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1538715 tn?1294146016 Researchers know from studying family histories that you can inherit a risk for Type 2 diabetes. And, yes, a type 2 gene can bypass your siblings and you get stuck with it - It happens. What also happens is you subconsciously picked up your parents bad habits that led to their diabetes. Bottom line, go get tested - an A1c, OGTT, and/or a fasting glucose test.
Avatar n tn have type 2 diabetes latey bkood sugars beteen 250 -380 seen doctor recently was put o lantus 10u did nothing called doc she said to go up to 15u been a few days should i see a specialst she says she can control has not changed does lantus take awhile to take effect an also o metformin 1000 glipizide and juniva
Avatar n tn First of all Type 2 diabetes does run in the family. I had gestational diabetes in two of my pregnancies. Lately but not everysingle day however more often now I am continuously feeling nausiated, at times a headache or mild diziness with it. At times I go to the toilet feeling as if I am going to vomit (but I dont). I am absolutely not pregnant (I had a tubal ligation). there are times when I get shaky or irritable or feel a head rush without food. I am 5'4" inches tall.
Avatar m tn Here are a few things to ask for - ● Adjustments made to your unknown medications ● Adjustments made to your meal plans Causes for night sweats ● Lipid profile tests ● Liver panel tests ● Kidney panel tests Causes for leg/feet pain ● Blood tests to look for nerve damage caused by diabetes [peripheral neuropathy] Causes for erratic glucose levels ● Thyroid gland checked ● Pancreas and insulin resistance [C-Peptide] tests These tests may reveal a hidden cause/disease to y
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Avatar m tn I have told her about my condition and we would like to find out more about the effects of HSV-2 on diabetes type 2 patients, because we would really want more information as it would help us in our relationship. 1) What is it like for women with diabetes and HSV-2? 2) Do the symptoms alleviate over time, like normal HSV-2 people? 3) How do you cope with the conditions? 4) Is there any hope in such a situation?
Avatar f tn most gestational diabetes cases go away soon after the baby is born but some continue on as type 2 diabetes. and if its uncontrolled diabetes (ie not being treated) then she would be losing weight.
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Avatar n tn Signs of type 1 and type 2 diabetes are very similar. Feeling shaky, having nausea, feeling weakness and fatigue are one of several diabetes symptoms. Having a family history of diabetes also puts you at higher risk than others. You're not going to get full answers to your concerns on the inet as we cannot diagnose you without seeing you.
Avatar f tn Normal levels 70-99 mg/dl Prediabetes 100-125 mg/dl Above 126 mg/dl indicate diabetes [hyperglycemia aka Type 2 diabetes] If your fasting levels returns below 70 mg/dl this indicates hypoglycemia [aka Type 1 diabetes]. 2.) OGTT [Oral Glucose Tolerance Test] - You drink a sugary liquid then tested in 1 hour intervals. This test is given to see how well your body sheds excess glucose after 1, 2 and 3 hours. 3.) RGT [Random Glucose Test] - Tested at any given time.
723573 tn?1230856987 if you're losing weight and having more extreme symptoms.. then it's most likely type one. the only way you'll know for sure is to get an hemoglobin a1c test done, it'll show your average blood sugar over three months. then, if it is diabetes, you'll be able to figure out which type it is from there. hope that helped a bit. good luck to you, keep posting!
Avatar n tn com/22ornr that covers · Hypoglycemia Overview · Hypoglycemia Causes · Hypoglycemia Symptoms · When to Seek Medical Care · Questions to Ask the Doctor · Exams and Tests · Hypoglycemia Treatment · Self-Care at Home · Medical Treatment If you have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes Mellitus there are medical papers associating renal failure with hypoglycemia. I’m not a doctor and cannot say hypoglycemia can cause renal failure (kidney) but the potential is there.
Avatar n tn My father was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My uncle has type 2 diabetes as well. Recently I have just been looking into the common symptoms and have become rather concerned. I would like some clarity on whether these are actual symptoms of diabetes or not. 1. Most of the time during the days it seems like I'm always very hungry. 2. If I'm not weight lifting and eating A LOT of food I tend to lose weight. 3. Occasionally I feel very weak. 4.
Avatar f tn Hello, is your father type 1 or type 2 diabetes? Diabetes does have some genetic tendency to being inherited. Why do you think you have diabetes? What are your symptoms? The easiest thing to do may be to borrow your father's meter and testing your own blood sugar. Fasting blood sugar should be < 95 (ideally in the 80s). 2 hours post eating, should be < 120, but ideally <100. If you are in doubt go to the dr to get checked.
