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245460 tn?1238008096 Hello, I woke up this morning with and extremely painful and swollen knee. I don't remember hurting it in any way. I know it almost looks like there is fluid on it but not sure. Very painful when i walk. Could this be part of Fibro? Any suggestions or answers would be so much help to me.
Avatar f tn Since starting classes again I have been having a lot of trouble with my knee. There is heat coming from it. It gets swollen, and red by the end of the day. At first it didn't hurt at all, it was just swollen. However; the last few weeks it has started to hurt, and I've gotten lightheaded a few times. Also there is this popping sound that happens if I rest it for awhile, then try to get up. My knee also itches to every now and then.
Avatar f tn I go see the surgeon in two weeks. Right now the fluid is gone, however, having issues with pain on the inside of the knee (more like knee cap won't budge). My PT does try his best, I see him twice a week. Everytime I bend my knee & then straighten it out it feels like it is catching on something & it is painful... I will let you know what the surgeon says.
Avatar m tn In the last week or so, I noticed that my left knee got a bit swollen. It feels tender to touch, as if it's filled with a liquid. (This is not the first time that this has happened) I feel no pain in the knee however, and I have full range of motion. I've been icing the knee 2 times a day for 20 minutes the last couple of days, but the swelling doesn't seem to be going away.
Avatar f tn I have had both knees replaced several years ago In March I fell on a tiled floor striking my left knee which became swollen and painfu At the ER was told i had a bad contusion My knee is still swollen and tender with a burning The ortho dr can't seen to find what's wrong but the workman comp dr suggest i may have fluid pressing on a nerve...........
Avatar m tn My journey started out with random knee pain. My left leg would swell up fat as a baseball and then go down but not all the way. I went to a doctor which sent me to an ortho who performed an MRI and X-ray and found nothing. Said the fluid and swelling would go away in some weeks. It's now going on two months and I still have the swelling but now I am having a hard time sitting without discomfort and stifness when I get up iris impossible to straighten my leg and my knee swells back up instantly.
Avatar f tn Now I have a lift i were inside my shoe because walking and limping was affecting my back. But with the knee hurting so badly i've begun to limp again. What should I ask the doctor tomorrow when I see him? If he says I need surgery what should I do. Thanks so much for your help.
666921 tn?1254994218 I also try to lie down in the morning and stroke my legs from ankle to knee and knee to hip to encourage the fluid build up to move out. Little things, but they seem to help.
Avatar n tn I don't know if those are the reasons, but I started having problem with my knees a while ago. Tried using a good knee brace, not much help. For the past 1 month or so, I can feel my left knee(right knee is perfectly fine, God forbid) going stiff(even while driving). I do not have any other issues. I am normal weight & height and in my later 20's. I have seen people suffering with arthritis. They are unable to do anything normal. I am very concerned. Can this be ok in exercises?
Avatar f tn But then up and pain subsided. Possibly knee cap moved back in place. Now then in morning knee lil swollen, pain when walking, no bending or squatting which would lead my proffessional opinion to be you over streched tendons, possibly a slight tear. Use an ice pack for 2 days twice a day 30 mins each. No more weights till Friday. If everything returns to normal leave the squats out for an additional week. However by this Friday if knee is still the same, go see family doctor.
Avatar f tn Could it be like a pinched nerve? Maybe fluid in there, but it's not swollen. I really have no idea. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn The best treatment, presently for Osteoarthritis , is Total knee replacement.Can you upload her knee X-rays on the photo section, so that i will be able to comment on that.
Avatar n tn When a joint is affected by arthritis especially rheumatoid arthritis (RA), increased abnormal amounts of fluid can build up. usually the knee will appear swollen but this depends on the amount of fluid in your knee. The fluid is produced by the inflamed tissues that are affected by the arthritis and that line the joint. Usually a physician can drain off the fluid and your pain will improve. You may have had a "minor" meniscus tear at one point but now you have a major one....
