Swollen knee after fall

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643558 tn?1258406109 anywho, the point is my legs were so swollen..huge!! I could barely bend my legs at the knee...it was very uncomfortable....after I woke up this morning is was a lot better...but wow!! I thought I had gained about 5 lbs in my legs!! Not a good feeling.....Has anyone had swelling problems??
Avatar f tn I fell two weeks ago, landed on the right knee, and have suffered ever since. The knee, while not swollen, is difficult for me to bend and is very stiff at times. I do walk with a limp and have problems getting up from a seated position. I have been on every NSAID and COX-2 drug. I am currently taking Tramadol. Any ideas what I might have wrong? Keep in mind, I had bad pain before the fall. Thanks for reading.
117078 tn?1200026271 I also want to add that my right knee is also still swollen, I went down on the knee too, and sends shooting pains through my leg. The Doctor at the ER said it's nothing, just a little swelling on top of my knee. It looks like a good 2-3 cm mass of fluid on the knee cap and is dark red.
Avatar n tn Complete loss of pain occured around 6 weeks and i returned to light excersise. 2 months after the inital fall, whilst jogging i had a massive stabbing pain at the impact site, my glut cramped up and I was unable to continue jogging. I again rested and applied ice for a few days and returned to excersise to recieve the same pain. Noticable swelling around the impact site and deformity presented so I made a vist to the docs, who proscribed anti imflamitory gel.
Avatar m tn Hi, I was hoping you could assist with the following problem, Following a fall in football, landing on the right side of my left knee, I experienced immense pain and heat across the knee. Immediately after bruising spread up and down my leg and a fluid filled sac developed on the top right side of my knee cap. I visited the doctor and initial was assessed by the two nurses who said they didn't know what it was and asked me to come back to see the doctor.
Avatar f tn There was no other injury after my initial fall whatsoever. My question is, could this be related to my fall? Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn Hence it is advised to consult an orthopedician for an evaluation to rule out possible injuries to the ankle and the knee. After a cause to your knee pain is diagnosed, it can be managed accordingly. Hope this was useful. Take care!
Avatar n tn I have been suffering with a swollen knee for three months after arthroscopic knee surgery a year prior. Even with an NSAID in me (Mobic) the pain was terrible, radiating into my hip and all the way down into my ankle too. My wife called a local chiropractor and he recomended that I put Castor oil on the knee, then wrap it with an old flannel cloth, then an ace bandage (taught) over the flannel. Well, I tell you, it was like a miracle happened.
Avatar f tn Ok first off i was walking and my knee just kind of gave out i ended up falling with all my weight (217) onto my left knee, i went to the ER cause it was very swollen bruised and hurt so bad i couldn't straighten it. The took X-Rays but no one was there to look at them so they just put me in immobilized brace and gave me crutches and said stay off of it for 3 days. I did that and no here it is a month or more later and it still hurts. But the reason i am writing is...
Avatar f tn Did you fall? Sounds like you have water on the knee possibly, that would have to be drained.
Avatar f tn My hand is killing me like right below my thumb like the palm of my hand kind of. It is kind of like a dull ache now (Throbbing after fall) but i have lost some motion in my thumb and my hand/thumb hurts a lot when i try to use it or move my thumb. Any ideas what it could be??
Avatar f tn I fell over, over a week ago. This fall mainly impacted my right knee. The day after my knee was bruised and swollen and hurt to bent. Pain has since gotton better and I have no pain when walking or bending the knee. However the knee is still sore to touch on outer right of the right knee. And if weight is put in this area when kneeling I suffer excruciating pain that lingers for roughly one minute then passes. When the pain comes on I can do nothing but lie and hold my knee.
Avatar m tn Since then, I've had a sharp pain in my left knee, just below my knee cap, but only when straightening my leg after sitting with my legs pulled in, standing for long periods, or sitting in a vehicle for long hours. Rest does not seem to help and to my knowledge, the area around my knee is not swollen or tender to the touch. I haven't taken any falls or landed awkwardly on it. I can run and walk on it, but it hurts after extended use. Any ideas what might be wrong?