Avatar f tn I am a 61 yr old woman. For about 2 years I have had type 2 adult onset diabetes. Food mangement with Metformin and Glyburide. MG. usually 80- 140. Yesterday I was sick with flu like symptoms including a fever and chills. I slept off and on for 36 hrs while getting up to eat what I could. My left foot and ankle have been swelling for about 3 yrs and more so for the last yr as I now sit more at work.
Business man1 you are classified as either normal, prediabetic, or diabetic [type 1, type 2, or type 1.5]. Telling us which one helps us help you so we can provide appropriate responses.
Avatar m tn 2hours late(aprox) symptoms came. FOrgot to mention , this only has been going on for 2 months. My father has type 2 diabetes, I am 33. is this early signs? I would appreciate an input in this situation.
Avatar f tn It is possible to have no symptoms of high blood sugar, but damage is occuring. For type 2 it is often possible to manage it with diet and exercise (low carb diet and plenty of exercise, plus getting to your optimal weight). However, you are still very young, so it would be a great idea to get some more monitorint for how you are doing. Let us know.
1456043 tn?1285366131 If you have these high blood sugars ongoing for awhile you are at risk of DKA so if you begin to feel flu-like symptoms or vomiting you need to go to the ER. By the way you've posted in the Type 2 forum.
Avatar n tn Obesity makes diabetes harder to control and a type 2 diabetic who is overweight should be working with their doctor and nutritionist to develop a strategy for healthy weight loss. Do you know whether your diabetics are all Type 2 or if some of them are Type 1? It makes a difference in treatment. Also all diabetics vary a bit from each other in their control and management regimes. It might help if you could meet with the diabetics and ask them about their own treatment.
Avatar n tn I noticed that when i started having 200s for a while, and then started controlling it again, my sugar would be 90-100 and i would have the same symptoms of hypoglycemia because my body was so used to my sugars being high. I am type I, have been for 19 years. Dont know if that helps any, good luck. Hope he gets to feeling better.
Avatar m tn By the time I got to the doctors office and they found out I had fallen asleep (again) and gone into a coma for almost 2 days. Diabetes isn't a horrible, nasty, awful thing. Is it fun - NO, but it is manageable. Just show your parents this site and all the info you have been given. Any doctor will be able to tell you with a simple blood test if you are or are not diabetic. Hope this helps.
1554354 tn?1297175664 Diabetes often goes undiagnosed because many of its symptoms seem so harmless. Often people with type 2 diabetes have no symptoms so they appear normal to others. I don't know Florida laws but in Calif at 19 yo you can see a doctor on your own. If you cannot afford one Google search Free Health Clinics near your town/city. In the meantime you must take care of your body by maintaining normal weight, avoiding sugary and high carbohydrate foods, and do some sort of physical exercise daily.
Avatar f tn - Dry mouth and lips - Eating more - I'm not gaining any weight despite eating more, i actaully have lost 1 - 2 kg. And and inch around my hips - Leg cramps and pains - General tiredness - I get more irritated at people when I'm out - past Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has come back - sometimes I feel shakey +I have done 3 urine glucose home tests at different stages of the day and they all showed nothing.
873325 tn?1295465496 Thanks for your comment:) I think I will make an appt with her doctor. I want to make a log of her sugars for a few days, do you know the best times to test? I know that about 2 hours after eating, you should be in the normal range....but what if you test soon after you eat, is that a bad time to test? I don't know much about diabetes. I think when they have tested for diabetes it was a blood test. Thanks for your help!
Avatar m tn Type 2 diabetes usually has a slower onset and can often go undiagnosed. But many people do have symptoms like extreme thirst and frequent urination. Other signs include sores that won't heal, frequent infections (including vaginal infections in some women), and changes in vision. Some patients actually go to the doctor with symptoms resulting from the complications of diabetes, like tingling in the feet (neuropathy) or vision loss (retinopathy), without knowing they have the disease.
Business man2 Let us not forget Type 2 diabetes is associated with obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, lack of daily 30-60 exercise, and above all poor food choices. In its early stage it is possible to reverse diabetes. This does not mean you can ignore lifestyle changes by going back to the bad habits which created your diabetes, it means you must adhere to a diabetic prevention lifestyle or it will return.