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Avatar f tn I have been tracking a few of them and they are lasting more than 48 hours. They no longer itch after 24 hours and they are no longer red and swollen. Just pinkish tiny bumps. New hives continue to crop up. I get some relief from Claritin and tepid baths. Can this still be "true" hives with the individual hives not entirely disappearing in a day? I have chronic inactive Hep B that is monitored.
Avatar m tn Ok im not sure if i have allergies, but for the month of Feb i broke out 3 times with my lip being swollen...usually my top lip, My lip just got swollen out of nowhere and lasts for about 1hr-2hrs. and then i had HIVES breakout...that lasted for about 3 days. What should i do to help this problem out. Oh and i DO NOT HAVE INSURANCE.
Avatar m tn In the following weeks I had a few more allergic reactions (once swollen lips..and a couple of times I had hives on my wrists, legs, arms and ankle's). Then it suddenly stopped but appeared again somewhere in september. I don't have swollen lips often (mostly I wake up with that), but I often have hives on my wrists, legs, arms and ankle's). The times they appear seem to be completely at random (home, friends house, outside etc).
647391 tn?1275020233 What suggestions do you have for diagnosing why the allergic reactions I am having. Hives and now the swollen lips. My mouth and tongue also burned.
Avatar n tn I've got the same issues. Occasional lip swelling and nocturnal hives (buttocks, back of legs, sometimes waist and abdomen and often at the wrists). I've tracked everything I eat and drink and experience in life. I sometimes think I have it figured out then prove to myself that I don't - so you may be surprised by the rice diet not working. Going to an allergist now (internist gave up). I've only had it for about a month.
Avatar f tn I had the same problem a few times last spring and summer and now it seems to be the same thing. My top lip would get swollen either on one side or the entire lip at night. It would usually be back to almost normal by afternoon the next day. It started out slowly with just minor tingling sometimes, then progressing into a lot of swelling and taking longer and longer to go down with each time it occurred. Occurrences also go more and more frequent.
Avatar n tn can heavy (3 six packs in 6-8 hrs) of (Bud and sometimes dark) beer consumption in an 20 yr alcoholic begin to cause a very swollen numb upper lip and extreme breakout of hard itchy white hives on the back? the hives go away in a few hrs, while the lip can sometimes go for 2-3 days?
Avatar m tn I went downstairs to get some advil and the sore throat got better. Next day I wake up in the morning and my bottom lip is swollen!!! I was very surprised. I had no fatigue, no runny nose and no fever. My sore throat is still there but its gotten better. I know what you're thinking its an ALLERGY. Strange because I haven't had allergies before. The only foods I recall eating yesterday were muffins, a donut, noodles, orange juice and apple cider.
Avatar f tn My one daughter is latex/plum anaphylactic and the other one who is 14 is bee sting and she gets a swollen tongue and swollen glands in her mouth with a bee sting along with distant swelling elsewhere from the site, too and burn-like hives which blister and can be 4 feet away from the sting so they consider it an immedaite reaction and just on the tongue, alone, scripted an epi pen. An allergic reaction can turn anaphylactic ........ I'd insist on the Dr's helping you find an answer.
Avatar n tn My lips itch and burn and are also sometimes swollen. They also peel, look dry and cracked, and since this started, make me look much older I have gotten a salve from my dermotologist, which helps somewhat. (She said I am allergic to most toothpaste and I now use Toms which is a natural toothpaste - it has helped to some degree) I am constantly applying lip balm or chap stick, but nothing seems to help the problem entirely. My eyelids itch, are red and also get dry and flakey.
Avatar f tn I've worken up in the morning with my eyes swollen shut or my lip bleeding because my lip was so stretched out it would blister and crack. My cheeks swollen and hard to my scalp and face itching so much I can't get any sleep. For 3 years. Have been to an allegist and I'm not allergic to anything but apparently myself. Autoimmune hives, as I have hashimotos diease which is an autoimmune thyroid condition, where as the antibodies IgE are apparently high.
Avatar f tn The surgeon sent her home with oxycodone for pain management. She only took it 3 days because she developed hives and swollen lips. We attributed this to an oxycodone reaction. However, it is now 3 months later, and the hives have not subsided. They are manageable with prednisone and other antihistamines.
Avatar n tn After my flu shot my arm was swollen and sore with small bumps and fever on the arm
610453 tn?1259108322 Recently we have found that my thyroglobulan levels are 10 times the normal level (most defitely accounting for my sudden lower lip hives and severe swelling ). I am waiting for a consult with a new Endocrinologist....hoping he will have some miracle cure to lower this level once and for all and hopefully rid me of the hives. (but until then I continue with my allergy and synthroid protocol and always keep prednisone on hand in case of big flare ups.
