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Avatar f tn My tonsils are swollen and i have a hard time breathing. What can i do to make the swelling go down until I can have surgery which may take a long time.
Avatar f tn Tonsillectomy is indicated in those who are often sick with tonsillitis or strep throat. Those having breathing problems related to swollen tonsils, sleep apnea, trouble in swallowing etc.Recurrent tonsillitis is an indication for tonsillectomy, as the tonsils may harbor the infection which keeps flaring up, or they may develop new infections. This is merely an advice and not a substitute for clinical examination. For more queries and assistance visit an ENT specialist.
Avatar n tn I thought it was a dental issue so I went to see my dentist who told me that he could not find a problem but confirmed that my tonsils were swollen as well as a gland in my throat which was also sensitive when pressure was applied. My dentist prescribed a 10 day course of antibiotics which I took. The swelling and sensitivity stopped exactly one week after it started. During this time, I did not experience any other symptoms - no fever, no muscle pain, no fatigue, etc.
Avatar m tn I got better, but now my tonsils are swollen with white pus on them. They aren't sore at all. They are just swollen again and I don't know why. If any of you know, please let me know!!!
Avatar f tn Ok, so for about 2 days now, my tonsils have been a little bit red and look to be swollen. My throat really doesnt hurt. I can feel my lymph nodes on the left side are swollen in my neck. Should I call the doctor? Or wait? Does it sound like I might be getting an infection? I know I am expecting my monthly visitor any time now, so I didnt know if there could be any possible connection there. Any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks!!
Avatar m tn I a 19 year old female and have noticed swollen tonsils for almost a year now. In Mid-August 2014 I had what my campus doctor told me was a viral infection, which tested negative for strep. I had a sore throat, hoarse voice, and was given nothing for it at the doctors and was told it would go down on its own.
Avatar n tn My three year old never had tonsilitis, but her tonciles have been very swollen a couple times. The first time it happened I had noticed that she kept choking on her food for about a week. One day I just happened to be sitting in the right place to see down her throat while she was choking and saw those big things you discribed. I took her to the ER because it was a weekend and I thought this could obstruct her breathing.
Avatar f tn I have had asthma when I was younger quite badly, I haven't had it since I was nine years old. Recently i was in the hospital due to swelling in my tonsils and they sent me home that day. I had taken a medicine (can't remember the name) but it was pink solution and I had to gargle it and swallow it reduced my tonsils swelling a lot! Then i was on tablets to help my tonsillitis which works until i the course ends.
Avatar m tn I need some help. I have swollen tonsils but I do not have a cold or flu. I have had them for months now. I went to two doctors and they gave me some drugs, but they told me that sometimes when people get sick the tonsils stay swollen. What can be done about this? It is uncomfortable. I also notice that I constantly have a stuffy, runny nose. What causes this? I'm pretty certain i'm not allergic to anything.
Avatar f tn My daughter is three years old and she has had swollen tonsils for about two months now. The Dr. doesn't know why. She says that she needs her tonsils out. But all she has tried is steroids and allergy meds. Steroids brought the swelling down a little but as soon as she was done with them they went back. It worries me because she is having problems breathing at night sometimes. Some nights are worse then others. I dont know why she hasn't tried antibiotics.
Avatar n tn However, by age 15 whenever he had any kind of upper respitory problem it would always result in severly swollen, reddened tonsils. More importantly he would develop these white, blister like lesions all over his tonsils that would then spread into his throat and mouth. This condition always panics him as he has difficulty breathing (no wheezing) and swollowing. The family doctor always takes a swab test which comes back negative and shrugs his shoulders, perplexed.
Avatar n tn swollen tonsils are common even after antibiotics. if they're not obstructing breathing, don't worry about leukemia, that would be the last thing i'd think of as the reason for swollen tonsils.
6820152 tn?1385093322 also both ears might be infected they hurt alot and cant stand loud noise or water or wind and i have a swollen throat and tonsils and lymp nodes under my jaw
Avatar f tn I have swollen gland on my left hand side of my throat, I have no tonsils, but when it really gets really swollen I find it very hard to breath and swallow, please help.
