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Avatar n tn Just this past week, I had had a sore throat for about a week withmy left tonsil totally swollen and red. After a few days I really tried to look at them with a flash light and I saw two white dots. i automatically thought it was an infection, but the more I looked and felt them, they seemed wierd. Finally they both came out, they were larger than I had had before, about the size of a large pea... well I have them often , but obviously cant see them till I'm in pain.
Avatar n tn i have the same thing goin on... except my tonsil has been swollen for well over a year. it has a hole and sometimes it turns white and (extremely gross) a white ball falls out of it... i have never heard of this happening... it is very nasty... anybody know what this is?
Avatar n tn If this is an infection, no home remedy is likely to get rid of it. An ENT specialist is still the best person to evaluate the problem. This could include culturing of the sinuses and tonsils for a variety of infections, including fungal infections.
Avatar f tn I had tonsillitis in April 2014 and a burning sensation under the tonsil/ throat area on the right side. I also had bumpy swollen taste buds that I always tried to swallow. Tonsils are now gone (3 months ago) (biopsy showed actinomyces) but stinging/burning sensation in the throat/ jaw remains and radiates into my ear. My whole throat feels even worse after the tonsillectomy. It's swollen, narrow, pharynx is very red and back of tongue feels even more bumpy/ rough.
Avatar n tn Swollen glads, light soar throat, feels like I have something stuck in my throat on the right side, sometimes their are white spots some times not. Also seem to have a cold with it and chills and I am tired. I did start a home remedy the first time around that seemed to help with the throat. !/4 cup honey mixed with 1/4 cup vinegar, mix together and take a tablespoon 6 times a day. If you can get it down it seemed to work.
Avatar m tn So it's possible the food particles are becoming lodged in the thick mucous lining my throat, but I am really concerned that some type of pocket may have formed in my throat just below my tongue that is catching the food particles and along with mucous, saliva and bacteria is now forming tonsil stones, since I have discovered pin-head sized tonsil stones in the mucous before when I pushed it up out my throat.
Avatar n tn In the last 4 weeks I have noticed my right throat gland swollen, consistently, and in the last 3 days my right tonsil tingling and swollen too. In my throat, when I swallow food, it goes more to the left side now, as I belive my whole right side feels swollen. Left side feels great / normal. Just the last 2 days, my right ear has a consistent / intermittent ring (very mild) but it concerns me if it is connected.
Avatar f tn To dry myself up further, and hopefully maintain this improvement, I followed up with several sprays of regular 12 hour mist and took 2 sudafeds.Happily, this home remedy drastically reduced the smell from my nose, and only required another saline spray ever 4 hours. Of course the next day I went to my local ENT Dr. and he told me the smell was indeed an infected sinus with deteriorating sinus mucus that was causing the dreaded smell.
Avatar dr m tn Do you feel tired all day no matter how much sleep you get? Have you tried various home remedies, over-the-counter medications or even prescription medications with no help? If you answered yes to any of the above, what you will read below will show you how critical it is to breathe well through your nose. Chronic mouth breathing can not only affect your quality of life, but your life, period.
Avatar m tn It's a sight to see and I'll never do that again!! Crazy idea!!! I can't remember who told me to do that but it's an old home remedy that will probably work but you'll die trying. What can I say, I got desperate for relief!!! I'm still looking for help as well.
Avatar m tn Hypertonic solutions thin the sticky secretions and make them easier to wash out of your sinuses. Hypertonic solutions shrink swollen tissues by drawing out the excess moisture. When the swollen tissues shrink, the openings of the sinuses (the ostia) get bigger, and all the infected pus and snot can drain better. Hypertonic solutions wash out particles of pollution, fungus, and mold, so that your body won’t have an allergic reaction to them.
Avatar f tn When I was still working at college I met a student from Nigeria and became good friends with him. They have many many home natural remedies that we have never heard of before. I told him about my mucous problem like yours and he said every morning take 1 tablespoon of lime juice freshly squeezed before anything else you may ingest. I forgot about his advise until I read your post as mine is flairing up again and I'm going to try it.
125112 tn?1217277462 In looking in my throat, saw white gunk within tonsil crypt. Covered by a clear, glue like substance. My ears began plugging. In taking Afrin, blew out a-lot of orangish flecks. Helped my ears. Cont...
Avatar n tn My tongue is somewhat sore also and I have a swollen lingual tonsil (according to my dentist) which is the tonsil on the back of your tongue, not the typical tonsil people think of. The doctor gave me oral anti-fungals which did nothing. It burns and the tip hurts a little. I went to the ENT who said "What's the problem?" I told him and he kept saying, "What else. What else.
Avatar n tn What makes this problem similar to Flatulance is simple. We are looking for a remedy/fix/workaround that brings life back to normal not necessarily fixing the root of the problem. If medical science has dismissed it as a minor malfunction of the digestive system there is a reason for it( a medical cure is not easy to find and will take research, a lot of it ) .A real medical cure might take time we never know how long.
