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Avatar f tn im 14 and my left labia is swollen and slightly discolored.
Avatar f tn I recently shaved and now my labia are severely swollen and a bit itchy. This hasn't happened to me before. Is this normal irritation or could it be something else? I have no discharge or burning, only swelling and an itch.
Avatar n tn I have had a bladder infection for about 2 weeks, I havent seen a doctor because I have medicine and I have had enought UTIs that I just wait them out. The swollen labia isnt huge or anything but its quite painful and itchy but when I itch it hurts as well. And my sex life is basically on hold because the pain is horrible. Also, i have been very... wet since this started, a kind of constant discharge, not a lot, but noticable.
554321 tn?1215474169 I have the same problem at 6 months. Its very very extremely swollen and itchy, just one side. Can be painful if touched Is it normal? My OBGYN made out as if it was not.
Avatar f tn What it doesn't tell me is how to (deal, cope, minimize, OR HELP) For the past few days now my labias are both swollen and itchy at times. I am very clean and wipe front to back. I wear cotton underware with a liner now because of some discharge. I was just hoping someone out there has a few tips or tricks on how to survive !! I am 26 weeks now and I pray rhis doesn't last the rest of my pregnancy! !!!
Avatar f tn When i was like, 7, i my right labia began to become swollen and red, leathery and sometimes itchy. Sometimes its to the point where i can't feel anything. Ive been to 4 different gynos, they all say switch my detergent, my soap, etc., and ive tried all of it. Nothing has helped, everyone basically gave up on me. After I touch down there or anything, its definitely worse, and thongs and stuff make it worse too, but it never really goes away.
Avatar f tn I checked and the right side of my Labia Major and Labia Minor are extremely swollen and red with little red bumps everywhere. The bumps aren't really on the outside though, they're more part of it? Over the past hour the swelling has gone down a little and I can now see that where there was swelling there is a tiny little circular open sore, not white or anything, just a little circle, same color as everything else. I don't know if the stinging was the soap and this or what.
Avatar n tn What causes the labia majora to become swollen and red, an dwhat can be done to help it?
Avatar f tn After i received rough oral sex i noticed that my vagina's 'lips' or labia were swollen!! I'm not itchy, and it doesn't hurt. They're just really swollen. I've taken advil and i'm icing it down. I'm trying really hard not to panic and i really don't want to go to the doctor! Help??!
Avatar n tn since several days ago the skin around my vagina is itchy and since yesterday I noticed that my labia majora is a bit swollen. it doesn't hurt, just when I touch it harder I feel a bit of pain and also the skin between my vagina and anus burns. I also noticed that the skin around my clitoris is a bit swollen it doesn't hurt it's just a bit itchy. I haven't had sexual intercourse (I'm not sexually active) so I don't know what's causing it.
Avatar n tn My labia minora is very itchy and is now red and slightly swollen, probably from scratching so much. I've never had a yeast infection before, but I was recently prescribed a cream to deal with a fungal infection of my eczema on my arm. The little research I've done seems to indicate the fungal infection and the yeast infection share similar sources. It is really itchy but no discharge or any other symptoms. Is it a yeast infection?
Avatar n tn It hurts when I pee because I have scratched so much. Tonight before I got in the shower, I realized that my labia minora has swollen twice it's size. Particularly the left one is more swollen. It hurts when I squeeze the swollen areas. When I put my legs together i can feel y labia minora there. Usually they are wrinkly and now they are not because of the swelling.I am only 16 and have done nothing more that kiss a boy, so it can't be related to sexual intercourse.
Avatar n tn Hi, i recently had sex with my partner of 3 and a half years about 3 days in a row. Nothing different from usual however, i now am suffering with swollen labia minora which is also quite red. Its not particularly itchy, no unusual discharge or smell but i have no idea how to reduce the swelling until it subsides as it can be a little paiful to touch too.
Avatar n tn the lower part of my left labia majora is extremely swollen. i just noticed it this morning. i felt an itching and went to the bathroom and at first thought a bug may have bitten me. it has been swollen for several hours now. there may be a very small bump inside the labia, smaller than a pea, to the left of the vagina. i can't tell if this bump is more sensitive because the whole area is so swollen. it is not painful, but slightly itchy.
Avatar n tn So my labia minora has been a lil red the last couple days and a little itchy. Then tonight both sides swelled up like a balloon. There are no abscesses and it doesn't burn when i urinate. I had not had sex for 6 months, then just recently had sex a week ago when my boyfriend came to town for the holidays on leave. What do you think it is? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I noticed that my labia majora was somewhat itchy. (Not sure if that has anything to do with this.) Late last night, my husband and I were having sex when I noticed a lump on my right labia majora. We stopped because it frightened me, as it was rather large. I went to the bathroom to look at it and it just looked swollen and felt a little tender. I went to sleep in hopes that it would be "ok" when I woke up. Well, it's not. It's even bigger and now it's purple like a bruise.
1514431 tn?1290445956 A day or two ago, I noticed that my left labia minora was swollen. It's not itchy, it doesn't burn; I have no symptoms other than the swollen area being rather sore to the touch. If I squeeze it, it hurts. When I did some investigating, it feels as if there's a small tube inside my labia minora, about 3/4 in. long. It changes a bit depending on if I'm aroused or not. It's in the part right next to the clitoris. I AM a virgin.
Avatar f tn Recently my labia majora was itchy I figured it was because of hair coming in but I couldn't help myself and scratched it. I kind of irritated it and made it red so later that night I shaved to prevent any continued itchiness. The following day I had extreme discomfort and found my labia majora to be very swollen and red. It appears that there are little bumps around my labia majora contributing to the redness. It is very uncomfortable and I can barely walk or do anything.