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Avatar n tn However, i have had a previous (2-3yrs) injury to my left testicle (ripping of an appendix of the testicle). If I just masturbate normally without much waiting after being aroused, I feel no pain at all. What does this mean and what should I do about it?
Avatar f tn It hurts like I have been hit in the area or it is being squeezed. Everything felt good yesterday. I did masterbate and it looked normal but 6 hours later had significant pain to the area. Sometimes it feels like the right testicle. Could this be a bacteria infection of my testicle? How did that happen? Wouldn't I have a bladder infection before an infection of the testicle? I'm 36. Not sexually active with anyone. I **** feel any lumps.
Avatar m tn It was stupid I know and I stopped after that before things went further. About one week after that I had a dull pain in my left testicle and somewhat more frequent urination. Nothing extreme and the testicle pain is not really noticeable when I am busy. I also have a minor pain at times on left side of my pubic area. Not sure exactly how to describe this area but maybe a couple of inches above and a couple of inches to the left of my penis.
Avatar n tn For the past week or so I have experienced pain in my left testicle after lying down for a long period of time. After standing up and walking around the pain noticebly improves. In the last few days I have noticed the pain starting to radiate to my lower left abdomin. I dont seem to have any lumps on my testicles. Does anyone know what this could be? Thanks.
Avatar m tn I don't like diagnosing myself but can't help it. after seeing my doctor, he is insistent this is not lymphoma. The node is swollen due to infection and even after infection is gone (i have felt better in the last two weeks or so in testicle area) the node can remain swollen for some time. the ultrasound did not point to cancer. my concern is that since the node is still swollen, it is pressing on nerves that can be causing pain in other area's?
Avatar n tn there have been times when I would twist a certain way and my left testicle would hurt so bad that I couldn't even walk right. after a couple of years of putting up with this I found if I twisted my back like when you put your hands on your hips and twist the top part of your body and let it swivel at the hips the pain would go away.
Avatar n tn I also train regurarly and have the same symptomps - lower back pain, swollen right testicle. A month ago I went to doctor which gave me Doxycycline. While taking Dox. I was training regurarly. I probably made a mistake but I wasn't told by doctor to stop. I finished the antibiotics but the problems still persisted. After two weeks I went back and was given Ofloxacin (1 tab eevery 12 hours), all my results - HIV, Chlamydia, Urine, STD... were negative.
Avatar m tn I got this same problem a few weeks back after working out... Dull ache in right testicle, groin tenderness, epididymitis, etc. After 2 doctors told me I was fine, I started doing countless hours of research. I've been to a chiropractor 4 times to address pelvic rotation and SI joint issues. The aching disappeared, but I still had a swollen testicle and epididymis. Though I looked and felt aligned, I noticed that my right foot didn't naturally want to stay straight. Instead, it pointed outward.
Avatar m tn About yesterday my left testicle started being more sensitive to pressure, the way it feels after being hit, but I don't remember any serious injury. It was and still is only sensitive near the top. Then today, I felt a small lump at the top of the testicle, and felt the most severe pain when I pushed on it. It is a very small bump, almost like a pimple. The testicle isn't swollen or raised, the only symptom is this painful pimple-like bump.
Avatar n tn Hi, I currently have been experiencing discomfort in my right remaining testicle. After the hernia repair, I have had the problem that the testicle now is situated high in the scrotum. At times it seems like the testicle is compressed resulting in pain. The testicle no longer seems to move freely in the scrotum. When I am cold the testicle retracts high up towards the inguinal canal.
Avatar m tn It dosent sound like real prostatitis symptoms, because i dont have frequent urination and I have this highlighted/swollen penis tip. Most in the morning or after masturbating (very swollen ) I would first do my disease process clear to you, then describe the symptoms as those are experienced: I have now for over 1 year had pain comparable, to those described as Chronic pelvic pain/prostatitis. Sometimes it's so unbearable that i just cry like a litle baby girl.
Avatar n tn do you know what stds are associated to my symptoms? i have never heard of blood in the sperm and in the urine after ejaculation being related to an std.
Avatar n tn hi ive had a swollen right testicle for almost 3 months now i had an ultrasound done and my doctor says it was orchitis but it wasnt really painful isnt orchitis meant to be painful?
Avatar n tn Her vagina was more wet than I remember other ladies' being. No odor. Monday am up at 10am, feel fine, into the office, take the night off. Tuesday, am up at 9am, feel fine, go out until 3am drinking / get to sleep at 4am. Wednesday, am up at 8:30am for meetings. Today, Wednesday, I have had the shivers, the glands in the side of my neck are swollen, I have mucous on my tonsils, a mild fever and fatigue. Very slight pain in right testicle tube.
Avatar m tn Hi, So you had trauma to the area, usual a lump after trauma is a swollen blood vessel or a cyst. If it also moving about and not actually attached to the testicle itself, I wouldn't worry too much. However do keep an eye on it. It is very normal for your testicles to be moving about, this is what your testes sack is for.
Avatar n tn I can smoke a 1gr blunt by my self and feel like I took a half a toke. At first I thought tolerance. Nope MOLD after being exposed for long periods you can get really sick and build up an allergy to MOLD. Now if I come in contact with mold, any mold even a fungis I get all messed up. In this case it causes multiple infection symptoms but it is really swollen lymph nodes, glands, kidneys, Prostate and so on.
