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Avatar n tn Does anyone (when they started getting the heat spots) recall being in the cold more than usual or have any events that they remember "accepting" the cold?
Avatar n tn I think this is pretty normal since not much tissue, meat or fat is around the knee unlike the near areas like thighs or leg. I just read these posts and decided to touch my knees and yes, they are very cold compared to the rest of my leg. I have some pain cause I recently had a big car crash and I hit my knees against the counter but It has been hurting less with time so I dont think it has to do with it. This might be just usual, or at least, lets hope so!
Avatar f tn i had knee surgery in march about 9 weeks ago ,oh my my dull ache in knee and if i walk or stand too long during day i pay for it at night especially when i try to sleep,i rub rub it but nothing works and don;t put ice pack right on knee the cold makes it hurt terribly!sometimes i wish i didn;t do it!
Avatar f tn I do not experience any grinding, locking, catching or giving way of the knee. There are no positions that make my knee uncomfortable other then putting my weight on it while kneeling. It feels totally normal otherwise. The pain is as if I knelt on a sharp rock or tack or even as if my bone is splintered. It began a couple of weeks ago while kneeling. I have not tried anything to help the pain other then not kneeling on it. Never had surgery. No hip pain or ankle pain.
Avatar n tn For the last few days I've been getting a very strange sensation in my right leg, between the back of my knee and the top of my calf. It's a feeling of heat which lasts for a few seconds. This happens about 2 or 3 times an hour. It's not painful, it just feels weird. My leg is not hot to the touch, it's a kind of internal heat (quite hard to describe!). I have a desk-based job but I do get up and move around regularly.
Avatar n tn I had a torn miniscus and below my knee is very swollen and under the knee to the right where ham string is. I have been at Physical Therapy going on 5 months now and still can't bend it and still having problems. It's very hard to do anything because of the discomfort and pain and aches. Doctor just says it's soft tissue problems. But why, I don't understand what is taking so long to heal. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn caught a cold/seems to be more severe than other family members and friends, itchy mouth, sore throat. swollen tonsils, lots of tonsil stones.
Avatar n tn I am in my 60's and have only just started to have either a swollen face or, on the last two occasions, a swollen tongue, which all started in September. The first time I had a swollen tongue was 4 weeks ago and I ended up in hospital. I had already taken Piriton but it didn't help. At the hospital they gave me Prednisolone which worked very quickly and I was packed off home with another 2 days supply.
Avatar n tn Or if it seems to be getting worse, come into the office. Part of my visit usually involves cold or heat treatments & a 10-15 minute back massage on whatever area is causing trouble. This time it was my neck/shoulder area. That usually puts me to sleep but I noticed when the therapist was doing the massage, that area of my leg burned a little. I didn't equate the area of the back with the burn so I dont know what specific area it was.
219373 tn?1274925034 ) Today I have ironed my socks twice, the heat feels good but fades quickly fades. Yes it feels cold; ice cold. It's like wearing blocks of ice for shoes but they don't feel warm like some people experience, rather, my socks sometimes feels damp from the extent of the cold. I do not have MS (please God), I am only 25. The cold is so ridiculous I came on goggle and typed 'why do my feet feel so cold' thats how I came across this board. Good luck to everyone with the same affliction.
Avatar f tn The soft pallet in the roof of my mouse swells up. This happens whether airconditioning is on cold or heat. It does not cause any running nose, itchy eyes etc.. When pallet swells up I then lose my voice and have problems breathing. If I take an anti-inflamatory this brings swelling down. Now living in Florida in US and everywher is airconditioned and sealed. At home I have a window slightly opened and this seems to help. This sound familiar to anyone???
Avatar n tn As my skin started turning red later that afternoon, my ankles and feet started getting swollen. My skin was hurting so bad and all the swollen parts almost felt numb to the touch. I am also 100% certain this was due to the shock on the burnt skin, almost like a feverish reaction, since this is the second time it has happened from being in the sun. I applied cooling aloe vera gel with lidocaine for two days. However, it is extremely painful as the skin starts drying and when standing.
Avatar n tn Laura (and others who suffer from sudden electric shock in knee type of symptom), My knee pain comes on with little or no warning. It lasts somewhere in the range of 10 to 30 seconds. I am usually sitting, but it has happened occasionally in a standing position. There may be a few twitches to signal the onset. When there is, I panic knowing that excruciating shock-like pain is about to follow.
Avatar n tn I have always had problems with pain in both legs, mostly the left that radiates from my knee down, knee up,or from my hip all the way down..its so bad I have to take vicodin or at least 4 asprin to get rid of the pain. So, I wonder if its all associated. I heard of people that have back problems having issues with their legs or arms like numbness, tingling and pain.
Avatar n tn My only complaints are pain at the base of my knee, crunching or grinding felt when I bend and straighten my knee, and stiffness and a tight sensation felt around what would be my knee joint. I take Tramadol 1 tablet 1 hr prior to therapy and occasionally at night. Otherwise, I don't use pain medications. My Ortho says that I might have some scar tissue and some inflammation and isn't really concerned. Is this typical?