93210 tn?1287457826 My other knee is in desperate need of a total because of severe osteoarthritis that has chewed away at my joint so much that I'm bone on bone now. My knee is constantly swollen and from time to time has about 60-70 cc's of fluid drawn off of it. And of course the pain is almost constant and mostly severe. Sorry for the long bio. My questions are, do you have a thought about why my knee is giving away?
Avatar n tn I am not voiding much at all, the knee is still swollen and I am exhausted.....wondering if my body is hanging on to the potassium? The edema is due to my osteoporosis they say. I have healthy heaart, although bad pvc's...........take inderal for that.
Avatar f tn hey, well i ended up going to the doctor about my knee pain he sent me to get 6 sessions of physical therapy on my right knee there they gave me laser on the knee, after the 1st session it got alot better now ive had 6 the pain is pretty much gone but i still feel pain when sqatting and going up the stairs. my left knee has started to hurt so he recommended i go to physical therapy again, but this time on both knees.
Avatar f tn I thought at first that I was getting the pain because of an old fall since only my right knee was affected but now my left knee hurts when I kneel too. I am overweight but trying to excersise, I follow yoga dvd's and do fine untill childs pose or plank on knees which I can hold for all of half a second before I have to roll to the side. It's hard to understand why so many people seem to suffer with this but no one has a real answer as to why.
Avatar f tn My 12 year old son was just diagnosed with bipartite patella after having pain in his left knee which began after a minor traumatic fall on it a year ago. Luckily our family doctor ordered x-rays and our chiropractor ordered a CT scan to review the injury carefully and referred us to a specialist. We took him to see an orthopedic surgeon in Stanford University's Children's Clinic. Her advice was PT first.
Avatar f tn Hi - I am prepping for a knee replacement stemming from an old high school injury and go to a local pain management clinic. I've been on about every painkiller there is, plus have had 2 pain blocks - most recently I was using the Fentanyl patches and Vicodin as a "kicker" - I was doing okay, spiking with pain because the Vicodin would wear off after 3-4 hours. My meds have to be changed every so often because they become less effective.
Avatar m tn It bruised the side of my knne and front part of my leg very bad.The area to the side of the knee is quite swollen. The bruising has now traveled down my whole leg and around my ankle/foot and is quite swollen and painful Im worried as what this could be. My leg is also painful not only in the area where I fell but around the back of my knee where i noticed a large lump a couple days ago. My ankle is very swollen as well. The arch of my foot also hurts.
Avatar n tn one morning i woke up and could barely swallow bc my tongue was so swollen. it ended up going down on its own after a long period of hours. all of that happened last week. now, i have just awakend to a swollen upper lip. i dont know how much more of this BS i can take. i dont understand whats going on with me.
Avatar n tn 4 years ago I had a bad fall that impacted my spine, but I recovered nicely and was able to return to my normal activities. I had a few minor injuries since then, but nothing severe. Then several months ago I saw an orthopedic because I was having knee and neck pain. He did an exam and x-rays and told me he didn't see anything wrong--maybe some minor signs of arthritis starting in my mid back, and neck but that was all. He gave me prescription anti inflammatory meds.
1278937 tn?1271261411 Has anyone experienced a slow recovery - and long-time bruise like this? This knee was more swollen and sore after the fall - so just taking longer??
Avatar n tn I was at work (as a substitute teacher) sitting in the lunchroom, when suddenly I had this sharp, debilitating pain behind my left knee, off to the left outer side. It went away after about 30 seconds. I didn't worry about it until a week later while out of town, it happened again. The pain is so excrutiating. I have never felt anything like and it doesn't seem to matter if I stretch out my leg or change the position.
Avatar n tn At least i know what to look for as my hubby had foot drop only for 2 days before we saw the neuro and that was why he was done as an emergency case. But 3 months after my my surgery and 2 months after surgery MRI showed swollen nerve, will it ever settle down? If I cant even look after my own husband how am I going to go back to work in the nursing home?
Avatar n tn I was working toward a marathon this fall but sadly almost 4 weeks after the injury it is progressively getting worse and I don't see myself able to get beyond 15 miles right now. After running I can barely put weight on my knee without pain. I do take a painkiller 1 hour prior to running which probably is not a good thing either.