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959034 tn?1253671476 Just called asking for samples. She is giving me 2 free samples of both! Great idea!!!!! Thanks!!!!! I am starting tonight.
Avatar f tn What is the best OTC treatment for dry mouth and especially sore and painful tongue caused by dry mouth. Biotene samples are not giving me the relief I need and neither is saliva subsitute. They only last less than a minute. I have been constantly chewing bubble gum because I don't know what else to do but that is making my tongue more raw and sore and causing minor mouth sores.
Avatar m tn I have had breathing tests that shows my lung capacity is 65%. I just started to take Symbicort. Could the Symbicort be raising my blood pressure, or is it all in my head? When I take my BP a couple of hours after taking Symbicort its high. My Meds are: Crestor 40mg Amlodine 5mg Synthroid .250mcg Lisinopril 40mg twice a day Zolpidem 10mg Metoprolol 50mg one & 1/2 pills twice a day Symbicort 80/4.
Avatar n tn I am a diabetic on oral meds. Some months ago I started taking Symbicort inhaler for asthma. Since then my blood sugar is soaring. What can I do.
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959034 tn?1253671476 m allowed to take up to 8/day of symbicort 200 on a regular basis. That is the beauty of this one. Unfortunately Symbicort doesn't come in a stronger dose,as I was informed by my specialist. The only other one that is stronger is Advair 500...but you can't up the number of puffs on that one like you can with Symbicort, so it too is self limiting. I'm working on this issue yet with my specialist. I will let you know what solution she comes up with...
Avatar f tn I have been taking symbicort for about 8 months and in that time i notice that my weight has gone up by around 1 stone (14llbs), i have never been overweight and have always eaten healthily and taken exercise. No matther how many times i go to the gym or how much salad i eat it wont go away. None of my clothes fit me and i have gone up a bra size or two.
1098963 tn?1257865718 My significant other is taking Symbicort 160/4.5. I have been told that the steroid in symbicort can be transmitted into my system through any exchange of "bodily fluids" and possibly have a bad reaction with my HBP this true? thankyou!
Avatar f tn hi i have severe gerd and asthma getting worse today doctor put me onzantac prilosec ventalin and symbicort the divorcesymbicort felt like it froze my lungs when inhaled since then breathing got worse and middle of back hurts is this other normal
Avatar m tn Hello. I am a 44 year-old firefighter. In 2009 I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. At the time of diagnosis my FEV was 70%. My spirometry was fine before that since 2003 when I joined. After a CT scan the doctor said the sarc was no longer active. I took up cycling for the next four years built my FEV to 80%. In 2014 I had shortness of breath. The doctor told me it was Bronchospams. 3 weeks later it had subsided.
1511949 tn?1290193751 omg. thanks for mentioning symbicort. i started symbicort a while ago, and my throat clearing has gotten worse. my doctor has put me on nexium to dry up things, but i stopped taking it - just felt i didnt need it at the time. i may need to go back on the nexium or find out if the omnezaprole will work too.
718416 tn?1259680550 I have recently been prescribed symbicort, but for some reason I read that corticosteroids are more widely used? Does anyone know whether long term acting beta agonists or cortisteroids are safer long term? What is safer on the heart? Also does xanax counter effect the high blood pressure etc. associated with asthma medicines?
Avatar m tn My maintenance medication was recently changed from Symbicort 160/4.5 once a day to Asmanex HFA 200mcg due to high blood pressure and heart rate issues with the Symbicort. I'm on day 3 now and ever since I started Asmanex I've been experiencing a productive and incessant cough. The coughing is worse immediately after using the Asmanex.
Avatar f tn will be starting on champix and will be done with ciggarretes in 2 weeks but i was told if i take ventalin and smoke pot it could kill me and i currently take symbicort and ventalin (salbutamal sulphate) but i asked a nurse about if i was to smoke sum pot one day if i didnt take the ventalin all day would i be ok and she said yes but i would like a professionals information so my question is it ok for me to take symbicort and smoke on occasion?
Avatar n tn She said I was quite a bit lower than expected, especially for the amount of exercising I do. She gave me albuteral and symbicort (plus some hayfever meds) and asked me to use the peak flow meter. I generally have been at about 450 on the flow meter and for my size and weght (6' tall and 160 lbs) it says I should be about 650. I don't seem to see any real improvement when I use Albuteral. The Symbicort keeps me awake at night when I take the 2x spray/2x a day.
Avatar n tn In the past 16 days I have begun using Spiriva in addition to the 2 doses of Symbicort I was using daily. Although I get good (better) results from the combination than Symbicort alone, since starting the Spiriva, I am experiencing very dry mouth, and nasal passages to the extent that I occasionally experience light bleeding when I blow my nose.
Avatar f tn Finally my doctor diagnosed pneumonia and put me on antibiotics, Avamys and Symbicort. Unfortunately, either the Symbicort or the Avamyst has given me a fungal infection in the throat (and beyond ... it seems to go down quite far). This was not too unexpected as Advair gives me horrible thrush that lasts for months. My question however is, if I stop taking the Symbicort and the Avamys will the thrush go away, or should I go see my doctor to get anti-fungal stuff (i.e. Nystatin)?
Avatar n tn My husband is using Symbicort and now has a very sore throat. He told me that once or twice he has forgotten to rinse is mouth out with water. I also found out that he does not use it every 12 hours, he is using it twice a day but maybe about 9 hours apart. I am wondering if his sore throat is caused by the Symbicort and what can I do for it, I am giving him throat lozenges and pop sickles. This has been going on for about 4 days now and he has been on the Symbicort since July 7th.
Avatar m tn I am a 32 year old male with a somewhat mild case of asthma, and I take symbicort and albutoral as medication. I hate it. I recently developed some PVCs (heart palpatations), and I would really like to use a long term asthma controller in place of the symbicort that does not have increased heart rate as a side effect. Are there any somewhat effective asthma medications (long term controller, not rescue inhaler) that do not have increased heart rate as one of the side effects?
11641934 tn?1421954110 I also contacted seventh generation. They sent me diapers, coupons, samples, and a bodysuit! Just contact the companies for samples/coupons.
Avatar f tn They send you coupons and samples threw the mail and offers in your email :) try avent also. They sent me a 15% percent off bottles. Nuk has 1.50 off coupon. Munchki also sends you coupons.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know how you can get free baby samples by mail? Most of them are scams, thanks you!
Avatar f tn Hmm, really? That is so interesting! I am only on an oral contraception at this time. So Symbicort can cause pupillary abnormalities? Is it specifically known to cause tadpole pupil, tonic pupil or pupil movement? Or all of what I am experiencing? Do you know any more about this or the mechanism by which Symbicort causes that side effect? Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn I can walk a mile but have to rest as I still desaturate on 6L O2. Recently started Symbicort inhaler and systemic blood pressure went up 180/108 and was wondering if the med would be likely to raise pulmonary pressure as well. Doctor added HCT to already prescribed Diovan which seems to be working but am on low dose of Symbicort and may have to increase it.
5037123 tn?1362663006 Not sure if it was from the Advair I took another dose and the pain got worse. I contacted my doctor and he changed me to Symbicort. I had no problem for 3 days, but after today's dose the back pain is back. Is this typical or am I doing something wrong when inhaling. I believe I'm following the instructions, including rinsing my mouth after using. Is there a pill I can take instead?
Avatar f tn t know what controller med you use, but after I use Symbicort at night, for some reason it makes me cough mucus up. So about 15-20 min after using it, I take a hot shower and cough it up and I feel much better. The mucus doesn't cause me breathing problems, either, but I can feel it.