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Avatar n tn My dilemma is that for the previous 2 or 3 years, I have had an enlarged right tonsil. Both of my tonsils are swollen, but the right is much worse than the left. As long as I can remember, I have had chronc head and throat problems. I had multiple ear infections (always in the right ear) and my ear drum busted twice as a grade schooler. Since my early teen years, I have had chronic sore throats and it usually seemed to be the most red and inflamed on the right side.
Avatar m tn HPV is a virus, therefore if it came in contact with your mouth/throat..your tonsils might get swollen because theyre trying to fight off the virus. However, you just having swollen tonsils does not mean you Have HPV. You could very well have a cold/virus other than what they're able to test for. If you don't have any visible papillomas though, there's no way a dr could run an hpv test (biopsy) for your throat.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I can feel a bit of pain coming from the tonsil area, but not severe. I've taken 2 pages of really good pictures of my oropharynx and the lumps/ affected tonsils, and you can see quite some detail. You can view them here: (copy and paste link) http://www.flickr.
Avatar f tn I can't afford going to the doctor so many times for the medications and all that and I'm starting to worry if this might be something more then just giant tonsils. What should i do? and what do you think is wrong with my tonsils? If you want me to put up pictures I'd be more then happy to do so just ask.
Avatar f tn hi im a 19 year old female and i have been having earaches, sore neck, fatiuged,sore tonsils, and a pea size lump on the back of my tongue near my tonsils i have been to the doctos two times saying the bump will go down after the medicine but hasn't and i still feel all the syptoms although the bump doesn't hurt at all the first time he gave me medicine for a virual infection for two weeks and it didn't work then prescribed me bacterial infection medcine for a week and this isn't working either
Avatar n tn I have lost over 17 pounds ( ok not such a bad thing, but not for a good reason), my back of my throat is swollen as well as my voice box, which are swollen quite badly. I cough to the extreme as to try and clear my throat.. to the point where I vomit, and my head feels like it is going to explode. I have had a Upper GI done and it came back no problems.. I think they need to do more tests and I am going to make sure they do................Oh and with this..
Avatar n tn If ya'll need to see pictures, I'll take them. I don't want my tonsils out considering everyone says they're so important. Lately my tonsil has been looking "pitty" like its starting to get holes in it, and so has the right, normal one. Granted I don't know what a normal tonsil looks like anymore, so I could just be being paranoid. Someone help. I'm just a freaked out kid wanting an answer.
Avatar n tn I've looked at my throat and I've had other people look at my throat (including my doctor) but when my doctor looked at it she said it didn't look abnormal (but that was before it started getting worse) and when I look at it I notice that it's not in my throat at all, but right at the areas where my tonsils were (they were removed well over 10 years ago).
Avatar f tn I had started to get my second sore throat of the year, same situation as last time. My tonsils were HUGE. They’re already naturally very large. They had white patches underneath the top layer, and were very sore. I had to brace myself for swallowing every time. I was given Augmentin, and after a few days, all pain was gone with mild swelling. Fast forward to current month. Last week, I woke up with a spontaneously sore tonsil on my right side.
Avatar f tn com/photos/94581331@N03/8613050482/lightbox/ *** it's the lump on the right and a longer lump is growing past the tongue into the throat *** So I think I have HPV in my tonsils as I have fleshy bumps - not actually growing on my tonsils - but it's just like a part of my tonsil is swollen. I don't know if its a HPV wart - but if it was cancer due to HPV would warts show or not ? Also what's the chances of being a carrier of HPV if I have had my vaccination before being sexually active ?
Avatar m tn Six days following exposure, I had a mild sore throat with a little bit of swollen tonsils and inflammation. Then about 4 weeks after, I had some white spots on my tonsils which I poked at and irritated further, causing a painful canker sore on one of them which resolved in a few days. Following all this, the back of my throat and tonsils have continuously been red and inflamed.
Avatar n tn I have these white spots on my tonsils I think it may be thrush but there isn't nearly as much on there as most pictures online show. And I think my tonsils may be swollen but im really not sure as they aren't painful at all. also I have almost what seems like blisters in the bakc of my tongue, but again im not sure if these were present before or if they are showing up now. I"m kind of scared thinking I might have HIV due to the fatigue and sick feeling, could it be that?
Avatar f tn NO PAIN. Redness / bumps in back of throat, Swollen tonsils with weird pockets in which sometimes allows for tonsil stones. Also, red lumps and ball like growth noticed near the tonsils. Went to a throat specialist, and all she had to say is that it is my anatomy... I doubt that to be honest. I have pictures if you need more insight. Please help me, I'm going crazy. Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn It seems to get better with gargling and it doesn't hurt so bad, just kind of irritated and a little swollen lymph node on that side. I've attached pictures in my profile please look it over and let me know what you think. Should I go get a swab done or is it unnecessary? I don't know what it could be.
Avatar n tn Anyway, when I looked I saw a round/oval shaped lump on the left side where tonsils should be. I went to our family doctor and she said I didn't have an infection or anything, and when I asked about the lump, she said it was a tonsil and that they can grow back. She did not see concerned. Now, five months later, I am still obsessing over this and have searched all over the internet for anything similar. Unfortunately I don't know if it just showed up or has been there for years.
487969 tn?1249316891 Looking back, long before diagnosis, I can remember having times where people would comment that my feet seemed swollen. I don’t remember much on the tongue part. Curious? Do you still have your tonsils, adenoids, and all that stuff?
