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Avatar n tn The three types of allergies are parasite (fleas, mites), food allergy, and pollen/dust allergies. If your cat is already on a good flea control such as Advantage or Revolution, then parasites are less likely. Options to treat allergies are to continue to treat symptoms with medications (okay if symptoms only occur occasionally and your cat only needs 1-2 steroid injections per year), or to identify and treat the underlying cause.
1945970 tn?1324215554 lets see if the food and bowl changes make a difference first.(I have a cat with this too...his lesions were on his face not his lip..took awhile but we got it under control now..it turned out to be a chicken allergy for him) http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/dvm/article/articleDetail.jsp?id=143610&sk=&date=&&pageID=1 http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/dvm/article/articleDetail.jsp?
Avatar n tn On a recent trip home (I live quite far away and only get home every couple years or so) I noticed her upper lip is completely swollen and covered in what looks like tumors of some sort. My parents haven't had the money to take her to a vet so they have been simply keeping them clean and taking care of her as best they could. She's very old, going on 13, but has been an indoor animal her life. She still eats and is perfectly healthy and happy, but I'm worried about her health.
Avatar n tn i had the same issue noone had any answers for me either but this is what i tried and it worked.. -take a wet piece of towel paper put salt on it and exfoliate lip -pat on a little hydrogen peroxide with a q tip or whatever -put abreva on the area i avoided touching the area with my fingers tho bc i was scared it was contagious...
Avatar n tn Hi, My older female cat, shes 11, occasionally gets these same symptoms: Her Bottom Lip will swell, it is the lip and not the gums. And she has runny eyes (it is a clear discharge) and she has itchy, waxy ears. If she were a human I would think that she has hay-fever or some other allergy. But I am unable to identify what it could possibly be.
Avatar n tn They suggested stainless bowl, so we go that, then change cat food to their prescription and she has been on 2 of them.
Avatar n tn One of my eyes became irratated and by morning was swollen shut and slightly red on the lid...Then my lips became red around the lip lining and small rash around then down to my chin, a mild red rash. no other area of my face, then the next day the other eye started. I took beyndrl and it seemed to help a little but when that wore off everything was back. I used a cortisone cream on the chin also.
Avatar f tn the Colloidial Silver is an antimicrobial so you can use it on the open area on his head and lip...probably best to use on those spots without the turmeric. I do know its also used in this PURE form on the eyes (you did get the WELLNESS BRAND right?) but since I'm the over cautious type I would dilute it just a tad with sterilized water....cool to room temp than wipe eyes with a cotton ball soaked with the water/colloidial silver solution. have these lesions ever been biopsied?
Avatar f tn My spouse revealed she had developed a blister on the inside of her bottom lip and she had began the sneezing as well which was totally abnormal for her. Just yesterday, I purchased a new tube of Crest and discontinued using the Aquafresh. The soreness in my tongue and gums has already began to subside. I plan on reporting this to the FDA and found their website for reporting is not very user-friendly. I hope this helps you or someone else.
Avatar f tn My bf fingered me when we were making out and when I got home my left inner vaginal lip was swollen (like EXTREMELY swollen). I know I'm very allergic to his cats and I'm not sure if maybe he had some cat fur on his fingers or something. Would it be possible for this to be an allergic reaction to cats? Or does anyone else have any thought?
Avatar n tn Well that is finally gone after months, now I am getting the swelling in my eyes in the mornings and my bottom lip has swollen up, this morning I got a raised bump on the side of my chin then my lip on that side swells up. I also have itching on the bottom of my feet and my hands itch sometimes. I take two benadryl for everything and its seeming to help me so far. But Im 52 and have never had these problems before. Never was allergic to anything in my life.
Avatar m tn I just noticed my cat's lower lip to be a bit swollen. It does not have any puss, I touched it. Nor does it has any pimples over it...just faint lines. It does not look too swollen, thou. She eats properly and more than the time when I bought her a month back. She also licks herself normally. But then again today is the first day. Her lip is more colored or maybe I am being over protective. She is 11 months old and has not had a chance to mate yet, late bloomer, I guess.
Avatar f tn During the day on Tuesday I noticed that my jaw, next to my chin, was swollen and itchy. It is still swollen and itchy and i have scaly rash over that area. Wed. the area on my face, just in front of my ear is now swollen. i went to my pcp on thursday and he said that he thinks it is my salivary gland?? He said to watch it over the weekend and to call him Monday am and let him know how i am.
6755894 tn?1384466098 The reason we need help is that Eli has this reddened, inflamed spot on his left lip that we can't identify on our own. It appears to me that it is actually his inner lip, so swollen that it's showing in the front, but when my fiance first saw it, he thought that it looked more like a mechanical injury from scratching or a snaggle-tooth.
Avatar n tn Saw immunologist on December 16 who took lots of blood and sent it for test. Returned to immunologist on Dec 19 who diagosned Chronic Hives Angio Edema. On Dec 23 woke up with swollen tongue. Took Benadryl and went to work. Taken to hospital via ambulance a few hours later and admitted again to hospital. More steriods, benadryl. Saw immunologist on Jan 2. Prescibed Allegra, Zyrtec and Singular daily and told to use Benadryl if swelling and/or itching returned.
