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Avatar f tn About two weeks ago I had the really dark circles, green/bloody nasal mucus, fatigue, ear pain, and eventually severely swollen tonsils with tons of pus. I was put on zpak and it started to clear up in about 4 days (I took the zpak for 5 days). It was slow, but I did feel much better eventually. I was very, very and slept constantly. I was running an average of 102.5 degree fevers this time. The worst symptom is the extreme fatigue I am experiencing.
Avatar n tn My daughter (10 Yrs Old) has had swollen red tonsils and swollen glands in her neck for about 3 weeks. Her doctor stated she was positive she had mono but the all the tests show negative. Due to the glands still be swollen at 3 weeks and no improvement with antibiotics doctor is still convinced she has mono. Should I be seeking a second opinion? Any reason to be concerned?
Avatar f tn hi for last 8 days i not been able to eat or swollow stuff and sumtyms wen drink feels like my thoat swollen and my throat all dry sometimes feels as though i cant breath and i choke because of all mucus thats stuck in my thraot ive tryed bringing some up but all is not comeing up what will help people have said drink lots of water that should help /???
Avatar n tn Am going to my regular ENT next week for an evaluation of tonsils(they mentioned possible biopsy, this after saying nodule/benign, enough to get me stressed and am convinced it is throat cancer.The right tonsil is normal looking, the left one ragged and inflammed looking in the arch in front(forget the name of this).When I burp gas, there is a sensation that seems to be felt in my throat on the left side.Explained this but they didn't seem to comprehend.
Avatar f tn I thought I had tonsillitis a few weeks ago and went to due to white patches on my tonsils and them being really swollen. The doctor said it was just from sniffing and allergies. I had a really bad headache tonight and last night. I'm kind of a hypocondriact and my parents are sick of taking me to the doctor but I'm really scared it's like a staph infection of something and I'm freaking myself out. Or like shingles. I'm prone to infection because I'm super malnutritioned and never drink water.
Avatar n tn I think there's gas too in my stomach. I don't feel that during the day. Mostly nights. My swollen tonsil has been swollen for about 10 days now. Please help!! I feel helpless.
Avatar m tn my throat is not sore at all and this is the first time ive noticed this. my tonsils may also be slightly swollen, but im not sure. whats going on some type of infection? I take supplements almost every day i started using some new ones recently don't know if that may cause some reaction or not. any ideas?
Avatar m tn Do i have tonsilitis? I have swollen tonsils, and it really hurts when i swallow and talk. There is also a lot of mucus in my throat and nose, and my throat is swollen and feels tight. Please help!
454221 tn?1259449339 First off if you have a persistent throat feeling of a swollen tonsil you need to be examined by a doctor for that specifically to rule out infection. I had very bad swollen tonsils that were touching each other. I felt them but no real problems breathing. I could still breathe through my nose too just fine. If they are so big (bigger than quarters) then they can affect breathing but they have to really really swell up to do that, and usually you would be running a fever from an illness.
568812 tn?1379169394 However, even with medication my throat still feels swollen. As well as that I have more mucus than usual along my throat and nasal passage. The doctor looked at my nose throat and ears and said everything looked normal but suggested I try a nasal spray for rhinitis, which I haven't picked up from the chemist yet (I will tomorrow) anywho, I doubt whether it is rhinitis and wondered if anyone had had symptoms like this or does anyone know what it could be???
Avatar n tn wheezy sounds when I breathe from a swollen and mucus-covered epiglottis; lots of mucus--particularly at night and early in the morning. In my case, it started after I had a severe allergic reaction to some high-dose vitamin d3 pills I was taking (prescribed by my GP to combat low vitamin D levels). My throat became severely inflamed, and I started choking on food and pills. Then I had some pills get caught around my epiglottis and I seriously thought I was going to choke to death.
Avatar f tn Within the past day or two I've noticed a few small white spots on my tonsils while also experiencing a sore throat. My tonsils are slightly swollen as well. I've tried picking at them with my finger but they don't seem to come off - they're sort of mucus-like (not hard). Also it hurts to swallow. On my right tonsil there are a couple dots of white and on my left tonsil it looks a little stringy (which is why I thought it was just mucus). Any idea what this could be?
Avatar n tn Then 30 days later I felt my self going down hill all over again. My throat and glands and tonsils were swollen. Looking in my throat I saw white spots near my tonsils and pus spots and bumps in my soft pallet, back sides of throat and under tongue.My throat also tasted as if it were covered in mucus.I called my doctor and he put me on antibiotics. I took these for 7 days. After 4 days my throat had cleared up but my cough grew worse and now I was sometimes throwing up as well.
Avatar m tn Hi, my left tonsil had holes in it and recently got swollen. I have no white stuff on it and I did about 8 HIV tests in 4 months, all negative. The tonsil swelled about 4 weeks ago and hasn't gone down since. I tried gargling with warm salt water, manuka honey and lemon juice. I have no fever, night sweats or throat pain. Throat slightly red and and get a little sore only when I smoke. My insurance just ran out. Has anyone had this?