Avatar n tn Knee pain has many causes, including pathologic processes in the knee and disorders in distant locations with referral to the knee area. In you case it is the disease of knee which is likely to be affected, as your work involved more stress and strain for your knee. Can you tell me when this pain is more? Do you experience any grinding, locking, catching, or giving way of the knee?
741877 tn?1265953800 knee high stockings with 15-20 mmHg pressure. this would need to be prescribed by a physician. however, congestive heart failure would be a contraindication for compression stockings. a water pill (HCTZ) can help too (also needs to be prescribed). elevating the legs can also help pool water from the legs.
Avatar n tn Both my calves are very tight but don't ever hurt. My right leg under the knee is swollen and leaves an imprint if I indent it with my thumb. Running injury? Vascular problem? Don't worry about it?
Avatar n tn You probably know that nocturnal erections are the norm, typically during REM dreaming. With them, there is pre-ejaculate fluid, just as with conscious sexual arousal. Also, vigorous searching for discharge -- especially by repeatedly squeezing the penis -- can create small amounts of clear discharge. Whether or not one of these explanations is true, completely clear fluid in small amount usually is not due to urethritis. But that is possible and you get professional care to check it out.
Avatar n tn I also have problems with swollen feet and ankles. My Dr. has switched my medications several times in the last 8 months. Maybe its time for me, and you, to switch doctors? Maybe its time to see a specialist?
Avatar f tn I have a mild disability and walk with my left knee slightly bent, as a result my kneecap has ridden up slightly and is slightly inwards. I have had pains in it since I was young that tend to come and go, but at the moment it is bothering me more so than usual. It hurts just underneath my kneecap slightly to the left, also swollen, and a little in the kneecap itself. The thing is, the pain isn't constant and doesn't always prevent me from doing things.
666921 tn?1254994218 Does anyone think it could be that I get 'fluid' around my neck etc. - like when someone has a knee injury and the area becomes swollen?? - or am I being 'stupid'!!!
Avatar f tn I have moderate knee pain most of the time, especially when I sit. The knee is swollen and looks as if it has a lot of fluid in it. My orthopedic surgeon has said that I will definetly have to have a total knee replacement but the time to do it is up to me. I am 67 years old and don't know if it would be better to do it before I get older. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I just noticed that my knee felt bruised when I was leaving work today and I didn't hit it on anything. I looked at it and it is a bit swollen on top of the kneecap. It is red on the top and a couple spots around the kneecap. Also it seems there may be a pocket of fluid on top of the kneecap. It is also warm to the touch. Does any one know what this could be?
Avatar f tn My knee is also swollen and warm to the touch. I have had three knee surgeries in the past for a torn medial meniscus (2004, 2007, 2008). I've been having the pain for a few weeks now and its getting worse and almost everyday now. I'm not sure if I should go to the hospital for the pain (I'm at a university and our health center is not open on weekends), wait until next week when the health center is open, or wait until I go back home in March to see my doctor.
93210 tn?1287457826 She had her knees done Right in 1989 Left in 1990. She fell on her hip in 2002 and twisted the knee in the process. Now with that said the knee pops out of joint. The operations to me only last for 15 years and they are alot of work. My mother is looking to have the knee re-done again and she is 62 full blown diformanity. Although this is a topic that should be separtate has anyone ever lost movement in hands? Her Dr. just did a EWG test for carpel tunnel and came back negative.
Avatar m tn At home I had a portable cpm for use and over a 2-3 hr time could get up to 100%. My knee remained swollen and blood tests indicated an infection, besides tracking my low platelet count problems (last one last week was 33). August 2008 the knee was scoped, scare tissue remove, and the leg "bloodily manipulated" as the doctor put it. I was both losing movement, more pain, and y left would swell 8-10 inches bigger than my left.
Avatar m tn I am sure there is a variation of the processes depending upon the individuals severity of the specific condition, There are treatments for knee pain that are very effective compared to when my knee pain originated, There are injections for treating arthritis of the knee that I could have had before my arthritis became so severe, I have pampered my knees for years. Started with knee cracking or crepitus when I was 21.