Avatar n tn Thanks so much for your comments. At least I know I am not going crazy. I found out after I wrote my message that my mom also used to experience the same thing. She says she is sure that it has something to do with impacted sinus tissue. The doctors still think I'm imagining it but one day I'll find one who takes me seriously and we'll figure out exactly what causes it. Thanks again and I hope you stay well.
Avatar n tn It started in june 2004, and it also affects my left tonsil. They are swollen and have those nasty smelling white/cream lumps on them. If i manage to get out the mucas before is slides behind the tonsils too far then it is clearish and does not look infected, but once it has gone past a certian point in the back of my throat it then becomes very difficult to remove unless i tilt my head and neck at an unusual angle. When it does finally come out it does have brown spots in it.
Avatar n tn if you'd like to continue shaving with a razor a home remedy for popping the really sore in grown hairs is to take the skin from inside of an egg shell and place it over the bump and let it harden to your skin. this draws the bump and all the puss and blood to a head, and it will ooze out on it's own.
Avatar n tn The wick was used to basically keep my ear pryed open enough for the aggressive anti-biotic ear drops he put me on to get through the EXTREMELY swollen ear canal. I mean SWOLLEN! The entire left side of my face quadrupled in size and was putting pressure on my skull causing a brain bleed. So the E.R. doc admitted me and put me on 3 oral anti-biotics and the aggressive ear drops which are so strong they are known to cause skin and muscle death as well as killing infection.
Avatar n tn did you put corrosive things up your nose you shouldn't have such as drugs or just being in a filthy dusty environment? Ive had wood smoke swell mine up for a day before. Are you dehydrated? Remedy any obvious problem you have and see a doctor because food up your nose can't be good.. you might get bacteria up there and cause more problems.
Avatar f tn weighing myself every day during my lunch break at a local Walmart ( our scale at home broke ( probably from over-use by me)) - just to be sure I am not losing weight precipitously as I fear, frantically feeling myself for enlarged lymph nodes, hyper-examining my stool for signs of blood, reflexively second-guessing every conclusion of every doctor that I have seen and doubting the veracity of their test results, wondering what kind of guy my wife is going to marry when I die and how soon after
436516 tn?1382388265 My tonsils have deep crypts and i always get tonsils stones,seen many doctors and an ENT,had many x-rays taken.Some swollen lymph nodes,yeah its a mess...But still the doctors i have seen they all think everything is fine.They dont know whats going on.I have an appointment to see another ENT in may so im hopping he will recommend to take my tonsils out.Hopefully removing my tonsils will take care of the problems or at least helph.
3229560 tn?1347041110 I have trouble concentrating allot, I get dizzy off n on, my eyes and face always feel swollen, I have allot of allergies, so I have to becareful of everything I eat or come in contact with, I feel like I'm short of breath or it's hard to get a deep breath like ?? Kinda like congestion but not.
Avatar n tn Family thinks I'm hypochondriac doctor won't even give me t3's for the pain my throat is always swollen on one side. Done the gammit of allergy tests, ear docs, eye problems-floaters, ear aches from hell neck and jaw swollen all the time, headaches. reading all of these pages has actually given me some relief! I asked my doctor about the relationship of my ear face and neck pain and he says he's never heard of the relationship between bad teeth and all these symptoms.
Avatar m tn I was also getting headaches at the front of my head daily. At the 12 week mark, I started getting swollen lymph nodes in my groin and armpits, along with unusual excessive sweating from armpits and palms of hands, even if it wasn't hot outside. I did not have a fever either. I also noticed I was having a tingling and pins and needles sensation in my left hamstring down to my foot. Every once in a while, if I'm sitting still, my muscles will twitch.
Avatar n tn IMS - intra muscular stim (which is like accupuncture right into muscles) for the neck area - initial injury site of 2 whiplash like injuries Naturopath - Cranio Sacral therapy - AMAZING, best remedy yet, for much more than just potential EAgles Syndrome - finding a certified practioner is challenging sometimes - BUT WORTH even if not covered by any plan.
Avatar n tn for the past week or so I have had sporadic runny nose / sneezing (bouts last about a half hour, much like allergic reaction) and my right tonsil has been a bit sore and firm. I am breastfeeding and my baby likes to touch my lips while nursing. Sometimes baby has a rough or jagged fingernail; I think baby may have irritated my skin and maybe introduced an infection. My sleeping is irregular but I usually get at least 6 hours per night.
Avatar n tn that works. It is also available online and very cheap. It is an herbal remedy so please talk to your physician before you use it and if you order it, take a small piece to make sure you aren't allergic to it (just in case). Both of these products got rid of all of my sinus infections before the surgery. Good Luck !