Avatar n tn my tonsils and/or the two glands on the inside of my throat have been swollen for almost a year now. even after i received antibiotics for having strep throat, they never decreased in size. now i have a cough and a lot of phlegm and mucus build up. i just don't know what to do, and if the two are connected ?
Avatar f tn Ok well I think it has gone away BUT my tonsils are still very swollen, they don't hurt and they aren't red. I am constantly coughing up mucus to clear out of my throat. I'm extremely worried about this but I am constantly sick and it usually has to do with my throat. I would love to just have my tonsils completely removed but I do not have any health insurance and that just isn't an option right now.
86664 tn?1291561395 Please take this short symptom survey :) Does anyone have persistent swollen glands right under the jawbone? Does it impede your swallowing? Do you look like Kermit the Frog? BTW, last time I checked with FibroSpect (3 yrs ago), mild fibrosis and inflammation. I'm not on tx.
Avatar m tn Now that I have bumps in my throat and near the tonsils on top of still swollen nodes after 3 weeks, I'm heading back there today. Also, the bumps and my throat do not hurt. Just can feel them when obviously when swallowing.
Avatar m tn Is this normal to have happen? It is not swollen all the time and perhaps it is not even swollen just my paranoia. Also since an ultra sound right on the area revealed nothing and nothing has changed since that ultrasound. I was just wondering if I should bring this up again to have it looked at further in depth or just leave it. I am 33 years old, male have smoked in the past.
Avatar m tn Hello! My right tonsil is swollen wi white patches, but there is no pain or fever. Any ideas what this may be. Being that there is no pain I ruled out tonsilitis and strep, but I'm no doctor so I could be wrong. I was also considering oral thrush, but it's just localized on my tonsil. Could this just be plaque build up or is this in fact something worse?
Avatar n tn I also have a steady post nasal drip of very sticky mucus in the back of my throat that is usually off-white and sometimes yellow. Additionally, I have noticed that both my tonsils have a web-like or cobblestone pattern and may be somewhat swollen. Lastly, I have had digestive disturbance since the sinus infection. I have been diagnosed with PI-IBS by a GI a few weeks back, but I don't think that is the source of the issues because it doesn't explain any of my other symtoms.
Avatar n tn I spit up mucus every 15 minutes or so...swollen throat almost 365 days a year...and sometimes when I get a fever, the coughing gets so bad that I can sleep for 2 days...BUT I rarely get a fever... So, the ear, nose, throat doctor says its just a cold...FOR 5 years? The doctor just looks in my ears, nose and throat, asks a few questions then he gives me some medicine for 4 days, but it only brings it down...but it starts back up again after a day or two... So my question is ...
Avatar m tn I was told there was nothing sinister but noted secretions on my tonsils. He noted that my tonsils were not swollen however and did not see it as an issue. I was told to continue using Avamys and put on a short course of Cortisone tablets which did nothing. I have since stopped the Avamys as I started to get some blood in my nose which my GP told me was the nasal spray. I stopped the spray and the nose bleeds stopped. Thank god he got this right as I was really starting to freak out.
Avatar n tn I am 43yo male, and recently had US and CT scan of the neck to investigate two swollen lymph nodes which were present for longer than a year in my left neck. Several nodes were found on the jugular(mid) chain, many sub-centimeter and 5 >= 1 CM the largest ones were 2.26, 1.65 and 1.55 CM. They are on both sides of the neck and under my chin as well. Nothing else was found in CTs of abdomen and groin. I have a biopsy scheduled for next month, but have read myself into anxiety attacks.
Avatar f tn Reposting ..hoping for some help Hello .. I have been suffering from thick sticky mucus .. clear but sometimes white . Its hard to get rid .. wont move . So thick and very distressing .its really effecting my quality of life . I forever howking up to try and move it ..but however much I do so and manage to get up ..theres always a ball of it just stuck at the back of my throat . Sometimes I can grab it and drag it out from the back of my throat .. thick and stringy ..
Avatar m tn unable to swallow other than water, yogurt and warm/cold fluids for over a week. No strep throat. No tonsils. Any ideas what it can be? I have mucus in throat, nasal and left ear. Regular Dr. put me on Levaquin, Nexum and Tussicaps but doesn't know what's causing problem.
Avatar n tn It is accompanied by the PND and congestion. Itchy palet, uvula, tonsils! Burning pain. Once I got a piece of chicken stuck back there and it felt like I had the flu for three days. It feels like that. I’m a teacher so I talk all day and it gets worse and worse. Sneezing is unbearable. About four days in, I lose my voice. By now I am also experiencing green and brown mucus so I go to the doctor who gives me antibiotics for a sinus infection.
Avatar n tn i really need help and advice...i feel that my throat is swollen...sore? i think it's my tonsils..but i can be wrong...i fee like i have mucus stuck in my throat and i will try to spit it out...sometimes i'm able to get mucus out, most of the time i will spit something out...there is blood in it.... it's hard for me to swallow at times...i feel like my throat is swollen....it comes and go.... and when i feel like this..my whole body aches and i get head aches.... what do you guys think it is?