Avatar m tn Yes i know exsacly how you all feel about 2 weeks ago my Submandibular gland started to get sore on the left side of my Jaw, it doesn't really seem to be swollen more to the fact irritating and even more so when i poke at it lol..
480448 tn?1426952138 I know what you mean about the weekends, my girls always need attention on a Saturday or Sunday...I am reading this post at 11 am on Sunday and for my own Peace of Mind, would get my baby in today especially in the case of a severe reaction or abscess...
Avatar n tn A few days ago I noticed a sore, reddish swollen lump on my left inner thigh, right along my bikini line. It has since gotten larger (about the size of a nickel, and more elongated now). It only feels sore if I press on it or rub against it. It seems like a soft lump that moves around with the skin. Last night I applied a warm washcloth to it for about 30 minutes, which made it feel better. Could this be a swollen lymph node, or maybe an ingrown hair?
Avatar m tn Yeah at the start he had the pink lower lip and it was swollen. I think catnip might be the cause but i'm not sure for certain. I took the catnip toys away about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks ago but the sores have still spreaded. The inside of his top right cheek was very swollen with little ulcers on the inside but the swelling has gone down since then. There are still scabs along the top rim of the lip. However There are new sores and scabs in the left corner of his mouth.
Avatar f tn I am writing on behalf of my mother. She is a 68 y/o African American female. January 21st, she had total knee replacement surgery to her right knee. She stayed in the phys rehab center for 8 days post-op, and was fine. The surgeon sent her home with oxycodone for pain management. She only took it 3 days because she developed hives and swollen lips. We attributed this to an oxycodone reaction. However, it is now 3 months later, and the hives have not subsided.
Avatar n tn They are not noticeable but when I rub my tongue on top of my lip I can feel it. So is it the lip gloss I've been using that I had for a while or is it from dry skin? And I also had a dry patch of skin under my bottom lip. Any suggestions on what to do?? Should I use blistex to make sure my lips are not dry?
Avatar n tn Last night my eyes were soooo itchy I must have rubbed at them for 20 minutes to get some relief well when I got up and looked in the mirror my eyes were so red and swollen i kinda freaked and put an ice pack on my eyes, the redness and swelling are better this am but not completely gone. I am 40 and noticed a drastic change around my eyes recently, not only lines but dark circles. I see my eye dr next week and hopefully I may have some type of answer.
Avatar n tn Since then I have experienced swelling like this on the bottoms of my feet several times, once on the bottom of the inside of my hand (this was the largest swollen area I've had) and just now a new one today - I woke up with my bottom lip swollen, just half of it. I have eliminated pop and red bull, I thought I was swelling after I had that. But the last few times I had the swelling I hadn't ingested those things.
1261153 tn?1303909668 off balance dizzy and tired. 430pm folded some laundry all of a sudden slurred speech, walking funny. i layed down on the couch. pulsating twitching all over and i'd try to fall asleep but tremors kept waking me up. fell asleep 6pm. woke up suddenly at 615 pm. i could not feel my whole throat, whole lip and whole tongue. i tried to drink water it wouldn't go down. everything felt thick or swollen. i couldn't talk like chinese, or walk. friends came took me to emer.
Avatar f tn No fever or other symptoms of a problem. Good appetite, very affectionate. Purrs even when in pain. Cut lip 2 months ago on a cat food can. It was bleeding but seems to heal okay. Injured paw about 2 months ago (cut or gouge) I think from scratching a wicker chair. This bled then seemed to heal okay. About a month ago paw started bleeding again and became swollen. 1st vet visit an antibiotic shot to re-evaluate in 2 weeks. Seemed to clear up in a week, then the sore on the paw reopened.
Avatar n tn Hi, I adopted an adult female cat from our local animal shelter a few months ago. She's been fairly healthy except that I had to put her on antibiotics right after adopting her due to sneezing & stuffy nose. About 3 weeks ago we adopted a 4 month old Border Collie. It's been difficult getting the cat & puppy to get along. Earlier this week I noticed a sore on the outer corner of my cat's mouth, with fur loss on the lower lip.
Avatar n tn For the last 6 or 7 years I have developed red, sometimes swollen, bumps/lumps which lay on my knuckles and on the tops of my fingers. They are not exactly painful but when you knock them or run your finger over them for instance they feel quite sore and 'blister like'. I get these all times of the year so the weather does not seem to be factor. However, I have noticed that in the summer, they seem to worsen. The area around them can also become dry and scaly looking.
Avatar n tn or a scab on your lip that is herpes and little bumps show up on your fingers be careful. For the rest of us keep the stress low and pay attention to what you are contacting with your hands.
Avatar n tn Still have small white spots of cheek, white patches on upper/lower lip. Throat still swollen, red and white patches - not sore though. I still got the lumps on neck and chin, tired a lot of the time. Hope to have ultrasound on neck end of April - got to ring ENT dept next week to see when my appointment will be.