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Avatar f tn then just today we got back and realized my knee is a bit swollen..not alot but to make it uncomfortable and uneasy to walk..i am healthy and had not had any injuries prior to the trip..and iv never experienced this on any other trips..
Avatar n tn My ankle and the leg below the knee has become swollen. It is about 1 inch in circumference at the calf larger than the other leg. I have been to the hospital emergency and they have done both a blood test and an ultra sound. Blood clots have been ruled out. There is no pain. What might be the cause of this?
Avatar f tn I had surg twice on one knew first time great second time did not heal my leg has been swollen for over two years now but the pain is bad throbs and you can see veins now too but makes it hard to sleep it's not just the knee anymore but my whole leg that hurts.. I was told I need a knee replacement but what could make it hurt so bad...
Avatar m tn I had believed that the couple times I had removed it would have been enough to avoid any circulation problems but it seems I was wrong. Now, my problem is that my right knee is still looking pretty swollen AND now my right calf is a bit swollen too. The calf hurts a bit with some areas on it (the calf) hurting when I touch them. I don't know why these areas hurt. Also, the calf gets really hard when I walk on the right leg.
Avatar n tn From my knee down to my foot it's swollen and my foot kinda hurts I'm on medication for currently having high blood pressure Advice
Avatar m tn    The last couple of days my left leg is swollen, is a bit achy when I stand on it for too long. No redness, it is about 2 cm bigger than the right. I have vericose / spider veins only on my left leg.  Since it is off and on over the last 3.years , could I worry less about dvt? Could it just be the veins? . I have no history of blood clots.
Avatar m tn The last couple of days my left leg is swollen, is a bit achy when I stand on it for too long. No redness, it is about 2 cm bigger than the right. I have vericose / spider veins only on my left leg. Since it is off and on over the last 3.years , could I worry less about dvt? Could it just be the veins? I am also left handed if it helps. I have no history of blood clots.
Avatar n tn So heres what happenned, About 9 wks ago, I noticed that my right leg was swollen below the knee, mostly the calf, not so much towards the ankle and foot, I experienced paresthesia and minor discomfort(pain), no discoloration or change in temperature form the other leg. I went to the ER, got a d-dimmer test which was positive, and my leg was about 2in bigger that the other, got a heparin shot for 4 days but when I had the doppler done it was negative. Dr.
229857 tn?1319033507 my fiance said its prob some type of swollen vein. it is on the inside of my thigh and i have been getting alot of leg cramps lately so i didnt know if they were related. I will keep you posted..
Avatar m tn I have a constant burning sensation and soreness around my right knee particularly where the thigh muscle joins the leg. There is also a constant soreness on the bottom edge of my knee, just above the tibia. It has been like this for over a week following a run and has not improved significantly in that time. It is somewhat uncomfortable, but not painful to bend my leg. If is painful to flex my leg muscle, which I notice more when extending my leg. The pain level is bearable.
Avatar f tn I wud like 2b told how a swollen lymph node bhid a knee look like,feel n all.
Avatar m tn From the day of surgery I have had a soreness along the front of the lower leg - about half way from the foot to the knee. About 3 weeks ago a pain began developing along the front of the lower leg after sleeping for about 2 hours. The pain can be very sever - 8 on a 1 to 10 scale. If I ice it the pain will go away for a while. I have been wearing compression socks all day long. Since surgery both of my legs and ankles have been swollen.
Avatar n tn the next morning i couldnt walk on it the it gradually got better through the week then i went to a skatepark yesterday and when jumping off something it came back it wasnt fully healed yet anyway but it is swollen about 1/2 the size of my knee cap and hurts when i squat, or do things that put pressure on it. Its a hard swollen knot.
Avatar m tn The bruising has now traveled down my whole leg and around my ankle/foot and is quite swollen and painful Im worried as what this could be. My leg is also painful not only in the area where I fell but around the back of my knee where i noticed a large lump a couple days ago. My ankle is very swollen as well. The arch of my foot also hurts. Help, should I seek medical attention or is this common after a fall. The bruising looks quite bad.
Avatar m tn I was practicing front flips into a padded landing mat, and I landed with my right leg straight up and down rather than bent and I felt pain in my knee. I stretched my leg and the pain went away and I continued for another hour. There was very little discomfort and no pain. It's three days after and my knee still does not hurt but feels swollen and tingly and I have been walking on my toes on that leg to avoid over straightening.
Avatar f tn I dislocated my left knee five weeks ago I saw my physio yesterday (Thursday) and he advised me to start using my leg more and trying to bend.
Avatar n tn Now, for about 6 weeks ive experienced this extreme tingling on my left foot, from about hte knee down. This is only on the leg that i injured. The doctors say its unrelated but I think otherwise What are the symptoms? Symptoms of a dislocated knee include: * severe pain immediately after injury * inability to bend the knee properly * deformity of the knee * rapid swelling of knee joint * tingling or numbness in the foot.
Avatar f tn Just below the knee of my left leg I get severe pain that causes me to almost have it go out from under me. It comes and goes, but lately its more often. It does not involve the joint itself, it is the very top of thelower leg on the front. It is not swollen,noris it red. I have fallen on the ice a couple years ago striking that leg on the edge of a porch step in that area. I am 150 pounds over weight which I am sure aggrivates it.
Avatar n tn A few days later the inside muscle (groin) down to my knee began to hurt on the left side. A few day later my entire left leg gave way with acute pain in my hip and inner and outer thigh. I could not lift my leg even 1 inch or move it to the left even when lying down. I went to bed for 2 days and took anti-inflammatory meds and also put heat on the area. I felt much better, although some minor groin pain continued and a burning sensation in my knee.
Avatar m tn Fatigue which has subsided, headache which has gone but I still have swollen lymph nodes in my necj, jaw, groin and knee but only on the left hand side of my body. I also have severe what feels like muscle pain in my left leg, it starts in my thigh and goes down my leg. If I stand up it goes away but sitting and laying cause the pain. The doctor did blood tests and said there was no sign of inflammation or infection and the pain is probable reactive arthritis!!
Avatar m tn Hi, I was hoping you could assist with the following problem, Following a fall in football, landing on the right side of my left knee, I experienced immense pain and heat across the knee. Immediately after bruising spread up and down my leg and a fluid filled sac developed on the top right side of my knee cap. I visited the doctor and initial was assessed by the two nurses who said they didn't know what it was and asked me to come back to see the doctor.
Avatar f tn A couple of weeks ago, my knee snapped while I was going to run. I went to the hospital & they said it was a knee sprain. I could barely walk straight on my right leg. It still looks swollen. I can't straighten my leg at all. I go for therapy now & my therapy doctor said I have information in my knee. How do I remove the information?