Symptoms of colon problems in men

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Avatar m tn I haven't personally heard of back pain being associated with colon problems. What tests have you had done? The only thing I can think of for your back pain is if the straining while on the toilet is irritating the muscles. If you've had a colonoscopy and it was clear chances are that's the best test out there for the colon.
Avatar m tn I think it would be wise for her to make an appointment with a GI specialist. While colon cancer is very rare in people under 40, it's not uncommon. Those symptoms can be a sign of things other than colon cancer such as IBS, Crohns, or ulcerative colitis. The bump on the abdomen definatly should be checked out. Keep us posted on how she's doing!
449658 tn?1211304322 I also have pain with intercourse and putting in a tampon. Just wondering if any of this information is consistent with colon issues such as colon cancer - i've never had surgery - why would i have adhesions on my colon? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Avatar m tn My appetite is good and other than the change in boewl habits during the last few weeks i have no other symptoms that could be considered colon cancer like. I have a family history of cancer and i am scared. Do i need another colonscopy ?
Avatar n tn To answer your questions: 1) Atelectasis is collapse of part of the lung. 2) This refers to the end of the esophagus having thicker than normal walls. Inflammation in this area can be a possible cause. 3) This means the small bowel is bigger than normal. 4) Thickening of the colon in this case is hypothesized to be due to the fact that the colon was not "inflated" at that point, so it appears to be folded upon itself.
Avatar n tn m not sure what you mean by colon problems pockets. But it seems like your symptoms are gone if I am correct. Let us know if you have any questions.
Avatar n tn there could be loads of different reasons for the above and i am sure all treatable but i would think if u have not been a trip to your doc would be in order.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to have herpes appear in your colon? and if yes would this cause severe lower back pain, bloating, painful air entrapment, diverticulosis and possible severe gi bleeding? Are Herpe outbreaks in the colon dangerous? I have not been sexually active for a long time, and never knew I had herpes and it just began occurring. I had horrible GI problems and sever GI bleeding off and on for 8 years, I had surgery and thank God I am healed, but all of a sudden I started having herpes.
1701959 tn?1488551541 I do not have many digestive problems other than heart burn. Tonight I had a bit of a runny stool with spots of bright red blood. I am really freaking out over it. I will make an appointment to see my doctor in the morning but of course the first thing that comes to mind is Colon Cancer... I have no other symptoms, has anyone else ever experienced this? Thank you....
Avatar m tn i can only share some thoughts..having an amoebae bears the same symptoms..u can feel pain in terms of bowel.but u yes,u should worry..for as cancer is genetic..should care to go to doc.and have serious examination..anyways,if something found on ur colon,it can easily dis appear through technology.good luck and wish there's nothing really serious on it...
Avatar m tn i can normally ejaculate and I have many erections, but I think that the amount of semen in each ejaculation is no a lot. I only know that my problem didn't have mustache and beard until the age of 25 after he was treated in France. Does it have to do with genetics or is it because of low levels of testosterone . I don't know what to do can any body tell me.
Avatar f tn ve had to rule out things or diagnose issues in lieu of a colonoscopy? (Or something that could say.. yes, a colonoscopy is warranted? bloodwork? Etc?) Does anyone have similar symptoms?
Avatar n tn If I just had the simoidoscopy a year ago could it be colon cancer that is causing alot of pain in my lower side? Are these tests good for finding colon cancer in the sigmoid and descending colon? The reason I havnt had a colonoscopy is because I cannot have sedatives. Is there a chance that colon cancer comes that quickly after the Flex-sig? I am really scared. I thought I saw blood in the toilet. I am so afraid. Is colon cancer diagnosed alot around my age?
Avatar n tn I also had an umbilical hernia which caused problems such as sharp pain, digestive problems, sweating and shortness of breath--it was incarcerated (stuck in bad position in stomach muscle). A hernia surgeon can examine you for a hernia. My regular doctor missed it because he was not examining me correctly. Some doctors are very negligent. I had an undiagnosed hernia for at least 4 years due to careless doctors. A nurse diagnosed me before they finally did.
Avatar f tn Starting to have pain from the adhensions which have formed,especially in the right side ..Do the symptoms get any better? or is this as good as it gets!!!!. If anyone has any helpful advice I would be grateful as it can be isolating and friends and family try to be understanding but at times you would like to chat with someone who is experiencing the same horrid symptoms.
Avatar f tn Although you are very young to have developed colon cancer, there are cases where this disease has been noted in patients of your (and younger) age and, from the search I suggested above, colon cancer will be mentioned. I'm not trying to scare you - but, in similar postings, quite often the patient asks "could I have colon cancer"?
Avatar f tn So for the past 3 months I’ve been experiencing a number of weird symptoms. It started as a severe pain under my lowest lying left rib, and swelling almost as if the organ underneath was swollen and pushing the rib out. I also had frequent small and very mucusey bowel movements. Our family doc said to try omeprazole. Its been about 4 weeks since, and that has eliminated the abdominal pains except for late at night and early in the morning.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 21 and have polyasytic ovaries and when I'm on my period and I have a BM or when I'm just gassy it hurts extremely bad in my colon like a knife is being twisted around. My endometrium increases to 8mm thick when I'm menstrating. Also it is very difficult to put a tampon in I have to push under and around a wall. If u have any information it would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Bleeding and an achiness in your lower abdomen at the same time are 2 symptoms of colon cancer, but there are others. See your doctor.
Avatar n tn Now my problem is the fear of having colon cancer. My main symptom is having loose stools especially in the morning, everything I eat different from my usual diet causes me to have softer stools than normal. It's not exactly diarrhea, it's creamy stools. I have trouble having formed feces. I had no changes in the bowel movement, in the sense that I always go twice a day without difficulty and regularly. Never seen traces of blood in the stool, for now.
Avatar f tn Ballooning is done in many areas of the body - including the trachea and the esophagus when people have problems with those tubes. When the procedure is done in skilled hands, it's a relatively easy procedure. As long as you don't have a 'thinner' section than normal that you're dealing with - and you shouldn't based on what you're saying - the stretching should go well.
Avatar f tn dr told me i had an infection in my colon. i have to have some tests done tom and i see the Gi dr on the 26 th of this month. it still hurts when i have sex with my husband so we have to try other things,but since im hurting im not always in the mood. it really puts a strain on your marriage. i went back to the gyn and he changed my hormone meds. he put me on one without estragen to see if some endemetriosis may have been left behind. he said it would burn it out or something.
Avatar m tn I'm having pain down the right side of my body in what seems like the whole of the ascending colon. It's hard to explain, there's also a pulse like pain that starts around my hip bone or the end of the ascending colon that travels up the ascending colon. I'm very uncomfortable after a meal and I can feel a little relief after I been to the toilet.