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Avatar n tn Most places allow you to make payments of some sort. Swollen tonsils for 3 months could mean a lot of things, some serious and some not so serious.
Avatar n tn So recently i had oral sex with my partner and like a day later I developed a cough. I've been coughing for about a week but today I noticed that my tonsils are swollen and i noticed 1 white spot on one of my tonsils. I got tonsilitus (sorry don't know how to spell that) when i was 16 and ever since then when i get sick my tonsils are the first thing to act up. They swell up and they hurt. This time they don't hurt but they are swollen.
Avatar f tn For two weeks my tonsils have been swollen with white spots all over them. But i have no other symptoms at all, no fever, headache, rash, cough, congestion or anything else. I've been holding off going to the doctors cause I feel fine, should I wait more or should I make an appointment?
Avatar m tn last week i had the H1N1 flu all week, and my tonsils became very swollen before i got any flu symptoms. I have smoked for the past 8 years pretty regularly, but only about 5-10 cigarettes per day. I saw a doctor the first day my tonsils swelled up, but all he did was a rapid strep test (which cost me $100). he said i didn't have strep but instead i had a virus, and it should pass within a week.
Avatar n tn Fisrt day was fever and sweating with acheing joints and some vomiting. Days 2-10 swollen tonsils with white patches (extremely painful). Now my uvula is swollen and sitting on my tounge. Ok so heres what I have been using to combat this. Gargle with salt water, Drink warm water with honey and lemon, Tylenol for pain (actually works for once), had some fluticasone propionate for nasal congestion (stopped working so switched to afrin) and zinc cough drops.
Avatar n tn Very swollen tonsils, sore throat, harder to swallow, strong/choking cough, sore neck, ears plugged, a little white (not bumps) around tonsil, perfect temperature. Day 4 (now): Very plugged ears, Swollen tonsils, less of sore throat, same cough, sore neck, same white around tonsil, a little bit plugged nose, perfect temperature still. I was trying to look it up but I don't know what I have. Help? Is this the right section, I'm new here?
Avatar f tn The glands on my neck are very swollen and large, to the point that they are visible in size. There is no cough really. My ears also have pain. This has been going on for at least the past year. I have sought doctors help many times and they tell me it's viral and will go away, and they can't give me anything for it. It's affected my ability to work, to be physically active and to do a lot of things.
Avatar f tn then i had a mono test done but the results haven't came back yet. my tonsils are swollen and red. no white spots but there is one blood spot. it looks like somethings like eating away my tonsils. what could this be?
Avatar f tn But that is from my asthma and im used to that.. . The glands in my throat are swollen. I have a dry cough like i want to cough something up but i cant. Sometimes its just clear mucus with nothing in it. I can work out just fine even when running and have no problems breathing. My nose is ALWAYS stuffed or one nostril is open. When i try to sing i can feel my nose getting in the way and it destroys my intonation.I have crappy allergies also.
Avatar n tn They don't bother me, I have no other symptoms, no cough, no sore throat, no swollen glands in neck, and there are no whilte spots. I went to the clinic and the doctor told me it could be caused by my abcess tooth. It is the last tooth in the back and the gland under it is big. I have made an appointment to get it fixed but it won't be until the end of next week. My question is, can my tooth cause my tonsils to get red like that?
Avatar m tn the symptoms i first had was a very sore throat, dry cough swollen neck glands that werent painful and just generally not feeling well. theses all happend about 12 days after the enounter.i have had a couple night sweats aswell but not as if the sheets were soaking or anything but they were slightly wet but i think this is down to the anxiety.
Avatar n tn I recently just got over the flu and now I'm sick again... and I'm wondering what it may be. My tonsils are extremely swollen, which causes a little bit of pain when swallowing. When I wake up, I have thick mucous that I have to cough up and spit out - and sometimes it leads to a little bit of mucous vomiting. The mucous is either white or dark green when I spit it out in the morning.
Avatar m tn my son of 9 yrs complaint with difficulty in Swallowing , we have observed white patches on tonsils and also in the throat inner area. he is reported with fever, cold, and cough occassionally and feels anemic. he is well vaccinated . what clould be the problem, and how to diagnise it ,. is there any treatment for these symptoms??????
Avatar n tn by Kittricks, 2 minutes ago I used to have these white spots in my tonsils and I could actually dig them out, it was gross and they smelled bad. . I had them for a few years and was told it was allergies and I was given a nasal spray. Do they sometimes fly out of your mouth when you cough or laugh?  Do you have more than one?  I had a few in each tonsil and I went to my ENT, he took one look and say "oh yeah, you have tonsillitis, those has to come out".
