Swollen labia during period

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Avatar n tn Well i had the symptoms during my period and after my period, but i haven't got them any more i still want to go to the doctor because i want to make sure i don't have HIV or STD's Thanks for your answer!
Avatar f tn Just today (or maybe last night?) my left inner labia has become swollen. its not hard and cyst-like, just big and puffy. no discoloration aside redness, its very itchy. I am sexually actuve, but have no latex allergies, neither my partner or i are on and medications, and we never have 'dry' situations during intercourse. my period starts sometime next week and theres been no irregular discharge that i've noticed. i've iced but it hasn't seemed to do much.
Avatar n tn don't know how long this has been happening to me but i only discovered that i had swollen in the labia majora when i am standing or walking. the whole inside of my vaginal looks like a huge balloon coming out of it. however it is not painful and when i get off my feet or soak in a warm bath the swelling goes down. it looks really horrible when it is swollen. please could you tell me what is causing this. i am 61.
Avatar f tn My symptoms started with what looked and felt like a yeast infection under only the hood of the clitoris, once that cleared up I was still experiencing extreme sensitivity on the clitoris and/or the inner labia. My inner labia are swollen to some degree every day; sometimes sensitivity comes with this, sometimes not. When I say sensitivity I mean that every little hair, underwear or anything that touches my inner labia or clitoris is an irritant!!
Avatar n tn i know, it's the most frustrating thing ever. do you ever have an internal itching/burning or is it just the swollen labia and discharge? one thing that i'm learning is that if they take a sample when symptoms are not there, it's not going to show anything. Have they done a culture? That might help figure out exactly what it is that they are not seeing on the slides. Perhaps it is something that you are using in that area that is irritating you like scented soaps, thongs, etc.
Avatar n tn She also told me to use Dial soap as it has an antibacterial property to prevent future outbreaks. Of course my labia was still extremely swollen when I left her office and when the swelling receded, I had another cyst present in a different location. I have been using hot compresses to see if that resolves the issue. I just want to say how sorry I am for anyone who has been suffering with this for years!!
Avatar m tn i've been to 2 doctors and they said they couldn't do anything besides wait for it to enlarge again during my period so they could make an incision and squeeze/cut it out.(since i'm unable to go to a doctor right now, i really don't have the option of doing this) they gave me an antibiotic cream- Fucidin cream fusidic acid but as i'm about to get my period soon, the cream no longer works. it hurts and i can barely walk when this happens.
Avatar f tn My symptoms started with what looked and felt like a yeast infection under only the hood of the clitoris, once that cleared up I was still experiencing extreme sensitivity on the clitoris and/or the inner labia. My inner labia are swollen to some degree every day; sometimes sensitivity comes with this, sometimes not. When I say sensitivity I mean that every little hair, underwear or anything that touches my inner labia or clitoris is an irritant!!
Avatar f tn and now for FOUR months i have had to deal with a swollen labia after sex... and even if i don't get swollen, i am worried i will be during sex... which takes the pleasure out of sex.. The only thing that i have found that helps is lube.... my OBGYN suggested Astroglide, although i have been using something else and have had ok results with not swelling..
Avatar n tn oh my goodnesss!!! my poor torn vaginaaa!!! im SO glad SOMEBODY knows what im going through.The bottom of my labia looks nothing like it used to. it will get the little "papercuts" and get all swollen. it's awful. i thought i had an STD or something at first, but i feel more normal now. i have been on a lot of medication this past year, so maybe thats it??? i have hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) so i HAVE to take that everyday, but im gonna try to cut all others out.
Avatar n tn In August I had some extreme intense itching both during and after my period and two really large nodules under the vulvar skin that swelled up and went away within a week. I think they were cysts. I was wearing some tight jeans and once I stopped and took some baths and the itching isn't that bad anymore (I mean my butt and cervix itched REALLY bad I actually cut myself near my vagina and I can still feel the line from my nail that scrapped the sensitive skin.
Avatar f tn I've also never experienced any flu-like symptoms, fever, additional vaginal discharge (besides what has been a slight increase on occasion ever since giving birth while everything heals as well as around the time of my menstrual period), any swollen glands or swollen genital area (again, it's only swollen now after squeezing the area).
Avatar n tn My labia becomes sensitive just before and during my period. The day after I finished my period I rode my bike while wearing denim shorts with a thick inseam (bad idea). The inseam irritated the already tender area and a Bartholomew's cyst developed. (I had one a few years ago during a very stressful time in my life so I knew what it was.) It bothered me for about four or five days; it made intercourse a precarious situation and riding my bike out of the question.
