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Avatar f tn Okay well help?..Um so I'm a virgin and I've been dating this guy for a really long time and today we were making out and kind of had dry sex, it was a lil rough and we were in jeans, he came and I drove home after the football game and I noticed my left vaginal lip was red and swollen and my right was stretched out and It had like no color at all. I'm really scared and nervous because this has never happened before, what's going on??
1501714 tn?1289332152 It felt like a pinch yet it felt like an enormous button had exploded and caused an eruption of fire and rupture inside my vagina. My minor labia (inner vagina lips) inflated till they eventually came out completely of my vagina (hanging out literary). They looked like a hamburger! It felt numb, swollen, and full of blood.
Avatar n tn I have had swollen vagina lips and they are also got hard lumps and white spots what could it be..........
Avatar n tn this morning i woke up and the lips of my vagina were so swollen painful and red that i cried. there's no burning but my lips are stick out like a good 3 inches! They are very dry puffy irritated and swollen! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DOO!
Avatar f tn that seemed to work for a bit, but then i had sex with another guy (different one) about 3 days ago and my vagina's lips are very swollen, my vagina is very itchy, and i have a stinky yellowish greenish cottage cheeseish looking discharge. it dosent hurt as much as it is itchy. also, the inside looks funny. it looks almost swollen and there is flesh in there that i dont recognize, that is attatched to me, and that barely has any feeling in it. what's going on? please help me!!!
Avatar f tn When I have sex with my boyfriend, my vagina lips are always swollen.. Does anybody had this problem before and knows what to do about it? please contact me!!
Avatar n tn i had sex two nights ago with my bf and also last night and my vagina lips are swollen and i have a white discharge but it dosent smell i wanna know what type of medication or vaginal cream should i get to make it go away?
Avatar f tn when i have sex my vagina lips get swollen and its hurts. why is that and what can i do to stop it?
Avatar n tn what are the causes of the swollen painful bump on th vagina lips,it really hurtful,cant walk,sit.what are th possibl medication?
Avatar f tn well i feel like i have a lot of water weight in my legs and when i wear pants of underwear it rubs inside my legs and vagina. so i noticed in the past 2-3 days my vagina lips have started swollen and it gets worse when i walk a lot.could this just be from it being rubbed and irritated of something more serious????????
Avatar f tn Well i havent had sex in about two weeks and now my vagina is very itchy and my vagina lips Are Extremely Swollen Ive never seen anything quite like it and im Very Very Scared because i never used protection and im also scared to go to my GP , i cant stop worrien any help on this ?
Avatar f tn I have this one side of vagina lips swollen a lot then the other side and also there is a pea size red bump on the swollen side too. I have this killer pain and and discomfort can barely walk. Doctor has prescribed keflex and also a bactroban cream. Just wondering will it really go away in few days? Any other way to have some pain remedy? This make me so worried.
Avatar f tn But I've been pretty dry for the past 2 days and just recently my left inner vagina lip has swollen up badly. The whole left side has swollen up even around the hole. It's not an STD because i haven't had sex. But seriously my vagina lips won't even stay closed all the way if I'm not standing there with my legs close together. What is this and what can i do about it to make it go away??
Avatar f tn Im 17 and 2day i was getting oral from my bf & when he gives oral he likes to rub my clit really hard. A little after i noticed my clit & vagina lips were pretty swollen. It doent hurt too bad but it does hurt. Idk what i should do, im embarrassed to tell my mother because she will be disappointed & think im a *****. What should i do?? Is it just swollen because its irritated??
Avatar n tn i just had oral sex and before then my vagina was burning a little but after the oral ex my vagina lips are so swollen.
Avatar f tn I'm 19 and my private area is swollen its not so much the lips its the other part and lately its gotten more irritated then normal also I'm pregnant and my gma said its cause I'm wearin boy shorts and tight clothes...
1490368 tn?1293843964 Ive recently had oral sex with my girlfriend for the first time but afterwards my vagina lips were swollen. It didnt feel like any other time. I think she was suckn my lips a little too hard. Afterwards they were very swollen and painful. Is there a chance that it couldve bee from her sucking them too much?