Avatar m tn Anyways, now it is September 21st, and my tonsil openings are about the size of a nickel. When I cough now, especially at night I wake and can't breathe. I wheeze and I feel like I can't get air in. I start to panic. I am 37, 225 pounds a contractor by trade and have no insurance. What can I do? Please help...
Avatar f tn I have had what I think are swollen tonsils on the right side since dec off and on. In Feb they became sore and I came down with a horrible whooping cough and flu mixture. After 4 weeks that finally went away. I went to the dr 3 times and they did chest x-rays, blood work, etc...they all said it was a virus. After I finally thought I had gotten rid of all of it, the swollen side is back. You can see them right?
Avatar m tn I performed oral sex about 4 days ago, the next day I started to get a tickle in my throat and yesterday I began to get a really bad dry cough, occasionally coughing up mucous. My glands are swollen but theres nothing on my tonsils, I dont have a fever or any other symtoms.. so what are the chances I have oral gonorrhea or something of that nature, im quite nervous.
Avatar n tn Penicillin for 21 days. She then caught a cold and had bronchial cough which was treated with cough prescriptions with codeine. However, she still had enlarged neck glands that are irritating. Her tonsils are full of craters and catch bacteria. Any thoughts on the glands?
Avatar n tn They are just red and swollen and a little painful. I have allergies and take Claranix-D daily. Can swollen tonsils be due to allergies? The only times I have ever had swollen tonsils is when I had strep years ago. If it was bacterial shouldn't it be almost gone by now from the meds?
454221 tn?1259449339 I have this feeling in my throat that something is stuck or swollen. I think I feel my right tonsil swollen and it seems to come and go, but for the most part it is swollen. No sore throat. I have had blood test done and methacoline challenge test done. Blood work shows allergies and methacoline challenge test shows it could be vocal cord dysfunction. I still have to see a allergist and speech therapist. My question is does my swollen tonsil have anything to do with this?
Avatar n tn I have lost over 17 pounds ( ok not such a bad thing, but not for a good reason), my back of my throat is swollen as well as my voice box, which are swollen quite badly. I cough to the extreme as to try and clear my throat.. to the point where I vomit, and my head feels like it is going to explode. I have had a Upper GI done and it came back no problems.. I think they need to do more tests and I am going to make sure they do................Oh and with this..
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a sort of bubble expanding sensation in my right ear, its wierd and uncomfortable. My gland behind said ear is permanently swollen and at any one time can go into overdrive and swell hugely and very painfully. I often suffer with cellulitis infections, which causes the glands behind my ears, down my neck and around my upper back to swell and at times become painful. This is due to another condition I have called Ora Facial Granulomatosis. I also have a paralysed diaphragm.
Avatar n tn Then 30 days later I felt my self going down hill all over again. My throat and glands and tonsils were swollen. Looking in my throat I saw white spots near my tonsils and pus spots and bumps in my soft pallet, back sides of throat and under tongue.My throat also tasted as if it were covered in mucus.I called my doctor and he put me on antibiotics. I took these for 7 days. After 4 days my throat had cleared up but my cough grew worse and now I was sometimes throwing up as well.
Avatar f tn I have been trying to get to the bottom of my 5 year olds chronic cough, swollen lymph nodes and dark circles at times under her eyes. We have been from the doctor to an allergist, ENT specialist, and soon another CHKD lung specialist. We have had a CT sinus, chest x-ray, allergy tests, and asthma tests so far. For some reason no one can tell us really anything that adds up. This has been ongoing since July 2007, I just want a answer.
Avatar n tn It is very possible for your tonsils to be inflamed or swollen for a prolonged period if you have a mouth infection that has not been adequately treated. If you have recurrent bouts of colds and cough, or if you have dental caries or a gum infection (gingivitis), these could all lead to tonsillar swelling. Is there a chance that your swollen tonsil is cancerous?
Avatar n tn For the past couple of weeks, I've been swallowing a LOT, due to the fact that I've had a mucusey feeling all along my throat, and I thought I might be getting a sore throat but when I eat and drink it seems normal, but when I talk it feels really sore and sometimes I can't even talk loudly, I think I'm losing my voice.
Avatar f tn Welcome to the forum..... Reasons for Coughing: OK, For starters, you need to rule out Heart Problems....The xray will not only show the heart, but also the lungs...This is important.... With Heart Disease, the weak heart cannot pump as well...Fluid builds into the lungs causing the cough..The cough is usually MOIST like they're choking on congestion...Actually, they are...The cough is worse in the mornings & during periods of running, playing & excitement....