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Avatar n tn Hi everyone! Hop all is well and kicking the stroke's ass!  I was just wondering, what do you do during a mini stroke? Do you get up and start walking around to get the blood flow going, (that's what I do), or do you sit down and relax? It's crazy that this mini stroke came back into my life! I had it come and go for about six months when I was younger back in 2006. When it happened back then, my whole right side of my body was paralyzed.
Avatar n tn Hi, How are you? A transient ischaemic attack (TIA) often called a mini stroke, happens when the brain’s blood supply is interrupted for a very brief time. The symptoms are very similar to a stroke (such as weakness on one side of the body, loss of sight and slurred speech) but they are temporary, lasting a few minutes or hours, and then disappearing completely within 24 hours.
Avatar f tn Sounds like you had a TIA with a residual effect unfortunately. My father had the same thing happen to him. All the best with OT.
Avatar f tn Why were you put on Plavix in the beginning... for heart attack or stroke? Absolutely going off of it can lead to a mini-stroke/TIA, but going odd wont CAUSE one. Unfortunately you have to go off before a biopsy as it makes your blood thinner and there is too much risk of bleeding. Don't worry too much about the TIA, most have no long standing effects unless you have a LOT of them. So you want to go back on the Plavix and DON'T miss any doses! It should work right away.
Avatar m tn I am worried because I just googled this and found TIA. My mother had a stroke 3 years ago. I am a smoker and a drinker but am not overweight. Any advice I am so worried.
Avatar m tn not diabetic but I was diagnosed as having a mini stroke Tia caused by having a migraine headache.My left side dropped with tingling and numbness, burr vision and slurred speech. My question is after all the years that has passed what was so different about this migraine that was so different?
Avatar n tn Hi I was wondering if the misdiagnosis of a TIA/Mini Stroke is possible. Recently I was at my friends house for a social gathering and I experienced what I thought at the time was a mini stroke. Symptoms appeared out of nowhere and included drooping of facial muscles on left side of face, slurring and difficulty forming sentences, chest pain, visual hallucinations (including but not limited to room breathing i.
905378 tn?1244854365 It could also be a TIA. Here's what Google shows in an early listing ... Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) A TIA is a "warning stroke" or "mini-stroke" that produces stroke-like symptoms but ... Unlike stroke, when a TIA is over, there's no injury to the brain I would mention it to the doctor. Carcinista could easily be correct also.
Avatar n tn ve had same problem for 16 yrs this week I had and echo with bubble done on my heart they found a hole in my heart which is normal in 25 percent of population but for me the pfo or hole in my heart causes tia or mini stroke there is a procedure that can fix hole but not approved by fda so not approved
Avatar f tn Cant find much on the internet about irregular flow velocity (at least that I can understand). So I am hoping not a TIA. BP has been great/low since then so WHAT happened. Kind of scary. As bad as it is it is still frustrating not to have a diagnosis...just take aspirin. Good luck to you.
Avatar m tn Oh Maggie I don't think anyone can say for sure. You son needs to see a neurologist or go to the ER. He really should have a MRI done. What's important is if he did suffer a TIA or mini-stroke they may be able to find a cause, which you know is important. People who have a stroke, there really isn't such a thing as a small stroke, are more likely to have another one. I would have him checked out as soon as possible....
Avatar m tn Like if an area of the brain is affected, it causes certain results peripherally. In the absence of this, it is difficult to say that the symptoms are due to TIA or stroke. Many times with TIAs the imaging studies do not pick up any positive findings. If your symptoms persist or recur consult your doctor. Regards.
2086874 tn?1332686494 Thanks went to hospital today it was a TIA mini stroke more test on the way but thankyou x
Avatar n tn My doc said I had had a mini stroke!
Avatar f tn Make sure you and everyone that is around your dad know the signs of a stroke because acting quickly when a person has a stroke can save his life! Good luck to you!
