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Avatar n tn If your cat is already on a good flea control such as Advantage or Revolution, then parasites are less likely. Options to treat allergies are to continue to treat symptoms with medications (okay if symptoms only occur occasionally and your cat only needs 1-2 steroid injections per year), or to identify and treat the underlying cause.
1945970 tn?1324211954 lets see if the food and bowl changes make a difference first.(I have a cat with this too...his lesions were on his face not his lip..took awhile but we got it under control now..it turned out to be a chicken allergy for him) http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/dvm/article/articleDetail.jsp?id=143610&sk=&date=&&pageID=1 http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/dvm/article/articleDetail.jsp?
Avatar f tn My bf fingered me when we were making out and when I got home my left inner vaginal lip was swollen (like EXTREMELY swollen). I know I'm very allergic to his cats and I'm not sure if maybe he had some cat fur on his fingers or something. Would it be possible for this to be an allergic reaction to cats? Or does anyone else have any thought?
Avatar n tn They suggested stainless bowl, so we go that, then change cat food to their prescription and she has been on 2 of them.
Avatar f tn The dots are the color of my lips, and are located in clumps at the 4 corners of my lips, as well as the very center of my top lip (which is where it usually hurts and get red/slightly swollen) And from the clumps on my bottom lip, it kind of fades out to the center of my bottom lip. It occasionally itches, but when I do end up itching it, I get patches of red and it kinda stings. Also, when I drink water without a straw, and just from a cup, my lips hurt....
Avatar n tn ve been applying Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm for two months and recently the edges of my upper lip started drying out and in 2 days my entire lip was swollen, red and burning and feeling stretchy, but its not chapped but feels extremely dry. It has happened to me twice before (had used Avon lip balm then) and i applied Smyle herbal gel and Vaseline and it worked. This time though it is not working. I've been applying Smyle gel and Himalaya lip balm to cure it.
Avatar n tn Hi, I adopted an adult female cat from our local animal shelter a few months ago. She's been fairly healthy except that I had to put her on antibiotics right after adopting her due to sneezing & stuffy nose. About 3 weeks ago we adopted a 4 month old Border Collie. It's been difficult getting the cat & puppy to get along. Earlier this week I noticed a sore on the outer corner of my cat's mouth, with fur loss on the lower lip.
Avatar f tn I've had this bump here on my philtrum (the little dip above my lip) for about a week, when I first got it it was very swollen and hurt a bit when i touched it. Now I look at it again it is still swollen but less. When I put my thumb in my lip and index finger outside I can feel a sort of small lump in it that's the size of a small bead that's hard and when I suck in my lips and take a picture I can see it's like a little swollen circle?
Avatar m tn I just noticed my cat's lower lip to be a bit swollen. It does not have any puss, I touched it. Nor does it has any pimples over it...just faint lines. It does not look too swollen, thou. She eats properly and more than the time when I bought her a month back. She also licks herself normally. But then again today is the first day. Her lip is more colored or maybe I am being over protective. She is 11 months old and has not had a chance to mate yet, late bloomer, I guess.
Avatar n tn Hi, My older female cat, shes 11, occasionally gets these same symptoms: Her Bottom Lip will swell, it is the lip and not the gums. And she has runny eyes (it is a clear discharge) and she has itchy, waxy ears. If she were a human I would think that she has hay-fever or some other allergy. But I am unable to identify what it could possibly be.
5317403 tn?1366340201 Hey, Last Night I was on my computer for awhile, and all of a sudden I felt this burning sensation on my top lip. It felt like it got dry, and almost swollen. I used some Nivea Medicated Lip Care on it.. but it didn't really do anything. Now, I feel like the sides of the top of my lip are a bit swollen (but only so much that I feel them.. they don't really appear swollen). And there's these teeny tiny clear bumps on the swollen parts..
6755894 tn?1384462498 Eli is 3 years old, very large in stature and in weight (He's between 16 and 19 pounds). He's generally healthy except for a chronic nasal issue that just makes him breathe really loud (similar to how pugs sound,lol) and sometimes causes him to sneeze out mucous. The vet is not concerned about it. The reason we need help is that Eli has this reddened, inflamed spot on his left lip that we can't identify on our own.
Avatar m tn I got caught up in an incident in a pub 4 days ago trying to break up a fight, only to end up with a glass shoved in my face. This left me with a deep cut under my eye, a swollen black eye due to the force and an immediate tingling sensation in my right upper teeth. Four days on and my face is still very swollen but now my right side of my face ie; my eye lid, forehead, nose and cheek are all numb, especially my teeth.
