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Avatar f tn The tonsils are one of the primary sites of immune response to allergies, usually food allergies. Swollen tonsils could also be caused by bacterial infection of the upper respiratory tract.Due to the repeated inflammation, it is advised that you do some diet revision, taking close note of foods taken, especially before going to bed, so you can ascertain the cause of the enlarged tonsils. Take Care.
Avatar m tn It sounds like, what you are feeling, is associated with swollen tonsils or may actually be the tonsils. In either case, you should have your tonsils and throat examined and should do so without delay. The severity of bacterial infection of the tonsils varies greatly but it can sometimes be severe, involve other tissues in the immediate tonsillar area and may even spread to distant parts of the body. Grossly swollen tonsils are unusual in an adult and should be treated as a serious condition.
Avatar n tn Last year i had unprotected oral sex not too long after my throat was really sore and my tonsils were swollen there were white spots on my tonsils i went to the doctor and i got tested for mono and strep throat i did not have either the doctor gave me penicillin he told me to take it four times a day i started taking it but kind of just stopped after my throat didn't hurt anymore i'm stupid, i know they're still swollen, and i haven't really had any irritation, until now.
Avatar n tn My 5 yr old daughter has seasonal allergies and today I noticed that her tonsils are a bit swollen, more than usual. Is this a side effect of the allergies or is there something more going on that I should know about? She also has a major snoring problem when sleeping and seems to breathe a bit heavy at all times.
Avatar n tn I've been reading that allergies could play a significant role in the sudden enlargement of tonsils and swollen lymph nodes. Is this true? Also, could there possibly be an undiagnosed food allergy that could be causing all of this? Everything she's had done has come back normal. She eats like crazy, is thriving and none of the doctors seemed concerned about everything. As a mom...I am only b/c *I* feel she's uncomfortable..but she isn't.
Avatar n tn My 5 yr old daughter has seasonal allergies and today I noticed that her tonsils are a bit swollen, more than usual. Is this a side effect of the allergies or is there something more going on that I should know about? She also has a major snoring problem when sleeping and seems to breathe a bit heavy at all times.
Avatar m tn Hi, For the past 8 years my tonsils have been swollen and causing great anxiety. I remember soon after a stupid one night thing with this girl my tonsils got infected, looked white and had flu like symptoms. Afterwards this turned into a lump in my throat that came and went months at a time on and off with a persistent swelling in the tonsillar zones. I thought HIV and had multiple tests even years after all negative. The doctors I saw said it was gerd, allergies, acid reflux, or even anemia.
Avatar n tn Have had bronchitis and pneumonia this year, am going for allergies testing in September, and do have acid reflux disease(GERD). Went to ENT in January all looked well.I noticed my left tonsil had *holes* in it,back in May or June and went to ENT walk-in last week.They dx'd cryptic tonsil.Heard them say nodule benign.
Avatar m tn ), and the fact that I think my voice has changed - deeper, raspier, and all this for a sustained period of seven years after being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, I now believe I have Tonsilitis! My tonsils appear to be redder and inflamed, looks like there's a big round lump on one of them.
Avatar f tn I thought I had tonsillitis a few weeks ago and went to due to white patches on my tonsils and them being really swollen. The doctor said it was just from sniffing and allergies. I had a really bad headache tonight and last night. I'm kind of a hypocondriact and my parents are sick of taking me to the doctor but I'm really scared it's like a staph infection of something and I'm freaking myself out. Or like shingles. I'm prone to infection because I'm super malnutritioned and never drink water.
Avatar n tn I was told that the node could be swollen due to allergies. I have constant sinus congestion, frequently with post-nasal drip, and I typically get two nasty colds (or sinus infections) each year. When I do get sick, the left node is always the most swollen and most painful. Does anyone else have a node that has stayed swollen due to allergies?
Avatar n tn My 3 year old nephew is in exactly the same boat. His tonsils are swollen to the point where they look abnormal (round lumps almost) and he snores unbelievably loud. He`s had a course of antibiotics which did no good but the doctor seemed pretty unconcerned, saying its an infection and says just to monitor him and keep an eye on him. What he did say is that at 3 years old it`s virtually always non serious. Try to relax, it`ll come good.
Avatar n tn I've been gargling and wiping down the tonsils. Do I need an antibiotic? My tonsils became really super swollen and painful a couple of months ago (when I was in a different but very stressful situation) but tests came back negative for mono, strep, etc. I did an antibiotic series at the time and they were still swollen but went down a few days later.
Avatar m tn The reactions are everywhere in the body, headache, serious sinus problems, boils in the face, skin rashes, dizziness, light headed, low back pain, anxiety and trouble urinating. My tonsils are always red, but not swollen and I am always extremely tired and experience difficulties in concentrating at work. The allergic reactions comes and goes, sometimes I can eat soy, but not right now.
Avatar f tn My nose is always blocked, like my sinuses are blocked, the inside of my nose is always moist, I cough a fair bit and (TMI sorry) I cough up clear gel like mucous. One side of my throat is always swollen and I have a swollen gland on the same side under my ear lobe which my doctor said is a sentinel gland. My throat is always sensitive and I also have crimson redness on the areas just in front of my tonsils.
Avatar n tn I have white patches on one of my tonsils but it doesn't hurt. I just feels like it's a little swollen, but there's really no discomfort at all. What do you think it could be?
Avatar n tn Within 12 hours I experienced enlarged/swollen tonsils and sore throat. This went away within 24 hours and I had a mild upset stomach, which also went away. Is it possible that this was due to exposure to an STD or was this too short of a period and perhaps only coincidence? Is there any STD that would cause such symptoms so quickly? If so, what are the risk factors? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Hi, I have sorethroat for about 6 weeks now, my doctor has diagonised me and said Its an Viral Infection and my tonsils are partially red. I am currently using antibiotics to cure from last 3 days. I have question here does Lymphnodes & Tonsils are the same?? When people say Lymphnodes are swollen does it mean tonsils?? Please clarify...
2020005 tn?1476662562 I have been told since a young age they should come out, they're huge, I get constant sore throats, I snore awful, it's pretty clear they need to come out, just finally thinking about doing it. Anyone have theirs removed? I've had two c-sections, but I'm terrified of having them removed, lol!!
Avatar f tn Garth Nicholson on this forum Last year on my 23rd birthday may the 3rd, i went to hosptial in the middle of the night because, my tonsils had swollen up, I was in so much pain, i couldnt talk and could barley breath, and one of my tonsils was bleeding down the back of my throat. They both had spots over them, i had tonsilists. i spent the night in hospital was put onto penicilin, after about a week or so they had gone down.. this is where they have stayed for the last 9mnths..
Avatar f tn its allergy season, i live in nevada (if that matters), my throat is sore, and my tonsils are swollen (the left is way bigger). is it allergies? ive never had any allergies before (im only allergic to nickle). do i need to see a doctor? theres no white stuff or bad breath or anything, just sore and swollen.
Avatar f tn My daughter is three years old and she has had swollen tonsils for about two months now. The Dr. doesn't know why. She says that she needs her tonsils out. But all she has tried is steroids and allergy meds. Steroids brought the swelling down a little but as soon as she was done with them they went back. It worries me because she is having problems breathing at night sometimes. Some nights are worse then others. I dont know why she hasn't tried antibiotics.