Avatar n tn I’m suffering a swollen feeling in the back of my throat near the tonsils area…I’ve always felt like I’m not getting enough air… Or I had a difficulty breathing because I felt getting pressure on my chest like someone was pushing on it … I can’t lie down as it feels a million times worse and it feels like I’m choking and also my nose it’s getting stuffed always and got a headaches along my neck.
Avatar n tn This obstruction can be mechanical, such as enlarged tonsils or a swollen soft palate or functional, such as inappropriate vocal cord closure during inspiration due to vocal cord dysfunction (VCD). Either could result in exaggerated contraction of respiratory muscles, including the diaphragm. You should see an ENT specialist, who will examine your throat and larynx with an instrument called a fiberoptic laryngoscope while you are having symptoms.
454221 tn?1259449339 First off if you have a persistent throat feeling of a swollen tonsil you need to be examined by a doctor for that specifically to rule out infection. I had very bad swollen tonsils that were touching each other. I felt them but no real problems breathing. I could still breathe through my nose too just fine. If they are so big (bigger than quarters) then they can affect breathing but they have to really really swell up to do that, and usually you would be running a fever from an illness.
Avatar f tn I always feel like I have something stuck in my throat, or my lymph nodes or my tonsils are swollen. I have gone to the doctor, he checked my lungs (said they are fine) he checked my throat and said it was clear. He gave me Dexamethas and Benzonatat, not only that but I have a Ventolin inhaler and a Qvar inhaler. Problem is, I begin to feel better, but then after I take my medicine, it gets worse. I cough to the point that my lungs hurt and so does my head.
Avatar n tn I am wondering if she has enlarged adnoids. I know whe has very large tonsils and has trouble with certain foods getting stuck but she has never had strep throat. She does have noisy breathing when she sleeps but not a ton of snoring but always has dark circles under her eyes. Any thoughts?? I am thinking of getting a second opinion from an ENT.
Avatar n tn My daughter has severe allergies and her tonsil are so swollen she snores and stops breathing during the night. I think in some children it may be a side effect. I would talk to your dr about it, though. My daughter is having to get her tonsils out, so hopefully she will sleep better throughout the night!
Avatar n tn With the exception of no mention of lingual tonsils (food can get hung up on these if they are swollen) or thyroid check, again...the next step would be to seek a Neurologist. Nerves work with your muscles. You can google this. If you are up to it, post an update. I sincerely wish you the best.
Avatar m tn I stopped the roids and the Antibiotics for a day and felt MUCH better with my breathing, but my throat felt more swollen than it has been. I took a benadryl and this makes it shrink considerably though now my swallowing still isn't exactly normal, and it doesn't seem to help the breathing. Hoping to get an answer from the swallow study....I should've asked about the asthma possibilities. Dang it! Perhaps I could call and get a referral or a test done?? Any ideas on this??
Avatar n tn I am very concerned about my son, he's been diagnosed with strep throat twice in one month, he was given antibiotic, he is okay now, but his throat and tonsil still swollen and it never did shrunk, and on the right side of his tonsil, he had some sort of red lump, he is not complaining of pain anymore and he is able to eat well, His ENT doctor here in Yokosuka naval base, wants to give him tonsillectomy and removing his adenoids, my son snore a lot during his sleep, and breathing thru his nose?
Avatar f tn On this visit, she finds that he has a throat infection. He had swollen tonsils and white stuff on his tonsils. So she gives him Prednisone for five days and antibiotics for ten days (by the way the lab results came back negative for Strep). Baby seemed to be sleeping better at first, but apparently all that white stuff didn't go away. They test him for strep (again) and the ebv virus...negative. Now the pediatrician reffers me to the ENT doc.
Avatar m tn about 4 days ago my tongue really swelled up. i didnt have any breathing troubles. it was just puffy. and about 2 days ago i had a nasty sinus infection. i went to the doc and he put me on zpacks and deaconex for swelling. its helped alot but now i have this hard dry feeling back by my tonsils. my tongue is still a little bit puffy. i was thinking its because of the post nasal drip. but i was curious what you guys thought. Id like to just bring my tounge back to normal and go on.
Avatar n tn From what I've read the breathing becomes an issue when the tonsils are very swollen and although mine are, I dont think they are swollen enough to close up my throat and give me weekness/lightheadness attacks. I'm so sick of this, I can't wait to start breathing normally again. Did you ever find out why you had the breathing problem?