Avatar m tn I don't think it was a "mini stroke" (TIA). especially the fact that the paralysis was on the same side makes me think of a different neurological problem. as a priority she should do Complete Blood Count, ESR, liver function tests. in search of indirect signs of infections/inflammations. the specific test to confirm that it wasn't brain ischemia is MRI to the brain but you should consult a Neurologist first.
Avatar f tn The symptoms could be due to a vaso vagal attack or a TIA or transient ischemic attack or mini stroke. It can also be due to nerve compression high up in the cervical spine. Hypoglycemia too can be a cause. You need a comprehensive investigation taking all these points in consideration. It is difficult to comment beyond this without examining. Please discuss this with your doctor and get yourself investigated accordingly. Do let me know if there is any thing else you want to know. Take care!
1873696 tn?1405377410 But it could also be due to an entity called TIA or transient ischemic attack, which as the name indicates there is a temporary lack of blood flow to a particular part of the brain. This usually recovers, but these people are more prone for strokes. And anxiety can cause high blood pressure. So, if your symptoms persist, please have yourself evaluated. Regards.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I can have a combination of symptoms including numbness in my face and head on one side (Not always on the same side), tiredness, pressure in my head on one side, or the centre of my head and I get the feeling of hyperactivity and panic, like I constantly have to be moving around. Is this anxiety/ panic attack, or could it be something worse? I am 16 years old, male, 119 pounds and 5ft 3 inches tall if this helps.
383943 tn?1217722721 hi, i am a 35 year old female my doctor says i am having mini strokes,my symptoms are severe short term memory loss loss of balance fatigue confusion vision loss in one eye and also blockage behind my eye.Was any of your symptoms the same as mine?
Avatar m tn My mother frequently gets the symptoms of TIAs. Actually, I believe she has a TIA every month, and she seems to be getting worse. Every month it never fails to come back as I watch my mother lose balance, slur her words, and act complete gone. The whole week of that TIA is a struggle, and as soon as she seems to be "recovering" she happens to experience more TIA symptoms. What can I expect?
Avatar f tn The causes and effects they have on your brain health are different, strokes can look like seizures and seizure can look like strokes but a stroke occurs due to a disruption of blood circulation in the brain, a seizure occurs due to a surge of electrical activity in the brain....
Avatar f tn Personally I would have though dizziness/nausea could be a TIA (mini stroke). It is unlikely that an MI would stop after 2 hours. I would explain your symptoms to a Doctor and have a CT scan of your head just to be on the safe side, especially as it runs in the family.
Avatar n tn `The other possibility of similar symptoms in one half of body is TIA or transient ischemic attack. To diagnose a TIA or mini stroke you need to have a MRI close to the episode. If TIA is suspected then all predisposing factors to TIA should be ruled out like polycythemia vera, sickle cell disease, diabetes, hyperviscosity syndromes, hypertension etc. This can be a medical emergency, so rush to ER when you have the symptom. Take care!
Avatar n tn Hi i have been vomiting for around 12 days now. this came on suddenly. I am very active, and eat fairly healthily. I had to take to my bed for 4 days as was very weak. The doctor visited twice, and said ihad Malaria symptoms but test was negative. All blood tests have been negative so far. 7 days into 'illness' i had 2 fainting spells followed by a TIA (mini stroke). all tests so far have shown nothing abnormal, heart and chest scans etc are clear.
Avatar n tn `The other possibility of similar symptoms in one half of body is TIA or transient ischemic attack. To diagnose a TIA or mini stroke you need to have a MRI close to the episode. If TIA is suspected then all predisposing factors to TIA should be ruled out like polycythemia vera, sickle cell disease, diabetes, hyperviscosity syndromes, hypertension etc. This can be a medical emergency, so rush your husband to ER. Take care!
Avatar n tn Mini stroke (TIA) represents temporary stroke warning symptoms. A stroke can be impairment of sensation, level of consciousness, balance, or voluntary motion caused by a rupture or obstruction of an artery in the brain. In short: a stroke is a brain attack. TIA is not a full-blown stroke, but mimics one as you suggest. An Electrocardiogram (EKG) to confirm a regular heart rate, blockage of electrical impulses through the heart, etc.