Swollen gums with braces

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Avatar n tn Just an additional bit of info: his gums don't bleed when he brushes, but they are "squishy" in the back. He says they don't hurt.
Avatar n tn I just got my braces off, and naturally, my gums are swollen. but I have always had trouble with my gums, and gingivitis runs in my family. Today I was looking at my teeth in the mirror when I noticed under both bottom incisors, the swollen pink gum seems to stop in a thin line right underneath it and there is a little hole under this line where my teeth show through, then the gum under that hole is white and seems kind of thin. I am really worried. What does this mean?
Avatar m tn Tori Health History 1997- present Current on all immunizations Chicken Pox at age 5 - August of 2008 Braces applied. Immediately developed sores in mouth, bad headaches, swollen lips and gums, and fever. August of 2010 orthodontist changes rubber bands in mouth to non-latex. All problems went away except mouth sores. Till this point Tori has been using 1-2 tubes of extra strength oral gel, per week, to ease the pain.
Avatar m tn Do your gums actually hurt, or are they sore? Applying too much pressure with any type of toothbrush can irritate your gums. The cheap spin brushes are harsh, stick with medium to soft bristles, and don't scrub your teeth, just brush them gently. You don't have gingivitis or your gums would bleed. I just think you've been too aggressive in your brushing. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn So, I've always been very anal about my teeth had a lot of work done to make them "perfect" Iol.
Avatar f tn - I have impacted wisdom teeth and swollen gums from when I had braces, so maybe that could be causing this? Unfortunately, I'm a huge hypochondriac, so these tiny little lumps in my neck are causing me all sorts of problems.
Avatar f tn Periodically -- about once ever 4-8 weeks -- on of my lymph nodes on my groin will swell up to about 3 cm in diameter. For about three days, it'll be red, swollen and tender to the touch, and then disappear like nothing ever happened. This has been going on for a little over a year. Now I have noticed that I have a bald spot in my pubic hair where this lump occurs. Initially I of course brought this to the attention of my gyno.
Avatar m tn i've already had braces and everything so that has nothing to do with this i had some teeth pulled for that but everytime i try to brush those teeth they hurt and bleed very bad and the gums surrounding these teeth are swollen and red ....
Avatar f tn I have already been told I have this problem as well. My gums hurt ALL the time, very red, swollen, bleed easily, and receeding. Specialling front bottom teeth. I am scared but have been brushin twice a day, using mouth wash, and flossing trying to help it, the pain is still just as bad though and my teeth are actually starting to hurt.
Avatar f tn Ok had anyone else Had problems with swollen gums? Idk if its from being pregnant or not but my mouth really hurts this has never happened before?
Avatar n tn The next morning the cough was gone but then began the next symptom, a swollen throat and swollen lymphatic tissue in the back of my throat. It was not sore but rather felt like I had someone squeezing my throat, effective decreasing its diameter. I last Friday I finally went to a doctor and she said that it was a viral infection and on the way out the door (I had concerns it was mononucleosis).
Avatar n tn About six years ago I was making Christmas cookies and decided to taste a candy cane pepermint cookie. Well with in 30 seconds my face, neck and hands were swollen, my eyes and nose were nearly swollen shut and wouldn't stop running it was like full blown head cold in less than one minute. It took 2 weeks to get it under control.
Avatar f tn I went to a doctor with last name of hang in LA area who undid the bad part of the braces I had with a saggital. Agora area. He pioneered the method and might know someone near you. I had infected tonsil for a couple years. Then for EVER I thought painful internal pterygoid muscle was my tonsil or gum infected. If its in your neck it's muscle. Get a saggital to push your teeth back forward. I bet someone pulled some teeth to make it "fit".
Avatar m tn Well just recently I noticed a discomfort on my back tooth ( I have my wisdom teeth out) well I noticed my gums are swollen just in that area, it's very sensitive, and sometimes when I floss there I smell kind of a foul odor. I'm really upset about this. I'm not sure if a cavity and a rotting tooth means the same thing? but I think that if I had one they wold tell me? I have insurance so I can get this kind of work done.
Avatar n tn Many times the braces move the teeth which the gums are infected and has blood in it. I am not trying to give you a hard time. If someone has braces I would ask them questions like how long have you had them on. Because if someone just got them on for only 3 months there teeth, gums bleed easily which then could be a possible infection only if that person has HIV.