Avatar n tn I don't know if in fact it was an NGU, but I was tested at the Doctors office and the Dr confirmed, UTI. I was peeing blood, swollen testicle, abdominal pain. I was given an anti-biotic which cleared up everything, but I was downing cranberry juice by the gallons, which REALLY helped. Also, I'm getting married in June (I'm her first bf, her first...everything) Doctor...Am I ready to roll as far as putting HIV behind me?
Avatar m tn It then came back to my left testicle 4 days after I was done the meds. I was then put on cipro for 14 days same dose and it did nothing. I was then put on 1000 mg 2 daily of cipro, made it to day 6, my face, scalp and palms of hands broke out with painful lumps that ruptured. I've seen 4 different doctors been to emergency once and have had a ultrasound done. The doctors have yet to determine why this was caused. I am now on doxi and septra ds.
Avatar m tn Recently I have been noticing pain and discomfort in my left testicle mainly and some in groin too more so then anything else lately especially after I urinate with a weak stream, but it's all been checked and there is no sign of them being swollen ect. A lot of times I get pain or discomfort in different places which is usually indigestion/gas so it's very hard to distinguish as well. The irritating itching inside penis cont.
Avatar m tn I am not sure he is understanding the concern and the timing of my symptoms compared to possible infection dates, which is frustrating to me as they line right up with ARS but he all but laughed at me for coming in after telling me to wait a week, but I couldn't wait after being up all night, waking up after each night sweat which is the most concerning symptom to me. Any peace of mind with not having a fever and/or no fever night sweats?
Avatar m tn Been with lady for 3 yrs. She has and has had HSV2 for at least 4 years but didn't know (long story) until early May. It was confirmed by culture and igg specific test. We had unprotected sex for 1 year and began using condom about 80% of the time last 2 yrs. She had o/b in early May and we had sex about 10 times during the month. I'd guess7 of them were with a condom. She told me of hsv2 status the first of June. Her ob was close to her vaginal lips but not on. In the hair area.
Avatar m tn And I promise, I will be getting tested in 4 weeks and will see a doctor next Monday when I am back in town...but for now, I have one last question. 7 days ago I was hit in the left testicle which caused me a good 30 seconds of discomfort. The next day I noticed discomfort in my groin on the left side. A week later, I still have this discomfort. It almost feels like there's gas or pressure stuck in that area.
Avatar n tn It was determined that a good erection could be obtained with this injection and a prescription for California Tri-Mix double strenght was given. After several years of not being able to obtain an erection, I now again could function sexually by the means of injecting myself. All this ended in 2008 when I ended up with a fistula between my prostate and rectum. Due to that I have not been able to have intercourse, or I should say that I have not tried it since.
Avatar m tn That being said, don't ignore symptoms, I'm thinking of going back if the testicle pain persists. Although the doctors have examined my testicles and told me they're not concerned, I know something isn't quite normal. I'll give another update within a week or two. As most who have had help on here should really do, rather than healing and letting people read unfinished stories. I understand that people come here for relief, and it can often just breed more anxiety.
Avatar m tn I doubt this will change your answer, but I forgot to mention a few other symptoms- unusual sensativity to cold foreskin darker and thicker-penis glands purple color (from pink) on and off testicle discomfort 3 sores, one after another, on perineum and rectum, each lasted 5 days muscle cramping in legs, at times severe sore throat on and off what is your opinion on how well antivirals work? what symptoms are they supposed to work on?
Avatar m tn I have decided to do these on my own after reading some posts as my symptoms have worsen and I have been told for more than 3 years that these are more anxiety related than anything else. Thank you everyone for your support, opinions and advice. Below are my test results and some of my symptoms. Thyroglobulin Antibody 484.7 High IU/mL 0.0 Thyroglobulin Antibody measured by Beckman Coulter Methodology normal 0.0 - 0.9 !!! - WHY IS THIS SO HIGH??!!
Avatar m tn Thanks for the additional replies I am still constantly thinking about what may or may not be phantom pain in my groin and abdomen, but noticed yesterday my right testicle is quite swollen and tender. Still no telltale signs such as drip or pain whilst peeing. This was enough to send me off on a multi hour web surfing rampage to figure this out. I am not a hypochondriac, I visit my Doc twice yearly tops so I feel very irrational worrying about this so much.
Avatar m tn My conspiracy theory tells me that I have it - not sure if you got the chance to read the whole story - but that really bad migrane that took me to the ER tells me that I got hit bad by something 1 weeks after impact. Also the increase in the HepB virus from 2k to 19k kind of confirms that. So - what can I say - freaking out pretty much for the next week.
Avatar n tn Cramps lasted about a week and breasts have been very tender, feel heavy and swollen...until last night. Usually they have been hurting me so that I cant lay on my side unless I lift up my arm so it wont hurt me. Today however when I woke up they did not hurt me and they dont feel nearly as heavy as they have been for the past week. Does this mean I wasnt pregnant to begin with? If I am not pregnant what caused the pregnancy symptoms? I never have symptoms like this just for my periods...
Avatar n tn my main 3 concerns are erections are weak painful testicles and pelvic pins go to my leg too somtimes after ejaculation and my semen being a few drops since this problem began i have refrained from sexual activities it helps with pain disappearing erections do get muc better ejaculation however is alittle more then drops but it is very thick and glue type. any herbal homeopathic treatment for my kind of problem? what are the best tests to do?