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Avatar n tn I see that im getting canker sores and my glands are swollen and painfull all through my neck and under my chin. My gums are sore too. Has anyone gone through this or might they know what it is,....
Avatar m tn From time to time I try stopping the Valtrex for a few days and the virus seems to come back in the form of swollen, painful gums (it's not terrible pain but annoying, especially when brushing or flossing). Each time I stop Valtrex, it seems to take longer for the virus to reappear but it almost always reappears in the form of swollen and painful gums.
237563 tn?1298432497 Hi, When I was pregnant 6 years ago my gums turned a dark purplish color which I found out can be due to preegnancy, stress and blood viral diseases....seeing as I had all these it makes sense and although I haven't received treatment yet I am wondering if any of you had this problem and if it goes away once you are UND....also have a swollen lymph node on my neck which I heard goes away after treatment....I also STILL smoke which I know totally doesn't help the situation.
Avatar m tn From time to time I try stopping the Valtrex and the virus seems to come back in the form of swollen, painful gums. Each time I stop Valtrex, it seems to take longer for the virus to reappear but it always reappears in the form of swollen and painful gums. I had this same symptom (although much more severe) when I initially contracted the infection together with fever and lesions on the penis and testicles and one strange lesion on my lower stomach.
Avatar n tn The doctor gave me some antibiotics for the impetigo, but she also told me if the prostitute had HIV, I will get it too as Impetigo means there are open wounds/ulcers in her mouth. The doctor reminded me that she must have had very poor oral hygiene and was bleeding from her gums/mouth otherwise I would not have been infected with Impetigo. The doctor told me I should’ve gotten circumcised as it would have reduced the risk of getting HSV, HIV, or even impetigo tremendously.
Avatar m tn I did receive treatment for the possible bacterial infections STD given z pack, doxy, ofoflax, uribel and something for trich. My neuro said it's probably a unknown virus. I have been on a few rounds of antivirals for herpes just to see if there is a reaction, the antivirals seem to help the symptoms but herpes test was neg. I am thinking this maybe undetected herpes infection accompany with a fungal overgrowth due to excess antibiotics.
Avatar n tn I also found out that her gums had been bleeding when she brushed her teeth. She hasn't gotten any more bloody noses, so I stopped checking in on her about it. She was just home and showed me how much her teeth bleed when she brushes her teeth. Her gums look all red and bleed pretty much. I've never seen anything like it. She just had a dental cleaning in August. Of course she showed me this as I was about to drive her three hours back to school after the Thanksgiving break.
Avatar m tn Then a little bit later I got this virus infection, it start off slow like I didn't have much symptom but every day it just got that much worse. Then by the first of this month it hit me pretty hard my symptoms where, that pressure in my head was getting worse, not able to sleep much, stomach pain, diarrhea, not much of an appetite but I ate cause it help the stomach pain go away.
Avatar f tn - I have impacted wisdom teeth and swollen gums from when I had braces, so maybe that could be causing this? Unfortunately, I'm a huge hypochondriac, so these tiny little lumps in my neck are causing me all sorts of problems.
Avatar m tn What is now worrying me is that I brushed my teeth, and spit out blood from my gums (they used to bleed when I brushed), 15 minutes before the intercourse/cunninlingus started. This happened 2 years ago, but I haven't been worried, until now, due to believing that there isn't a big risk of contracting STDs (esp. HIV) from giving oral to a woman. I thought oral was essentially safe sex.
Avatar n tn I am in my 60's and have only just started to have either a swollen face or, on the last two occasions, a swollen tongue, which all started in September. The first time I had a swollen tongue was 4 weeks ago and I ended up in hospital. I had already taken Piriton but it didn't help. At the hospital they gave me Prednisolone which worked very quickly and I was packed off home with another 2 days supply.
Avatar f tn swollen lymph nodes are an indication of a virus. Have them check your white blood count and also get a mono test. Mono isnt just passed through kissing, but even if you just eat or drink after someone.
Avatar n tn I have similar symptoms to Graciegirl. In Jan 07 it included being woken at night with left side chest discomfort only when lying on left side in bed that I was told was muscle maybe. Distal pulse wrist unpalpable. I had many "adrenal fatigue" symptoms (clumps of hair falling out, extreme fatigue, am temps 95/96/97, feeling very cold all the time, etc) and then developed a flu-like illness with 102.5 temp that lasted over one month.
Avatar m tn htm The Same time these appeared I had ulcers and Brown Pigmentation band appear on Gums/(melalinisation) I don't know if thats Important (only reference I could find was addisonianism crisis due to prolonged stress) They've persisted over 2 months now, they definately were not there before, and they don't look like leukoplakia. (Only Picture I found: http://www.hivkit.co.uk/hivfacts.htm) or Candidiasis. I May be wrong.