Avatar n tn I thought i had sunburn on my thighs because my thigs got all red and swollen. WEll the next morning I woke up and had hives all over. I went to the doctor and they told me to take some bendryl. Well, that didnt work and finally in August I went to see the doctor again and she referred me to a allergist. The allergist gave me prednisone(steroids), Allegra, Doxepin for the hives, and a acid reducer. None of this has worked and nobody can figure out why i have these hives.
Avatar n tn appointment, a nurse does this) and while on the way there my lip blew up and hives ensued. ughhhhhhh I also have a new ****-Zu puppy that was purchased in Feb. No hive outbreaks until end of May?? So far allergy tests say it's not the dog.. I'm wondering if this is hormonal related because my obgyn in her infinite wisdom changed me from the Estrogen patch to a pill that includes testosterone (Estratest).. OMG! I am itchy non-stop and the hives each time get worse..
Avatar n tn I have allergies to foods, but it usually results in hives around my body and sometimes swelling of the tongue and throat (which I'm already at the E.R when it begins), but never has one side of my lip swelled and not went down. I have no hives or any signs of an allergic reaction. Could it be irritation as I was playing video games and biting the bottom left side of my lip and proceeded to eat salty foods? Is it normal?
Avatar n tn This morning I woke up in hives everywhere from Tapazole, went to my Doctor (thank God he's open on Sundays), he gave me some Hydroxyzine for them, they began going right away, but tonight after dinner they came back in full force, now the tops of my hands are swollen and the bottom lower right side of my lip is swollen, is this normal from taking Tapazole?
Avatar f tn Any advice? A week ago - my right eyelid was swollen and itchy. And upper lip was slightly swollen with rashes that was excreting sticky clear-ish fluid. Doctor told me that the eye was an allergic reaction to something and lip was a cold sore. Gave me antihistamine eyedrops. Next day - eye got worse (swollen but dry) and entire upper lip was swollen (still weeping). Also noticed an itchy rash in my hand with fluid in it.
Avatar f tn I have seen a Dermatologist who says I need to accept the fact that I will not know what is causing the hives and to treat the hives (allegra and zantac) I have seen the Allergist who wants to check for an autoimmune disease which I don't understand because Hashimotos is an autoimmune disease or problem I thought. My thyroid doctor says there is no link between the thyroid and the hives and has taken a leave of abscence from his practice.
Avatar n tn 5F fever and hives all over her face, swollen lip, swollen eyelid. We just got her bloodwork done on Wed and are awaiting the test results. The pediatric rheumatologist ordered those tests and we will know the outcome only after two weeks. So it is an agonizing wait. The docs suspect Lupus and JRA as well. I notice that you are in Bryan, TX. I am in SA, TX. I noticed that few others on this forum were also from a nearby area. Could environment be a factor? Or is it just a coincidence.
Avatar f tn They spread all over the back of my thighs and butt as well as my arms and at times even my face- They tend to occur when I sleep and I even sometimes wake up with a swollen lip. The thing is- there are no bugs that I've found or any sort of discrepancy in that regard, and the bumps aren't itchy after I apply Hydrocortisone cream. Is this just an allergy or a result of having sensitive skin?
Avatar n tn What could cause a sudden attack of hives with stomach pain and diarreah? I had never had anything like this before, but yesterday about 30 minutes after breakfast I broke out in hives on my head and face, neck, underarms, under breasts, and lower abdomen. I had severe cramps that were below my navel and ran across both sides and lower back with more pain on the left side than right. I took benadryl for the hives and layed down in a fetal position until the pain passed.
Avatar f tn End of may I woke up with a swollen bottom lip and went to see my allergist that day. I had an allergy skin test done and found that I had severe reactions (hives) to ALL grasses and the majority of all weeds and tree pollens. My hives began to progress to constant/severe around the beginning of June and lasted until my last taper with prednisone, which I started on June 20th. I was on this round of prednisone for 2 weeks, so I stopped taking it on July 4th.
Avatar n tn Although I'm not a doctor and can't make a diagnosis, your rash and swollen tongue sound more like hives or food poisoning. And there's no way HIV shows up after 12 hours. It's been known to happen in only 5 or 6 days, but not 12 hours. If you used a condom, you have nothing to worry about.
Avatar n tn In this condition,swelling of lip(esp upper lip) is present. Swelling of face and eyes may also be present.Diagnosis can only be made after various investigations to rule out other causes with similar symptoms and biopsy of the tissue from the lip. Other possibilities are angioedema(due to allergic reactions),eczema,crohn’s disease,hives,myxedema, muccopolysacharidosis and acromegaly.It is important to rule out all of them and then reach a confirmatory diagnosis.
Avatar n tn I have been keeping a journal since my first outbreak. I woke one morning with a swollen upper lip and itchy scalp and underarms. I wrote down all the foods I ate for weeks never finding a culprit. Then the pattern showed itself that I was mostly breaking out at night while in bed. Sure, I changed the sheets, the pillows, bed spread, heck I even slept in different locations but always the same result. Im not sure but I think its stress related.