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Avatar m tn This past weekend I have been feeling this weird sensation on my left side of my throat and when I look in, I see that only my left tonsil is swollen and a little more redder than my right one. It does hurt when I swallow and I have been very worried. I haven't had any OB or anything on my face that is very noticeable. I know in new Herpes exposures usually it presents it self as sore throat and swollen glands, and my question is, could this be Herpes?
Avatar f tn occur predominantly on my left side, with very little on occasion presenting on the right. My left tonsil has been swollen and sometimes I feel as if I have some swelling in my throat, have a little difficulty swallowing some foods. Other than fatigue, I really don't have any symptoms of infection. Is it common with MS to have swelling on one side of the throat?
454221 tn?1259449339 Allergy would not be a likely cause with swelling of only one tonsil. A tonsil may be the site of concretions, chronic infection, and tumors, both benign and malignant. You would be wise to consult with an ENT specialist. You may need to have x-rays, CT scanning and/or a biopsy of the enlarged tonsil. Good luck.
Avatar n tn My son is 5 years old and about a month ago I took him to the drs for a right swollen tonsil and I was and still am concerned, its only on one side and he says it doesnt hurt. i am very paranoid (partly because im 7 months pregnant), my old neighbor just found out her daughter had cancer and she had no symptoms. I just hope this doesnt mean theres something else going on, it hasnt gone down yet so Im gonna make another aoot for him. Any thoughts in the meanwhile?
Avatar n tn should I be concerned that only one of the two tonsils are swollen? My left one is totally fine and my right one is pretty swollen. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a swollen tonsil on the right side for more then a week now. First of all let me, I'm not on any medication. I'm a non-smoker and I'm not a alchoholic. I'm 150++ pound. The swollen tonsil doesn't feel any pain. I don't feel any sickness other then worried sick. I did went to see a doctor and a nurse took a strep throat test, it was negative. Doctor doesn't really explain what is it and only said if I'm worried about it, I should go to see ENT specialist.
Avatar n tn I have the same issue with my daughter. One swollen right tonsil with 2 slightly enlarged lymph nodes on the same side. She was screened for Lymphoma and everything came back fine..including her chest xray. She has an appt with an ENT next week. Would love to hear a positive outcome. Everything you read is so scary.
Avatar n tn why only swollen on one side is it possible to have an infection in one tonsil? and glands be swollen with no temo??
Avatar f tn One of my tonsils (left one) has been swollen for a year now, I think it got slightly bigger but I'm not sure. It doesn't hurt or anything. I went to the doctor when I first noticed it's swollen and he said that it might've been tonsilitus but it's gone and the tonsil should shrink within 3-4 weeks. I completely forgot about it as it didn't hurt or anything. Wherever I look it says it might be cancer so I'm freaking out. My grandfather had a lung cancer. Also I am a smoker. Please help?
Avatar n tn This sequence of events suggests that your one-sided tonsillar enlargement was preceded by an upper respiratory infection. The enlargement of only one tonsil with infection is quite unusual and is sometimes associated with the development a peri-tonsillar abscess. That is the development of a collection of pus in the tissue surrounding the tonsil. This is a serious situation and one that definitely warrants medical intervention.
Avatar m tn Hi Guys, I have a swollen tonsil on the inside of my throat, left side only and ear pain (not pressure), more hollow pain on the left side as well. I can't swallow easily, even fluids, takes a lot and my throat tonsils plus the part in the middle seem to be like one connected branch at the moement, with the left tonsil taking more than 50% of the space.
Avatar f tn He said Acid reflux could be the issue and gave me pills that did not help. I am wondering why my sore throat, tonsil swelling is only on one side and if it is related to the mono? Has anyone experienced this sort of throat complaint. I also feel some hoarseness, strain or hurts to talk. This has concerned me since I smoked for almost half my life...lightly though. I am otherwise in good health-eating healthy, always taking vitamins/antioxidants.My mental health however has not been good.
Avatar f tn He said Acid reflux could be the issue and gave me pills that did not help. I am wondering why my sore throat, tonsil swelling is only on one side and if it is related to the mono? Has anyone experienced this sort of throat complaint. I also feel some hoarseness, strain or hurts to talk. This has concerned me since I smoked for almost half my life...lightly though. I am otherwise in good health-eating healthy, always taking vitamins/antioxidants.My mental health however has not been good.
Avatar n tn Wow...I just went to the ER for mine. I had a 1/2" stone sticking out of my tonsil on the right side. I took a q-tip to it which I thought would just easily pop it out. Well it took about 5 minutes of me trying to just knock it off then trying to press all around it and pop it out like I usually do. It finally popped out and I felt much better...although seriously grossed out! I have NEVER had one that large before!