Avatar m tn Later they became chapped. On Dec. the 14th tested positive for mono with very mild sore throat, swollen tonsils, swollen nontender lymph nodes, and temp 99.5. The highest my temp had been was 101.1 Also my stool was a brown two tone color and kind of loose. Periods of nausea especially will eating or brushing teeth. I am concerned about all std's like HPV, Herpes, and HIV. I don't think this is herpes because it has been like this for some time and very slowly getting more noticable.
Avatar n tn I probably have erosive lichen planus on tongue which is very sore, undergoing tests very soon but pictures would corroborate the diagnosis. Can it cause tonsils to disappear? You can get it in any mucosal areas, I probably have it in more than one place, my ears and eyes feel itchy sometimes and that comes and goes. The medical profession are no very good at diagnosing it, I've been 4 years trying to get a diagnosis with no one believing me as I was constantly bothering the Dr.
5717098 tn?1374527027 I realized my vaginal entrance is almost obstructed by swollen, spongy gland. I was afraid, recalling the pictures of hpv. Over the past few days there has been significant improvement in my tonsils- the white covering is gone and I can eat again with minimal pain. However, the growths on my tongue are sill there, and though the swollen gland has neither grown nor shrunk, I m afraid of it. Is it possible to get hpv just through mouth kissing?
Avatar m tn Now I have a sore throat with minor red and white patches, and my neck glands are swollen a little. It's been this way for about a week or so. From the pictures of strep throat I've seen, it doesn't look like that (the red dot type things), and the white is not like candiasis, more just like how your tonsils give off white when they're infected. I haven't had a fever yet. My stomach has been a bit upset, but I think this is from all the worrying and it's certainly not been diarrea.
Avatar n tn I also have a sore throat and my tongue and mouth feels some what swollen, tonsils are also swollen. What would be give away signs that its oral herpes. How long does it take for a outbreak to occur its been a week since ive had sex with anyone and i used a condom for everything, but did kiss , i have already scheduled a blood and urine test to test for every std i can imagine and have to wait two weeks for the reults so i may be paranoid but i want as much information as possible..
Avatar m tn The reactions are everywhere in the body, headache, serious sinus problems, boils in the face, skin rashes, dizziness, light headed, low back pain, anxiety and trouble urinating. My tonsils are always red, but not swollen and I am always extremely tired and experience difficulties in concentrating at work. The allergic reactions comes and goes, sometimes I can eat soy, but not right now.
Avatar n tn I have had a sore throat that is red around the tonsil pillars? in front of the tonsils and a little to the roof and back tongue. It feels dry, and Im not sure if i had it before the encounter or not as i do sleep with my mouth open. He said he was std free, but who knows. The sore throat has never gone into where its hard to eat or swallow or drink fluids. I have since that day been able to eat and drink anything. some days its a little worse, but mostly just a dry feeling.
Avatar n tn When I saw the Oral Surgeon a bit ago (before this) he said that my lingual tonsils were swollen (this is very uncomfortable - food gets caught in them and it affects breathing and swallowing etc) which is highly irregular - as well that my right tonsil had 'grown back'... (i've had them removed.) I've had those 'extra' tonsils none of us know about get inflamed on many occasions and this seems to happen around the same time.
Avatar m tn My tongue got a little swollen/numb especially in the morning. I decided to take a closer look at my tongue and noticed some painless white bumps at the back of the two sides of my tongue. Day 3: My tongue was still a little swollen/numb. I could say that I played / moved a lot my tongue during that day. Day 4: I woke up in the morning and my tongue didn't feel swollen/numb anymore. However, I had pain at the base of my lingual frenulum.
4815763 tn?1359531787 I didn't feel right for months and my tonsils have been swollen since then. At this time I was diagnosed as having chronic sinusitis. I lost 10 pounds and was my skinniest ever at 132 lbs. I had irregular periods. In January 2010, during my second pregnancy I started to have severe bowel issues with bleeding and sorry if tmi mucous. I had a partial sigmoidoscopy and was told they thought it was ulcerative colitis or crohn's. They refused to allow me any meds even though I was in severe pain.
Avatar m tn I can't remember when I first noticed that my tonsils were swollen because it came on gradually, but it was at most 1 to 2 days after this sexual exposure (however, I could have actually noticed it before this exposure but I just can't remember bc I didn't think much of it at the time). Anyway, I went to one of those walk-in clinics earlier today and they tested me for strep, which came back negative. They said it was probably just a virus and would pass on its own.
Avatar n tn For the last 3 months I have developed a number of bizarre symptoms that I cant seem to shake. I am usually a healthy guy and never get sick. I developed a sore swollen throat with white spots on tonsils and ulcers around uvula and towards esophagus. Also white coated tongue and for awhile burning mouth and frothy saliva. My doctor definitely confirmed a yeast bacterial infection but nothing like thick curdlike pictures of thrush.
Avatar m tn 2 days after sore throat, then turned into a week long flu like sickness, when that week ended i had a swollen neck for about a week, tonsils also seemed very irritated. I could feel the pain slightly in my ears, and it was uncomfortable to turn my head. after that cooled down i thought i was in the clear. but when that week long neck swelling ended. exactly 21 days after my possible exposure. i found a small cluster line of tiny white pinhead dots under my mid upper lip.
Avatar f tn So I recently got a swollen bump my right tonsils. I thought they were stones but there was no white dots or Amy site that they were. I did try to get the stones out thinking there were, but only a small white think came out about a milimeter small. So I went to a doctor and she said my tosle was inflamated. So she receted( I think that's how its said) some antibiotics and some cream for it.