Avatar m tn First I'd like to say that it's pretty humbling to not even have 1 red sheckle to go to the Doctor. I have been diagnosed Hep-C for the last 15 years or so. The last 4/5 yrs. or so I have not even seen a doctor,ages. My liver has had pain in the past as well as the present, i know i know, it's not the liver, it''s the lining of the liver streching from the swelling. My last biop was about 5 years agos and the dr couldn't believe how health my liver was from the labs.
Avatar n tn I am 43yo male, and recently had US and CT scan of the neck to investigate two swollen lymph nodes which were present for longer than a year in my left neck. Several nodes were found on the jugular(mid) chain, many sub-centimeter and 5 >= 1 CM the largest ones were 2.26, 1.65 and 1.55 CM. They are on both sides of the neck and under my chin as well. Nothing else was found in CTs of abdomen and groin. I have a biopsy scheduled for next month, but have read myself into anxiety attacks.
Avatar m tn I am a 34 yr old woman and for the past year have been unwell. I had developed a large swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck almost a year ago which a CT confirmed. Since then I have had multiple infections, breathing difficulties etc. In the past week I have noticed smaller swollen lymphs either side on my collarbone and then discovered three large swollen lymphs behind my left knee.
442340 tn?1326821017 Hello - I have had swollen glands in my throat now for about 5 weeks off and on. At first they came for about three weeks and I had a minor sore throat. I was treated for Thrush, but didn't help. Then my GI wanted me to see an Infectious Disease doctor (b/c I'm a teacher and work w/ kids all day) to make sure I don't have an infection somewhere. Well, he put me on Valtrex for a cold sore and said it could just be that virus acting up. My glands got better for about a week.
Avatar f tn One week and half after this, I had fever and swollen tonsils which lasts for 3 days, then I got ulcer which was paining a lot but my ulcer pain is going down. But now I am having pain due to swollen gums (they are red). (I am not having fever in last 2-3days) and its been total 5-6 days that I am having all these in sequence. Are these symptoms of HIV? I am afraid.........
Avatar n tn I also am experiencing the end of my tongue being somewhat irritated, numb, and mapped. Some mornings, I wake up with swollen gums behind my front teeth; wondering if my tongue is causing that while I sleep! Anybody here having tongue issues along with lips and eyes? I've tried all kinds of topical things on my lips and eyes, but nothing seems to really work. This week, I'm trying the apple cider vinegar, as I've heard from other sources that this is really good.
Avatar m tn a sore throat, swollen lymph node, ear pain, mild eye redness, and even swollen gums and scalp, but sinuses are clear and no cough. So I'm pretty sure it's just normal inflammation from the virus, although it's a bit weird. Whenever I have a gum infection the same thing happens so maybe the virus is confined locally vs. spreading throughout the whole body.
Avatar n tn I first get sores in my mouth, then my lips are tingly, then chapped, swollen, and blistelike, happening over several days. The last time I had this, it lasted over 3 weeks. I went to the Dr. and he gave me medicine for Herpes virus (cold sores). I am now experiencing the same symptons, and the medicine the Dr. gave me doesn't seem to be helping.
Avatar n tn As it was fading away, my left lymph node became very swollen, and my left tonsil became swollen and red. There are no white patches or anything like that, it is just red and it really hurts to swallow. I woke up being unable to swallow without a lot of pain and difficulty, so I went to the doctor and they did a swab for strep which came out negative so they drew blood for a mono test (not sure if it was for an EBV or mono though), and I have to call tomorrow to get the results.
Avatar m tn Thank you, Teak. Also noticed a small swollen lymph node behind ear which went away in a day or two. Some folks at the thebody claim route of transmission could delay seroconversion? Also, would the 60 second test at 17 weeks be conclusive for all strains of the virus? If the syringe had hep c and hiv, would that delay seroconversion? I assume you get these questions a lot. Thank you kindly for your time and feedback.
Avatar n tn Since yesterday I've had a large swollen bump on the labia majora..it's very painful, it hurts to walk or sit. I've been putting warm cloth on it and it seemed to help with the swelling but it's still really painful. I don't really want to go to the doctor because I just don't have the money right now, and I feel like it would be a waste if it's something that I can take care of on my own. Anyone else ever experienced this before? What can I do to ease the pain?
Avatar n tn I just want to thank you before for anything that could be helpful. 1st - HSV1 19 yrs. All OB's have been on my lip. Today, I noticed that my throat had a lump and was painful to swallow. Then my mouth, gums & cheeks felt tingly. Weird. As the day went on, I noticed that my cheeks looked swollen. Inside there was a large red area. No single blister. Just was large & red. Bilateral. Then upper & lower lips felt swollen. membranes look red. Throat still hurts.
Avatar n tn I have the same problem as this red swollen itchy eyelids. Don't have allergies like this. I do wear contacts--why would they cause this? I haven't been wearing the contacts for days now....