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Avatar m tn i had a throat infection several months ago now and i got antibiotics and it cleared up but one gland on my throat stays swollen and often swells up during the day can anyone tell me if this is normal or if i should got to the doctors to get it checked?
Avatar n tn she noticed my throat had alot of swollen glands, and is checking me for a palpable mass. what exactly is that, and should I be concerned? I also have swollen glands in my left armpit..........
Avatar n tn 40 male with a history of lymes disease contracted at age 14, one shot of antibiotic, but many symptoms over the years. Now swollen neck glands, no fever, cbc normal, no strep throat altho sore throat, glands sore to touch. had a week on antibiotics but still the same. What could be the problem?
Avatar n tn My daughter just finished antibiotics for swollen glands and sore throat. She started complaining again. I brought her to the Dr. and her glands are very large and her throat looks bad again. She also has lost 3lbs. in two weeks. They did a monospot on her and it was positive right away. The problem is she had mono when she was 4. She has also had negative mono test in the past. Do you think there is more to the positive ( cancer)??
Avatar n tn But now I feel a sore throat coming on again. My eyes are watery and my nose stuffed. Could there be something wrong with me again? Should I get tested for something else. I feel run down all the time.
Avatar m tn I been having a sore throat and swollen glands since 2 weeks after unprotected sex I tested negative for hiv what can be causing my sore throat and swollen glands I have white dots on my tonsils and I’ve gone to the doctor and no medication helps nothing at all and I’m at 3 months rn with this chronic sore throat and swollen glands
Avatar f tn I have swollen gland on my left hand side of my throat, I have no tonsils, but when it really gets really swollen I find it very hard to breath and swallow, please help.
Avatar f tn I'm 18 years old and in great shape. My glands in my throat are always swollen or at least have been for the pay 6 months to a year. Lately it has been quite painful too. I've been unintentionally losing weight and I'm always dizzy. What could possibly be wrong with me?
Avatar m tn hi, i got a sore throat about 2 months ago, the doctor diagnosed tonsilitis, and put me on calvepen, this got rid of the fever symptons but my glands stayed swollen an my throat stayed red, when the fever came back a few weeks later i went back and he put me on augmenten, this had the same effect i went back last week and was put back on calvepen and he did a mono test which came back negative, but said my white blood cell count was high and it looked like i was at the tale end of a virus, somed
Avatar n tn my daughter has swollen glands in her neck both sides and is feeling a little sick she has a little red rash breaking out on her chest area and feeling tired what could it be?
Avatar n tn I have had a swollen tongue for a week and a half now. My throat has hurt on and off and the glands in my neck get swollen also. I went to a Dr. and he put me on amoxicillan which did nothing. Then I went back and he put me on Cipor and a steroid. Today was cleaning the house and afterward my thoat hurt even more. Now the glands are swollen and I am having trouble swallowing. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn stomach virus/fever in december, sore throat/fever in feb., sore throat/fever in march, and today low fever w/scratchy throat. she seems otherwise healthy but i always think the worst. is this common w/kindergarden age kids? can fevers be that common? any insight would be great. thanks.
Avatar f tn My husband has been having pain under his collarbone when he swallows and went to a ear nose and throat specialist. They found a nodule in the back of his nasal cavity by where his adenoids are. Also, he has swollen glands in the front of his neck which is why he has pain in his collarbone. His Thyroid tests came back normal and he is really worried about cancer. Please give advice if possible....
Avatar n tn It does work and also helps with pain in the jaw from swollen glands as we all know the ear, nose and throat is all connected.
Avatar m tn Around the same time I developed swollen glands in my neck and a mild sore throat. Sore throat went away in about 3 days and the blisters (there were about 10) disappeared a week and a half later. Now I'm 4 weeks from initial encounter and I still have large sensitive swollen glands in my neck and less swollen around my groin. I'm pretty sure my body temperature has been slightly higher than usual for the last 2 weeks also. Is this normal for having contracted herpes?
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm new to all this posting so excuse me if it doesn't make sense, I'm a 28yr old female and I've been suffering from swollen glands which is tender and slightly painful sometimes but not all the time in my neck for over a month now, but also my jaw and ears and behind my ears but no sore throat my doctor is sending me for blood tests but also advised me to see a dentist, I'm starting to worry it could something serious as I like to panic And over think think things since
Avatar n tn Over the course of the day my symptoms worsened, I had a severly sore throat, swollen glands, headache, all of my joints ached but mot my muscles and had no fever. The next day I saw my family doctor. He tested for strep, (test was negative). He said my lungs sounded good, no sinus problems and blood pressure was fine. Said he had no idea what it was. I was instructed to take Ibuprofen and chloriseptic spray for thoat to help with pain.
Avatar n tn So, I performed oral sex on a guy less than a week ago and I now have swollen throat glands and a semi-regular cough. I currently don't have medical insurance, so the plan as of right now is just to wait for it to pass. But at what point should I be concerned (or should clue me in) that this isn't a cold/strep/sore throat, and that this might be gonorrhea or some other STD? And if/when it goes away, should I continue to worry about it, or does that mean whatever caused it has passed?
Avatar f tn It has now been a month that my neck glands and my throat glands have been swollen steady. It is not sore, the only pain I feel is when they start to grow bigger, when ever i'm chewing and swallowing it will feel like a pinch sometimes, but not always. I went to my doctor early this week, but he's not sure whether to put my on antibotics for 2 weeks or not because he thinks it could either make it better or make me feel worse.
Avatar m tn My male golden (almost 6 years old) has two swollen glands in his neck. On either side of his throat. do we need to take him to the vet? He was there in September.
Avatar n tn 4 weeks after the exposure, I developed swollen throat glands and went to the doctor. I was diagnosed with strep throat and swollen tonsils, but my throat never hurt. My glands are now going down. Also, I developed a temporary rash on my stomach, which was not raised nor was it dark in color. It lasted about 45 minutes and then disappeared. A week later I experienced the same rash and it disappeared in 20 minutes, does this sound like the ARS rash? I would really appreciate some feedback.
Avatar m tn old was seen today for a fever and sore throat complaint. the ped. said she has a throat infection and swollen glands and prescribed meds. she did check other areas of her body for glands (at least that is what i think she was feeling for). about 7 weeks ago she had the same thing (tho the whole family passed around a fever/infection). should we be overly concerned that she has been sick like this twice in two months? what would be the tell tale signs of leukemia or lymphoma in a child?
Avatar f tn saturday cough, migrane, sore throat, swollen glands and extreme fatigue. sunday-fatigue, migrane, dizzy, sore throat, swollen glands. monday-same and no signs of getting betther. what is wrong with me?
578794 tn?1217767989 t seem to be related to a cold or flu, along with very swollen glands and the left side of my throat is swollen, looking like a sack is hanging there in the back. I live in California where smoke from fires has affected many, but that smoke has cleared more than two weeks ago now.