544292 tn?1268886268 Tramadol is more complex than other opiate and opiate-like medications because it also appears to have actions on the GABAergic, noradrenergic, and serotonergic systems in the brain. This may cause some people feel additional withdrawal symptoms or intensified psychological withdrawal symptoms when discontinuing tramadol. It is always advised to talk with your doctor before and while discontinuing this medication. _______________________________________________________________ Yeah.
Avatar m tn Two months ago, I felt like I was coming down with a cold or flu or something--very tired, fatigued, weak. No fever or sore throat. Then, I began to feel dizzy (light headedness, disequilibrium with some minor vertigo--like the floor was moving but mostly dizziness/light headed/leaning to the left) followed by needles and pins in my hands and feet (come and go) and for a few days a "sunburn" sensation behind my left knee (gone now).
Avatar n tn Last night I applied a warm washcloth to it for about 30 minutes, which made it feel better. Could this be a swollen lymph node, or maybe an ingrown hair? It is located in the area where I shave daily. Any advice would be very appreciated!
1035252 tn?1427231433 constipation one more word diarrhea you knew you would throw up once or twice while you were pregnant because that's expected, but you forgot and ate garlic bread for dinner. EW! heat rash in all the wrong places extra facial hair growth (i never had this but it plagued my cousin) stretch marks that itch! such bad heartburn that you have to plan your dinners according to what you would prefer to taste as you burp it up all night alright ladies now don't be ashamed, don't be embarrassed...
Avatar n tn I went to the web and found infor about it and it's best sit on donunt sit ( make sure you put in a pillow case to keep it clean and in a bag to keep it concealed ) Go to see a Chriopractor or a massage therapist and apply heat to it before you get up in the mornings. It hurts the most when I have to lean over and pick up something. I hate having this problem and we as humans take our bodies for granted so much.
5394463 tn?1367327452 I've always had problems with my legs since I was a child, my mom says that I always complained of my legs and still do but I don't know why, I've seen a lot of doctors and none of them ever looked at my legs, they always tell me that there is no swelling, heat or anything so they never ordered a radiology test and told me my calcium is 9.6 mg/dL which is very good but they did mention Vitamin D deficiency.
1757167 tn?1312666037 Legs- October 2010 one month - stiffness upon standing or changing postions,pain in legs, felt like back of left knee was swollen, heaviness to walk, stairs were excruciating, stabbing, specific areas of heat radiating, other areas ice cold, itchiness.
546214 tn?1214457740 Avoiding weight bearing activities as much as possible when the knee is painful and swollen is essential. Cold therapy can help control pain and swelling. Application of ice to the knee for 15 to 20 minutes every two to four hours is helpful. When icing the knee, it is important to raise the knee higher than the level of the heart, using pillows for comfort. Acetaminophen (Tylenol, others) is often effective at relieving pain.
Avatar f tn I spend a lot of time doing web research, that's how I came across this forum. I believe the cold chills and cold sweats arise from thyroid or pituitary problems, because these glands regulate the body temperature. However, the standard laboratory tests are not showing any abnormalities, even though a problem exists. I worked as a medical technologist in microbiology for 20 years and other idea I thought about is that cold chills and cold sweats can be caused by infections and parasites.
Avatar n tn Thyroid disease can cause sensitivity to cold or hot. In our case, it's cold. So, get a blood test, and make an appointment with the endocrinologist.
175662 tn?1282217256 For the last 2 days I've had a horrible cramping in my lower left leg. So severe that it effects my knee and ankle and walking. I've tried heat, I've tried cold, I've tried Tylenol, I've tried elevating, stretching, massaging (which is painful) and everything in between. But it won't go away. I don't want to harass my doctor but I swear this pregnancy has been so much harder than my other 2! I didn't have these kinds of problems with my daughters. I just don't know what to do anymore....
Avatar m tn last night,. i had 3-4 simultaneous stabbing pains that lasted 2-3 seconds in the sternum/heart area, VERY scary very uncomfortable. i do not know if this was GAS or if it was ACID REFLUX the docs always say either its ACID REFLUX or its "anxiety or stress" related. And yes when im full of gas, i am bloated , have a weird sensation in the body, a lil dizzy,. but once i release it, its like such a relief ! bloating goes away, i feel so good, but its hard to release it.
Avatar m tn In the mean time try taking some ibuprofen for the pain and experiment with heat and cold. I get a lot of relief soaking in a tub or using a heating pad. Good luck.
Avatar m tn I asked the Dr. and he suggested heat for the pain but I thought cold reduced swelling. Are there exercises that I can do also or maybe massages? The leg is so tight and uncomfortable.
Avatar m tn I would first say, do not do any exercises that cause pain. The pain could be realted to the knee cap. Apply ice (no heat!) 10 minutes at a time a few times a day.