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Avatar f tn It did not have the tingling sensation that normally proceeds a cold sore, and feels sore- more like a mouth injury (like I bit my lip). Also looks different, not like a liquid-filled blister but more swollen, and with little white spots/bumps. I also have a few little white bumps on my upper lip - directly above it. I am with the same partner for 5 years, so I do not believe whatever it is, is sexually transmitted.
1945970 tn?1324211954 On Friday I took my two year old female Calico mix to the vets because her bottom lip is swollen. They sent her home with some steroid medication. Today I have noticed that when she is laying down for a while and relaxed, the swelling goes down a little, but when she is up walking around or active in any way the swelling gets worse and her lip gets red. She is eating and drinking okay and acting normal. There is also, like a patch of white on it. It looks like when human skin gets ready to peel.
Avatar m tn Sometimes it just starts hurting, and it feels like it´s burning and stinging. Kind of the same feeling if you have an ulcer on your lip and something salty gets in it. This same sensation also occurs on the right side. I tried looking for any ulcers but because of the tonsils (like i said the pain feels like it´s behind the tonsils) i cannot see. At the moment the spot on the left side is constantly aching causing me a mild headache and earache.
Avatar n tn Then one night before bed, I noticed a small bump appearing on the inside of my lip. By the next day, I woke up to the bottom of my lip being swollen, I went to the doctor and they told me it was a canker sore because at this time the bump was completely inside my lip (around the line where you would naturally tear your lips with your teeth). As the day progressed, the bump started to grow, swell and contain a yellow center. Eventually, this bump caused a small bump, directly on top of it!
11538743 tn?1419147729 Hi Oreo, POOR BABY!!!! That looks pretty nasty.....I agree with Annie, looks like it could be a Rodent Ulcer (Indolent ulcer, Eosinophilic ulcer). You address your posts to Doc--did you mean to get the Professional forum of Veterinarians??? That would be my suggestion, since we can not make diagnosis only suggestions and general opinions.
6755894 tn?1384462498 Eli is 3 years old, very large in stature and in weight (He's between 16 and 19 pounds). He's generally healthy except for a chronic nasal issue that just makes him breathe really loud (similar to how pugs sound,lol) and sometimes causes him to sneeze out mucous. The vet is not concerned about it. The reason we need help is that Eli has this reddened, inflamed spot on his left lip that we can't identify on our own.
Avatar m tn I am very worried as I have a painful mouth ulcer on the tip of my tongue and my top lip is swollen, could I have possibly contracted any STD's from this encounter?
Avatar m tn My cat has a licking problem. She licks her upper lip and it is now projecting outward and looks like its ulcered or almost callused. Either way it is bigger then the rt. side.
Avatar f tn I keep getting this bump in the same spot on my upper lip. I have had cold sores and know this is not a cold sore. I have not burned, bit or done anything to cause a bump on my lip. It does not hurt only feels a little tight and is not discolored in anyway. It has been coming and going for several months. Any thoughts on what this could be?
Avatar f tn it start like an oral ulcer so i took tab.Bifilac.But no cure,then i stop that.after that it become swollen like watery so i took a course of antibiotic Taxim o 200mg.Now three months finished but still its there only when i took suger,or i put salt over on it, it will become swollen normally it looks flat n little up and white upper portion.i afraid to go to a doctor.please let me know is it a sign of cancer.
Avatar n tn 5 days ago), I deep kissed/made out with a guy who had no visible cold sores. I, however, had a cracked/chapped bottom lip... noticed it when salt got on the lip at dinner - OW. We continued to make out all evening. The past couple of days (3-4 days past kissing), my lower lip - but mostly NOT where it was cracked - is hurting ocassionally, like a minor and momentary burning sensation... ...and this morning, I noticed an ulcer on my tongue.
Avatar n tn hi and welcome, I hope we can help you and kitty out with some answers. allergies to diet can cause many symptoms. I will give you a site with some pictures for you to compare, kitties blister could well be ECG or eosinophilic granuloma complex....indolent ulcer. look at that particular photo and see if you think it compares to your kitties and read what the site has to say than we'll discuss further okay. www.ivis.org/proceedings/hills/felinemed/hill1.
