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Avatar f tn Ok so I hadnt done anything to it and one morning I woke up with my knee hurting BAD to put pressure on it the next day woke up with it swelling. Now a week later it's still swollen and has gotten worse over time I've been lifting it above my heart.... Not helping. And no I haven been to a doctor because I have warrants for my arrest. Please. Need help. I now have A fever.!
Avatar n tn 32 yr old swollen knee,pain,feel pressure,did not injure it or fall, came on all of a sudden
Avatar n tn Hi Red bumps that are swollen and painful may be boils. Pain and redness associate with an acute infection. This sounds like an infectious skin condition to me and a boil is primarily in my differential. If this enlarges rapidly ,I suggest that you have this promptly assessed by an internist. You may need to have this drained. The discharge may be cultured to determine the organism and also to guide treatment. You may also need oral antibiotics for this.
Avatar m tn Last summer my knee was swollen for no reason. I hadn't hurt it, i had played any sport recently, and i hadn't done anything that could've hurt it. I went to the Emergency room and got X-rays done and they tested fluids in my knee and still nothing. They couldn't find why. They sent me to an Orthopedic and Then they performed an MRI and perscribed Anti-Inflamatories (Naproxen) and pain relievers.
Avatar m tn Fever is not necessarily co-incident with many low-grade infections. So infection is unlikely, but not ruled out. Culture of the fluid extracted would be a good first step. An x-ray is a good idea, but an MRI of the knee is better. I would also ask for an MRI of the foot. And I would not necessarily head for the conclusion that a total knee replacement is necessary. I am concerned about the constellation of symptoms, particuliarly the pain in the ankles and forefoot.
Avatar f tn 5-100 also have bad sharp pains in low right side went to doc he did blood work(came back normal slighly elevated segs and low mono) said it was fine so now 5 weeks later my thigh above knee is extremely swollen I have a low grade fever that doesn't go down with advil and a feeling like I can't get a good breath short of breath I have to burp can't get it past vomit in chest(like heartburny stuff) its bad after I eat my whole body aches chills oh and at night I wake up with horrible leg cramps l
Avatar f tn Ok so I hadnt done anything to it and one morning I woke up with my knee hurting BAD to put pressure on it the next day woke up with it swelling. Now a week later it's still swollen and has gotten worse over time I've been lifting it above my heart.... Not helping. And no I haven been to a doctor because I have warrants for my arrest. The reason I posted here is because I am also an addict that shoots ice and subutex and everything else.... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!
359937 tn?1220987451 My son wakes up at night with his knee hurting. I have notices sometimes it is with the weather changes. But it looks kind of funny. Several trips to the dr and x-rays twice and blood work to see if anything is wrong. They did not find anything. It is off and on, only at night usually. I need help too...I am going Friday to see if we can go to a specialist. I want to make sure it is nothing serious!
Avatar f tn This weekend I had a painful swollen lymph node on my right side of my neck with a headache that wrapped around my right ear. I am trying to be patient, but this is really running me down. Any advice?
Avatar f tn So, try to be patient for a couple of days, HOWEVER, if you continue to notice a decline in your mobility or increase in pain levels, especially if you start running a fever or your knee is red, swollen and warm - IMMEDIATELY get in touch wtih your doctor or head to the ER. Any time you puncture the skin, there is chance of infection. I hope you feel better soon!
1273067 tn?1270986846 The back of my knee is not. No other pain! I just got over being sick for a few days, with a double ear infection. Had fever and body aches, but no ear pain. Doc put me on anitbiotics and I am fine now. I had slept on the couch alot due to the body aches in bed during that time. Has anyone else had something like this or have any ideas?
Avatar n tn From day one of surgery I am suffering with burning pain down the front of my leg from my shin to my knee. I have been tested for a blood clot and was negative. The leg is very swollen at the end of the day and the pain wakes me up at night. The leg gives out without warning. Being that this was a work related injury I've been to two (2) doctors.
5194006 tn?1380823487 This hasn't ever happened with any of my knee surgeries so I find that its not supposed to be there.
Avatar n tn The next fever was 8 weeks later, very mild and manageable with Motrin and no seizure. Then nothing for 3 months. Then a mild fever, but after a visit with the chiropractor, the fever ended after 30 hours. And now we have been fever and seizure free for 5 months! My son is himself again. He only goes to see the chiropractor once a month just to check up and they never adjust him unless there is a need. He loves to visit "Dr. Dave" and we have been so encouraged!
1917408 tn?1421955640 It is really just just this fever and feeling like pretty much every injury I can remember just happenedalong with weird fluttering and stabbing pains in all these areas: broken T5 vertebrae, my horse ran my knee into an arena fence at full barrel racing speed, a barn door shut on my ankle and cut my Achilles tendon about 25% thru, various skiing and racecar accidents.....you get the idea! I think I have a pretty high pain threshold, but I can't take ALL these things hurting all at once!!