Avatar n tn Doctor said that I have cervicitis when she did the colposcopy. After a few days, I noticed a couple of bumps on my outer labia (vulva)and they are itchy (size of pimple). Is this related to my hpv? Or is it possibly yeast infection due to the antibiotic that she applied during colposcopy? Or is this early symptoms of vulvar cancer? I am so worried.
Avatar f tn i'm 17 and last night i was fooling around with my boyfriend and noticed weird bumps on my labia minora that havent been there before. they're on the upper part, near my clitoris. theyre in a strait line and arw underneath the skin. it feels unusual when i touch them but it doesnt hurt or itch or anything. im not quite sure what it is, and im a little scared of it. can someone tell me?
Avatar n tn Yeah I need help, I didn't get my period yet, but my labia Minora is swollen... It doesn't hurt at all, but its like 2 times bigger than the non swollen one. Its so annoying though, it started like a few months back. Can anyone help?
Avatar n tn Hi, about two days ago my boyfriend and I were rubbing each other in our genital area like we usually do, nothing out of the norm right... Next day I woke to my clitoris swollen and itchy. My labia lips were also swollen and I had a few bumps, not blisters just bumps. The itching is very persistent and my clitoris is very sensitive...I'm sitting on a ice pack for relief right now...anyways its sore and irritated whenever my legs are closed and it hurts a little when pressure is applied.
1119887 tn?1259179020 i didnt bleed my frist time but the last two time i bleed real bad and i dont get a period cuz of my birth control also after we where done my labia on the left side was swollen and it hurt to pee. i called the doc and they said bleeding is not normal and i hav an apt in 2 days but all my symptoms are gone and im afraid that they wont find out whats wrong and the next time i have sex ill bleed agian and it will hurt like it did the last time when my labia was swollen.
Avatar f tn I got the cream and applied it for a few days before I got to be pretty sick with what I assume to be seasonal allergies. During that time my period started on the 29th (it's pretty irregular) and it was very heavy so I wore even thicker pads than usual, and I noticed a good deal of itchiness and increased number of bumps very red in nature (usually they were light pink, sometimes a bit clear).
Avatar f tn I was experiencing a lot of burning, a very swollen and red area on the left side of my labia, and shooting pain. An urgent care doctor swab bed me within 36 hours of the red area appearing. She put me on Valtrex 500mg/day. I noticed no relief and stopped when she told me the swab was negative. I had the same symptoms a month later right before my period. That time I went to my gyn. No redness or swelling, but the same burning and shooting pain. I tested 3.67 IGG for hsv1.
Avatar n tn they are the same color as the rest of the labia minora. they look similar to swollen taste buds that are kind of spread out. both sides of the labia seem to have it, but way more so on the right side. i am worried they might be warts, although they do not look like the ones i see online. does hpv go away on its own after awhile?? please help me! i have been stressing for 2 months over this and i do not want to go to a gyno...
Avatar n tn Ok, so I've been putting up with on again, off again itching for months on my labia, near my vaginal opening. Never "diagnosed" with HPV but I did get rid of a suspected wart this past year. Can you have a bacterial infection without discharge? It drives me CRAZY sometimes, the only thing that calms it is gold bond ointment, which is minty and refreshing but I'd like no itch. No "rash" that I can see, unless I give in and scratch.
Avatar n tn But earlier on today I had sex with my boyfriend and Afterwards My outer labia was very swollen especially close to my vaginal opening. Also, my Inner labia was very red. This has happened a few times. Not much but occasionally. The swelling usually goes down after a 24 hours but can occasionally stay for slightly longer. I don't have much problem with lubrication as I tend to have many orgasms and am usually very well lubricated anyway. Does anyone have any idea why this may be happening?
Avatar n tn At first I thought it was because I used a hair-remover cream to remove hair around my pubic region, but the itching continued. I itch a lot before and during my period and it's painful once i scratch and have to go pee. I was scared but because I'm still a virgin, I knew there was no way it could be an STD... I'm wondering about the whole eczema thing though... I sometimes have an irrational itch on my right hand, but I've found it's when I come into contact with wheat or a kind of detergent.
Avatar n tn ok so im 16 && im still a virgin && after my period which alwaiis lasts 3daiis my right lip got swollen i dont have any type of sex but for sum reason its swollen && dont wanna talk to my mom or any1 around me about it
Avatar n tn Keep them clean with baby whipes or peroxide to fight any bacteria, and use neosporine at night time. During the day feels all mushy and grose, so I wouldnt use it during the day. :-) I'd refrain from sex until they heal.. you dont want to irrate what's already irritated, you know? It shouldnt take more than a few days for the pain to go away. Dont be afraid to ask questions... You can't shock us. :-) We've heard everything. hehe.