Avatar n tn Hi, It sounds like you have the start of gingivitis (swollen, bleeding gums), which can lead to a more serious condition called periodontal disease. When you have braces, it's IMPERATIVE that you brush your teeth twice and day. You MUST make time to take care of your oral health. Honor classes or not, you'll be looking at costly future dental bills if you don't start a regimen of brushing and flossing today. Start with gentle brushing of the back bottom teeth.
Avatar m tn Hey i had the same red bump and i scratched it off nd it literally went away about a week ago but now i have like a small white bump looking thing in my lower gums right behind my lip i had it twice before but it always went away i doubt u got it from a girl cause i haven made out with one in over a month but im not sure i have braces too but only at the top i dont know what it is either but i dont smoke or rinse with salt water either so if you find out what u have please!
Avatar m tn I'm more positive than the CDC
Avatar m tn I think he had a pimple right on his lips where it was dried and I think I forgot it for a while and he had a swollen lymph node on his neck. I think after a while I developed a sore throat and canker sores but it healed after a week. One month after that, I had another sore throat and sort of fever but it healed after a week. Last November 22, I kissed someone, sort of French kissing.
Avatar f tn Didn't get any fever or night sweat. And when I perform the oral I had bleeding gums because of braces . My question is em I still at risk?
Avatar n tn During her initial visits, she was on antibiotics 3 times w/ initial dentist and once w/ orthodontist. Over the past few months her gums were swollen and we were told she wasn't brushing properly. Turns out, she had a severe infection and looked like an eyeball that finally burst. She was in a lot of pain. We are on our 3rd round of antibiotic treatment now.
Avatar m tn I used braces for a long time when I was younger and still wear retainers at night, they changed them some time ago and my gums were swollen and bled easily for some days (one of which I performed oral sex), would this also increase my chances of catching HIV? (Specially since I had brushed my teeth like 10-15 minutes prior to the encounter and bled a little.) 4.
Avatar f tn joint pain, swollen node on back of my neck, i think my tonsils may be swollen (i've never had this feeling before), weird feeling in my right arm, white stuff on my gums, and muscle pain. the splenic pain still persist. i jusst feel so alone in this situation because i have never even told anyone about contracting the stds, and i am afraid to be tested since i've had nearly every symptom and std. i notice my lymph pain even more when i smoke marijuana.
Avatar f tn Im ok on takeoff, but when cruising ( again about drinks trolly time) ,, i get severe pain in my right side of face/ eye socket, my top lip and gums get numb - with shooting pain in my jaw. Its crippling. When the plane starts to decent… the pain goes completely away. I could not find anything out about it and have no idea how to control it.
10084165 tn?1414637907 I took a tylenol about 2 days ago (b/c i got a flu shot and tdap shot n was feeling bad)and the next morning my gums under my tooth had swollen so bad they broke through the broken tooth.. I can barely eat and trying to fully shut my mouth (teeth to teeth ) it hurts. My question is do you think it'll be a waste of time going to the dentist now or should I wait until I deliver?
320078 tn?1278348320 I also used the benadryl & mylanta, worked great. The nurse practioner at my regular doctor also gave me a script for a mixture of the benadryl, mylanta & (I think) zylacaine. I think the nurse practioner knows more than my first gastro. I would keep going also. Some of the things that I ate about 8 years ago when I had braces was, instant mashed potatoes with some sour cream mixed in, not too stiff so they go down easy. Carnation instant breakfast with ice cream & milk.
Avatar n tn I don't think that my gums were bleeding, but I do know the glands under my chin were swollen. My lip also swelled up quite significantly for a couple of days. I certainly wasn't rubbing the area and had no trauma or anything else that I can think of that would explain the swelling. I also recently had braces taken off of my teeth and I have close up pictures of my teeth and lips that do not show the patches of dots. If it is Fordyce's condition, can it come on over a weekend?
Avatar n tn Just an update and question - This weekend which was a little over a month since my initial symptoms, I am having the same symptoms again (Started out as 2 or 3 random swollen taste buds) and progressed to a painful burning tongue (not as bad as before) and it's coated white again as well.
Avatar n tn The cysts in her gums were removed, baby cuspids pulled to make room for the permanent ones, and gold chains attached to the permanent ones to eventually be used with braces to pull them into their proper position. So, I can't give you an accurate reading of how she would have done those 3 days normally. Right now her face is so swollen we won't be able to tell if her pain has been relieved until the swelling goes down. Her head,while not totally pain-free, seems somewhat better.