregnancy (ie. tender breast, nausea, and / or fatigue). There are a few reports of women who have been pregnant in the past who state that they felt pregnant with their chemical pregnancy.
391026 tn?1200889674 the only REAL symptoms of miscarriage that I know of are: cramping (more than just normal period like) bleeding no fetal heart tones after a certain point Other than that there really isn't a way to tell I don't think. What has caused you to think miscarraige? I've had two...the 1st one I had very little bright red spotting and went to the ER, the found not fetal heart tones...sent me to my doc the following week and it was confirmed no cardiac motion and I had a d & c...
Avatar m tn ( But a little bit of blood/tinged discharge - I wouldn't worry, especially after sex. A lot of women get that.
1001085 tn?1287754826 would you be bleeding? Also in early pregnancy 12-15 weeks can you feel your uterus or whatever through your belly? Or did you feel "pregnant"? Do all symptoms kind of subside?
3158442 tn?1344315253 Anyone that has had a very early miscarriage at like 3-4 weeks, I would really like to know how it was,im confused about if I had one or if its just a bad period, please and thank you :)
Avatar f tn Question: Does Early Pregnancy Bleeding Mean I'm Having a Miscarriage? Answer: First things first: If you are pregnant and having vaginal bleeding, take a deep breath. It's scary and worrisome, but bleeding in pregnancy does not always mean miscarriage -- even if it is red and has clots. Anywhere between 10% and 30% of pregnant women who carry to term remember having some amount of bleeding or spotting at some point in their pregnancy.
971074 tn?1362763366 I had a very early miscarriage last May-June. I had gotten a positive test and a few days later I started to bleed while vomiting. It was relatively painless and the flow was pretty much the same as a period, just a little heavier. Not long after my symptoms started to disappear (I vomit and have constant nausea while pregnant so that was a 100% indicator it was a miscarriage) and blood work confirmed my levels dropping.
Avatar n tn and he says I most likely had an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in an early miscarriage. I had an ultrasound yesterday to make sure there was nothing remaining in my tube and/or uterus. Everything looked normal, so it was reabsorbed by my body. I was only 3-4 wks along. I took another pregnancy's now negative. My hormone levels never really had a chance to build up, and ectopics don't double like a normal pregnancy test. He also said that with an early complete miscarriage..
Avatar f tn shes in her first trimester but had no signs of miscarriage, no cramping and no bleeding at all. is it possible the doctor could be wrong? she's gonna get checked again to double check.
Avatar n tn But I'm worried I have, I didn't even know I was pregnant. I've been on this new BC pill for 4 months that has wreaked havoc with my cycle. Sometimes I get my period, sometimes I don't. Well I did this time, but it was over a week early, and it was the most painful cycle I've ever had. I have been bleeding for 7 days now, rather steadily. Normally it would've been over 3 days ago, and a whole lot lighter flow.
Avatar f tn I had many of the symptoms of early pregnancy and then they all just stopped at about 7 weeks. Since I have a history of very early miscarriages, I was freaking out. My boobs stopped being tender, etc. And I also did not start bleeding or anything like with prior m/c. I am now 22 weeks pregnant. I will say that at about 8.5 weeks, many symptoms came back with a vengeance.
Avatar f tn I didn't have any signs with either of mine. With my first miscarriage in December I went in for my first big prenatal appointment at 11 weeks and the midwife couldn't find baby's heartbeat so they sent me for an ultrasound right away and there was nothing there, just a sac - it's what's called a blighted ovum. I had to have a D&C to basically have my uterus cleaned out, remove the sac and all that.
Avatar f tn 27, 2008 and I stopped bleeding on the 29th of Sept. then my I had unprotected sex on the first of Oct. 2008 and the of the 5th of Oct. 2008. I would like to know can I still get pregnant.
1495106 tn?1323351813 Serena112-- also if you experience fever and flu like symptoms to go back to the hospital as it could be a sign of infection from left behind fetal tissue. mummycrush -- I am sorry for your loss.
Avatar n tn I too am sorry for your loss. For me, a D & C was necessary to be sure that all of the "tissue" left my uterus. My last miscarriage was considerd a 'missed miscarriage' (which just means that the baby died at around 6-7 wks but was not discovered until around 10 weeks. I hemorrhaged profusely and dangerously. This is not typical!! So, for me, I needed to have medical supervision. Even in this last case, I had to pass "the tissue" but...I was monitored and medicated.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies. For the women who got pregnant right after early miscarriage with no period in between. How long did it take for you to get positives? Symptoms? Success stories?