Avatar m tn But the next day I realized I had been having an ulcer on my lip for a while. There was lots kissing and we had marks on both necks, but no further sex touch. However, on 12th December, which is 12th day of that exploure, I started to have a fever and sore throat, then became coughing producing lots sputums (sometimes with blood), and with blocked nose and ears. My GP gave me anti-biotics and paracetmol to take.
Avatar m tn I think my cat has Eosinophilic Granuloma of the lip (upper lip ulcer/sore). But I can't be certain. She has nothing else wrong, and her tongue is okay. We can't afford to take her to the vet, so I was wondering if there is a home treatment that could be given to her (I read that a cortisone treatment (shots) usually works if its simple). If its not available to do at home, is it really costly to get it done at the vet? I realize all vets are different.
Avatar f tn I had never had any kind of cold sore previously and suffered a wicked outbreak -- fever, chills, swollen glands, swollen gums, countless sores in the genital region that were outrageously painful -- and it lasted well over two weeks. This week I had fever, chills, swollen gums (haven't been able to eat for about three days now), and swollen glands. This feels just like the last outbreak except without the genital "stuff.
Avatar n tn People get sick all the time and it is that time of year where you see it happening more. If you have an ulcer on your lip, maybe you have herpes simplex 1 which is oral herpes. About 80% of the population have it (including kids). But I would not suspect HIV if in a monogamous relationship with a woman who recently tested.
Avatar n tn I still seem to have the outbreaks above my lip and the feeling in my urethra including a painful ulcer to my bottom lip which has scabbed over. I was just tested February 26th. 4.5 months post exposure at planned parenthood. Results still negative for HSV 1 and II at <.9. Planned parenthood could not give exact results.
Avatar m tn This just showed up yesterday. When pulling top lip over teeth shows little white pimple like rash on top lip. Slight burny sensation, and a little raised. Any ideas or treatments used and successful?
Avatar f tn I kissed a guy (french kissing) with tongue, then after few hours i realized i have a small mouth ulcer inside upper lip that is few days already and not painful anymore and small already. not totally healed but not painful to the point i forgot i have a mouth ulcer. it is not bleeding. i also have a dry cracked portion on the corner of my mouth. it cracks when i open my mouth wide but it's not bleeding. but it's not healed yet.
Avatar m tn I just noticed my cat's lower lip to be a bit swollen. It does not have any puss, I touched it. Nor does it has any pimples over it...just faint lines. It does not look too swollen, thou. She eats properly and more than the time when I bought her a month back. She also licks herself normally. But then again today is the first day. Her lip is more colored or maybe I am being over protective. She is 11 months old and has not had a chance to mate yet, late bloomer, I guess.
Avatar m tn ve seen except for maybe a scaled down case of syphilis? its hard to notice unless u pull the skin apart. lately its starting to resemble an ulcer. I went to planned parenthood last week and was examined. idk if the doc overlooked it(she did not seem too concerened). she said there was nothing abnormal about my area and tested me only for gonorrhea and chlamydia. both came back negative. now that its becoming more noticeable and tingling im becoming nervous.
Avatar m tn Still have swollen adenoid on right side of neck. Lymph nodes in neck are still tender, Ulcer appeared on the middle- inside of lip and no medicine is healing it. (Weight is 179) Should I pursue further testing for this or somthing else?
Avatar n tn 5 days ago), I deep kissed/made out with a guy who had no visible cold sores. I, however, had a cracked/chapped bottom lip... noticed it when salt got on the lip at dinner - OW. We continued to make out all evening. The past couple of days (3-4 days past kissing), my lower lip - but mostly NOT where it was cracked - is hurting ocassionally, like a minor and momentary burning sensation... ...and this morning, I noticed an ulcer on my tongue.
Avatar n tn I want to know where this is coming from, because I have been testing for HIV lately and have finally accepted my negative status but this rash freaks me out a bit. Also, i have like a fat cut/ulcer in the middle of lip because my lips are so dry and it cracked and bled and now its covered over kinda looks like a small ulcer is that normal??