Avatar n tn His knee remained swollen for a few days and was feeling better then took a turn for the worse. The last few days his knee became more painful and last night his foot became swollen as was his whole leg down from the knee to the toes. The knee has been hot to touch but not that red since it started. His foot looks swollen and reddish now also. He's also prone to gout having had a few gout attacks recently.
2168049 tn?1346908769 I telephone a ortho doc for a apt asap. Since a few days have past now my right knee cap is swollen like a melon as if I had knee surgery but no pain down the calf just cant bend or move it a slight pain in the back. Is this from putting weight on it do to the left knee? Or is all of this a serious Vascular problem. Who is the correct doctor and WHY or WHY is this happen and in both knees and swelling in the one leg right and of course the left calf which is always there. Who do I see?
Avatar n tn I had both knees replaced a year and a half ago with with Vanguard knee replacement I am in constant pain and the doctors feel its allergic reaction what can I take for it without replacing the needs again
1260255 tn?1288658164 I I went to a rheumatologist after the vascular surgeon and orthapedic specialist couldn't figure out what was wrong with my ankle, which was swollen and very painful. She diagnosed RA and prescribed methatraxate, to lower my immune system. Pow! After 4 months on that, my knee suddenly swelled to twice its size. In August I was diagnosed with gout which cleared up the ankle, but tested positive for Lymes. The arthritis is in both knees and wrists right now and I am pretty crippled up.
Avatar f tn Symptoms or lack of will never tell you anything about HIV. Test at 3 months since last unprotected exposure for a conclusive risk.
Avatar n tn HSV-1 I think from the boyfriends fever blister. I started taking Valtrex at night took 2 (1 mg) tablets then the next morning took one. Went for a jog, bathed and then my anus started to swell. A hemarrhoid protusion occurred then the entire area swelled! The sides of the anus are swollen. It is huge: at least 1 inch by 1 1/2 inch Painful. I went to the gyno and she was shocked. Said she didn't see herpes there and gave me cortisone cream.
86664 tn?1291561395 Hi Everyone, I've been experiencing swollen ankles, my left one more swollen than my right one, even if I don't stand for a long time. They're even swollen after being in bed all night. I'm athletic, fit and not overweight. I have two questions: 1) is the edema a sign that HCV is progressing? and 2) can liver ultrasounds reveal mild fibrosis? My stats: 53, female, geno 1 VL 11 million infected 25 years/blood transf & frequently symptomatic (fever, swollen glands, fatigue, weak, etc.
Avatar n tn Last night, I woke up at about 3am with a swollen tongue. It really freaked me out. I took 2 Benadryls and thankfully it went down almost back to normal within a couple of hours. When it happened on my lip, it swelled to the size of a grape and the Benadryl took FOREVER to kick in. Anyway, I went to the doctor this morning and she said swelling like this (tongue, lips) is called angiodema.
Avatar n tn The fevers occur about every four weeks and last three to four days. They start out as getting knee pain a few days before fever starts, then she complains her eyes hurt and head hurts. Her fevers get as high as 105 and she vomits at least once with each episode.We have been to an Infectious Diease Doctor when she was 2. He said he couldnt find any thing and she would grow out of it by kindrgarten and she has not. When she was five she had Pansiusitus surgery and Adnoids taken out.
Avatar f tn We ended up in the ER 6 hours later with severe pain and fever of 102. Now my husband has a swollen foot. what is the problem and what can I do to help him feel better and calm my nerves and be able to sleep. i feel like I have a new born and will wake up everytime he moves or makes a sound. I am so scared!!!
Avatar f tn Constipation, junk food, food and other allergies. They even say in recent years that an allergy can give you a slight fever. Anything is possible with all the pollution and weird food nowadays. Don't let doctors tell you that you are crazy!! It can be exacerbated by nervousness and stress, but it's not just nerves or all in your head. Good luck and good health to everyone!!
Avatar m tn The pain was horrendous, and I started having sore throats and swollen lymph nodes. I began to have a daily fever back in October, it was always the same time, I could almost set my clock to it, with the fevers came the rash and the muscle pain. And then the arthritis became noticeable, swollen, hot joints, not being able to grasp this or do that. My husband quit sleeping in the same bed because of my night sweats, I find I have two fever spikes in a 24 hour period.
Avatar n tn Sometimes it's caused by an infection. With the swelling and fever he should be seen by a vet soon. The doctor can determine what's causing the problem (perhaps a bite or puncture?) and treat it properly.