Avatar f tn I've been having cramps and stretchiness and tightness of the pelvis on and off until 3 days ago. I've been feeling a strange lack of symptoms around the uterus and pelvic area since. I still have soreness in my breasts and slight nausea. Should I be worried? Isn't 8 weeks too early for symptoms to stop? Could it be a missed miscarriage?
Avatar n tn Hi all,wonder if someone can give me any advice,im 10wks pregnant today,an so worried,i have been constipated few days now managed to go today,but on wipeing myself i noticed a mucas discharge,normally woulnt worry as no quite common in pregnancy ,but it was a bit stringy sorry be so crude,it wasnt bloody,and i have no pain should i be worried,may be onset of miscarriage,we been trying for several years so would be so distraught.please help.
Avatar f tn there were 4 little circles (as i was only 4w6d it was too early to say whether all of them were gestational or not) but 1 of the circles was on the outside of the uterus. He said 1 of the circles on the inside had a bright ring around it which he said was good.
Avatar n tn I became pregnant again with a single child and had another miscarriage at two months. However, this miscarriage was different. I did not have any cramping however there was light bleeding. I did not have a DNC with with either pregnancy because my doctor stated it was better to let my body remove it naturally. I was given the Rhogham in the hospital during my second miscarriage however not during the first.
Avatar f tn There is not really enough research on cause and effect in cases of bicornuate uterus to say exactly what the chance is of having an early delivery. There is said to be a chance of miscarriage due to the baby implanting on the septum, and a chance of early delivery because of restricted space. But it all depends on where the baby implants, and on the exact shape of your uterus and whether the baby pushes the septum aside, and on how big your septum is.
Avatar n tn I already passed something that looked like a placenta on Tuesday. It was a little smaller than the palm of my hand, but my symptoms should be gone by now. I have gone to the doctor she is going to draw blood on Thursday to see what my HCG levels are. Thanks for your comment!
766586 tn?1284386798 ) My only symptoms have been a tiny bit of fatigue, tiny bit of breast soreness, and fairly intense low back pain that comes and goes. Last night it woke me up. I am trying not to worry about it. Since I do have the tilted uterus, I'm hoping it's just because of that. Of course every time I pee I examine the TP like a CSI investigator. (sorry TMI). I guess I am just trying to accept however this plays out, while also hoping and praying and envisioning the best...
1510036 tn?1290477977 An embryo implanting in the septum frequently fails to thrive because of lack of nourishment, and an early miscarriage is the result. One of the heartening aspects of having a septate uterus is that it can be repaired through a relatively simple surgery, giving the woman near-normal odds of carrying a subsequent pregnancy to term. and... Poor pregnancy outcome is believed, in theory, to be due to the septum's poor implantation environment.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor, because I’m having all the symptoms related to uterus fibroid and that’s how I also find out of my heart uterus. I’m 37 yrs old and it seems having a baby it is not a good choice for us right now. I have learned that under God wills is the best way to live. And even when I’m a little scare I also feel his blessing and that a good purpose He have. I'm confident that everything is going to be fine, so therefore what ever happens I just wish is under God will!!
398501 tn?1334705873 In both of these, the two embryonic tubes are joined to form a single uterus, but a ‘septum’ (or length of shared wall) remains, running partially down the middle of the inside of the uterus. The subseptate uterus looks and feels the same as a normal uterus from the outside, whilst the top of the bicornuate uterus is broad and dimpled in the middle – ‘heart shaped’ describes it perfectly! The practical effect of either a subseptate or bicornuate uterus depends on the length of the septum.
Avatar f tn unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage.. but only 'cause of physical differences in my uterus.. We're trying again.. so hopefully this one will go to term!.. Just wanting to let you know.. :) Good luck!
Avatar n tn Yeah he said I do have an increased chance of m/c and also an increased chance of early labour, I am really scared by the pains I get and expect to see blood everytime I go to the bathroom!
Avatar n tn I have a double uterus with two complete ovaries in each. I missed a period which has never happened before. I took a home pregnancy test and it came out negative. I have a few pregnancy symptoms like breast sensitivity, frequent urination, nausia, constipation. Is it possible to that I might be pregnant even though the test came out negative? Or is there something else wrong with me?
Avatar n tn The stuff in the middle doesn't go away right. There are very degrees of separation of the two horns of the uterus. This is also called a heartshaped uterus. My understanding is that problems arrise because the baby can not have enough room to grow properly because the baby only has one side of your uterus to grow on. Your uterus isn't allowed to fully expand because only half of it is being used. Sorry for the not so great or technical explanation but that's about as much as I get right now.