Avatar m tn It started with a pink lower lip and it was swollen. The inside of his top right cheek was very swollen with little ulcers on the inside but the swelling has gone down since then. There are still scabs along the top rim of the lip. However There are new sores and scabs in the left corner of his mouth. We feed him dry food (either kite kat or go cat) because we believe it prevents smelly breath and keeps his teeth from falling out. His breath stinks now though because of this thing.
Avatar m tn since then its spread to both corners of my mouth and appear to be alot of small raised white dots one being a cluster in the very corner and one on the middle of my lip. the area around the cluster is swollen and so is the middle of my lip but no the other side. it cause me discomfort every day and is sensitive to toothpaste chemicals salt,spicy food ect. and will turn slightly red in the corner if irritated plus the swelling which is the 24/7.
Avatar n tn For the second time in three months I woke up with a bump on my upper lip on the area swollen. I notice that there are about 5 small blister looking bumps in the swollen area and one of them is darker than the others. It is tingling and it itches at times? Is it an allergy?
Avatar m tn Thanks so much for replying! Yeah at the start he had the pink lower lip and it was swollen. I think catnip might be the cause but i'm not sure for certain. I took the catnip toys away about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks ago but the sores have still spreaded. The inside of his top right cheek was very swollen with little ulcers on the inside but the swelling has gone down since then. There are still scabs along the top rim of the lip.
Avatar n tn Hi, How would you describe these bumps? Are they white, reddish or of the color of the inside of your lip. If you have been repeatedly biting your lip, these bumps may actually be oral mucoceles. Oral mucocles usually occur after repeatedly exposing the lip to trauma. This may be possible if you have the habit of biting your lip. Does this apply to you? Is the bump painful? Do they occur in clusters or do they appear singly?
Avatar f tn Well the first thing is not to try popping it and by the way you dont pop herpes sores as the blister open by themselves. Also as a rule, herpes are outside and no herpes or cankers are on the inside. Have you ever test for herpes?
Avatar f tn About two months ago we noticed a bump on our young female Bombay cats lip. We took her to the vet, they said three options; kitty acne, hemotobin, or some other really long word that requires steroid treatment. We took her home for observation, the lump went away within two weeks, so we thought hemotobin. Now it's back and bigger, it seems there are a few small bumps around the large one, with red coloration to it. I have seen posts saying no plastic dishes, but we have glass and metal.
Avatar n tn squeezed a samll cyst on the left side of my chin. This morning my whole L lower jaw and lip are swollen and painful to the touch, inside and out. I want to find out what this is, have it treated and get something for the excruciating pain. I can't tell if this is dental or cyst/infection related and therefore don't know who to call, doctor or dentist. Neither are in the office yet. Can you make any suggestions?
Avatar m tn Hi, many people have hsv1 from childhood and most always the outbreak would be on the soft lip tissue not the side of the mouth. Of couse having a blood test would confirm your hsv status.
Avatar m tn I'm 45, my top lip gets dry for a few days then a tiny bump shows up, then my lip swells pretty big, for a few days mostly at night. swelling subsides a little during the day has a tingling in it after several days my lip cracks and drains this happens a few times a year. All together from beginning to end it lasts about 2 weeks.
5190611 tn?1364918137 Hi, I just wanted to know what this is because I can't figure it out. Part or one of my lips feels tingly and then it slowly swells up and then it stays like that for a couple of hours. One time it was underneath my upper lip so it looked like you know how a monkeys mouth look like...This started a few weeks ago maybe even a month, I'm not completely sure.
Avatar f tn Hey I'm a 18 year old male and I'm here because i woke up this morning n i realize that I have a swollen lip on my left side of my lip to my center n I don't know what is causing it
Avatar n tn I recently had a swollen upper lip on the middle portion that lasted for about a day. There was no pain or anything. Now, about a week later, my fiancee has the same thing with her upper lip. It this herpes-related, allergy reaction, or what are the possible causes?
Avatar m tn Possibly a mucous cyst, though uncommon on upper lip.
Avatar m tn Check out with your Doctor for Syphilis. That starts with a red swollen lump on the lip. Luckily I think a course of penicillin does the trick of ridding you of this for good.
Avatar n tn when i was closing the car boot it hit my head and my teeth got clenched on my lips. this is about 2 or 3 years ago. there is now a clot which is dark and looks awkward on my lip. what is the remedy? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/243557'>Lip treatment and Dermatitis</a>.