Avatar f tn So back in September I first had a few red bumps in the back of my tongue and swollen only on left side. No pain whatsoever, no white dots on them just noticed that when I ate sweet foods they got irritated sometimes. Went to the doctor, she said it was an allergy no infection and gave me allergy meds. I took the medicine, it did help somewhat with the irritation but the bumps didn't go away but the swolleness decreased a little.
Avatar n tn I have a sore throat, only on the left side of my throat. The tonsil is swollen but there is no discoloration or spotting. I frequently get these one-sided sore throats. Why is this? Any advice?
Avatar n tn The numbness thing has been recurrent since this started, but before it was barely noticeable and only on the right side. The doctors assumed that it was due to swelling in the lymphnode under my arm (they did an xray of this as well... also normal). I'm not freaking out about it or anything, but this is starting to get a little weird...
Avatar n tn I cleared up and everything was fine for a few weeks until I noticed one day that I still had a little swelling and one spot of pus on my left tonsil, but not really any pain. I went back to doctor and went on another cycle of levaquin. The swelling still remained and the spot remained too, until I took a Q tip and wiped it away myself (lol gross, but it was bothering me).
Avatar m tn The swollen tonsil. So, I decided to do some throat investigation on my own. I took a light and shined it on down, and thats when I noticed it. On the right side this oddly shaped looking lump right where my tonsil is. It's got some size to it; hard to say for certain the exact size, but about 2 cm long, maybe 1.5 wide. But again, it's hard to really tell. It doesn't really hurt, and I can't feel it all the time, but if my throat's dry, I can feel it a lot more.
Avatar f tn on Tuesday the 4th my parents rushed me to the emergency room because my tonsil was so swollen that there was only a hole the size of a pencil eraser between my two tonsils. The ER said both were severely swollen and performed a rapid strep test, which came back negative, rapid streps are only 95% accurate so they sent it to be cultured.
Avatar m tn july 12th after that i noticed that my throat still had a minor pain when i swallowed but only on the right side and my voice would become dry and hoarseness i would have to clear my throat a lot to talk. Since i personally know my doctor i emailed him and he prescribed me doxycycl hyc 100 mg 10 day supply that was on the 16th.
Avatar m tn After 9 days I started to get slightly swollen lymph nodes on my face,neck and jaw. It is day 5 and I have a reduced version of these symptoms I also have a slightly swollen tonsil. I have had no fever at all but am experiencing malaise and haven't eating as much. Im not sure how much of that is from anxiety. I tested negative for strept throat and mono. How likely is it that I am experiencing ARS and have HIV now.
Avatar n tn i also have one swollen node in my neck on the same side. i went to the docs 4 times had a neg strep culture and was put on antibiotics since it wasnt going away. this didnt help. went to er had sinus ct scan was normal had some bloodwork all normal except they told me i had mono which i had when i was 21 so i think its still in my blood.
Avatar n tn i have the same thing goin on... except my tonsil has been swollen for well over a year. it has a hole and sometimes it turns white and (extremely gross) a white ball falls out of it... i have never heard of this happening... it is very nasty... anybody know what this is?
1142320 tn?1261363051 Okay so i have had this tonsil problem for a couple months now. One of them is at least twice the size of the other one and they are both inflamed, both types of antibiotics (one stronger then the other) did not work. my test came back negative for mono and strep. The only pain i recieved was at the beginning for 3 days and then the pain went away. But it hurt alot i could not talk or eat and i had huge body aches also. It happened the first night of my menstral cycle that month.
Avatar f tn I've had a sore throat for a few days, accompanied by one swollen tonsil on my right side. It hurts to swallow. I've had no fever and no sickness, just pain on the right side of my throat. When I looked in the mirror this morning, I noticed there is a large, single purple spot near my swollen tonsil. This is where the sore-throat pain is coming from. It looks raw. It has a few white flecks on the spot itself, but no white spots anywhere else on the tongue or throat or anything.
Avatar n tn 180 pounds about 20-25mg of hydrocodone with no prebuilt tolerance to actually take the pain away, 15mg will take the edge off but its still pretty bad and i have a decently high pain threshold, i hit a telephone pole at 55mph in an 87 prelude in 2003 and mearly shook it off but later found i had a very mild disk herniation causeing slight pressure on the c6 nerve root on the left side but this had been going on for almost 7 years and that was only 4 years ago so probly not related, any ideas.
Avatar m tn it was one white spot on the thing that hangs down (tonsil?) on the right side of it. I go home in a few days but wanted somthing to ease my mind before I went and tested. its been weeks/months that ive had a on and off sore throat. Doesnt hurt when eating etc just somtimes notices it. stuffy nose aswell. and then yellow tongue...