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Avatar n tn Teeth and gums tingle, roof of mouth swollen, kind of like dry mouth (not thirsty though), tongue will not leave the swollen area alone. My dentist suggested trying biotene toothpaste and mouthwash for about two months to see if there is any improvement which I did and no improvement. I am going to call my dentist and tell her it did not work, but I thought I would write to see if you have heard of this and have any suggestions. Could it be allergies? I have not changed my way of eating.
Avatar f tn I did have part of a salivary gland removed and biopsies in my neck when I was 19 (now 30) for chronic inflammation. Now, the gums on the bottom behind my very back teeth on both sides are swollen and extremely sore. I'm now on antibiotics and the soonest I can get in with the ENT is April 5th. The roof of my mouth hurts when I talk, swallow, or yawn and the gums are extremely sore no matter what. Please help!!!!
Avatar n tn i had fall off a jet ski last year about 3 weeks after my wisdom teeth surgery and i dont know if my roof of my mouth is broken?in the roof of my mouth there is like two thin bones in the middle and it seems like my right one feels bigger(swollen i think).Is this strange,do you think anything is broken?i also have pains in my shoulder when i sit up for too long but this only had happen to me after i took out my wisdom teeth.
Avatar n tn Right side of my face is also swollen and this swelling is increasing gradually. There is bluish patch on the roof of my mouth. What to do I am so worried & plz tell me the way to cure swelling of my face.
Avatar m tn I can feel a swollen line going thru the center of the roof of my mouth and it kills! It hurts so bad i am up 85% if the night. I have been drinking really cold water with ice and holding the ice on it with my toung. I am wondering what could cause this? This is the third day with it and i dont know how i am going to make it thru the night again.... I have been taking about 4 ibuprofen a day but it doesnt seem to do anything....
Avatar n tn I also noticed that the gums beneath them seem to have receded quickly. I also had several ulcers, one on the roof of my mouth, one under my tongue -- both of which feel as though they've healed up. I had a deep cleaning done a week ago -- the Dentist noticed a significant buildup of calculus on the back of my front incisors. I'm a week out of the deep cleaning, and while the pain feels like it's getting better, I still have a "stinging" and swollen sensation in my gums.
Avatar n tn I have been having pain in two of the 'ridges' in the roof of my mouth for quite some time now. One of them is the one is in the center that runs between the front two teeth and the other is next to it. They are slightly swollen and sore (I tend to rub my tongue on them a lot lately). I have also noticted a small pump next to one of the ridges and a small bump in my gums between one of my front teeth and side tooth that is greyish/deep read.
Avatar f tn Like sometimes I'll wake up and the sides of my tongue are red and very sore or the roof of my mouth has a bump or sore on it but then I rinse with salt water and it goes away in a few days and sometimes I wake up with a red swollen taste bud or mouth pain and soreness. The gum is the weirdest thing.
Avatar f tn I started with sores on my tongue,gums, and roof of my mouth, now the underside of my tongue hurts/dry and the lymphnode in my neck is swollen. I am in a serious relationship but this started after I gave him oral sex. What could it be? It's been a week now. Sores are gone but underside of tongue still dry/numb and lymph node in neck is swollen and painful.
Avatar n tn It has been two weeks since the symptoms started and the pain is now gone but the swelling is still going on back there in the left of the roof of my mouth, still a little tender to touch and now my uvula is swollen and it feels like I have something constantly stuck in my throat. I doubt we will work out what it is before it goes away but I just wanted to let you know that if I find out anything I will let you know, as it seems we are both suffering with the same thing.
Avatar f tn for about a week now the left side of my face & has been extremely painful...it started with me noticing that my cheekbone was sore...then my eyebrow...as well as the thin skin beneath the eye....i began noticing the top gums & the roof of my mouth were also getting swollen and sore (on the same side only) .. very similar to the feeling i have had before when i had an abscessed tooth that needed to be pulled, however in that case, i KNEW where the pain was originating from .....
Avatar n tn At first I just had one on the roof of my mouth. You know those two hard bumps on the roof of your mouth right where the hard palate joins the soft palate? One of those bumps is enlarged, white and sore. I had a biopsy done on it and it came back negative. My mouth is constantly very dry and sore. It feels better when I eat something or chew gum because it gets the saliva flowing. More recently, I've been getting sores after I drink alcohol.
Avatar m tn I also have some swelling on the roof of my mouth, just behind the teeth. My partner has now been diagnosed as having genital herpes, although I do not know if it is type 1 or 2. Could it be that I have caught a case of genital herpes in my mouth, or could it just be 'bad timing' that my cold sore hadnt developed properly at the time of the activity and so this is what has caused her problems? Any help and information appreciated.
Avatar n tn I'd wake up at night with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth and one evening I ate nuts and later on I felt a sharp pricking on the roof of my mouth and after some doing I was able to figure out it was a piece of nut that just got stuck there with no saliva to wash it down.
Avatar n tn , now it covers nearly my entire top row. Roof of my mouth - Major swelling of the bumps (dont know what they are called) near the teeth, some sticking out more than others. All of them burn constantly. Throat - Very sore throat, and something on the right side that seems to really be sticking out. Everything in my mouth burns except for my lips. Please help me, this just happened 3 days ago.
Avatar f tn I had the gastric bypass surgery and then 8 months ago I broke out in canker sores in my mouth on my tongue, under my tongue, on my gums, and on my soft pallet of the roof of my mouth and back of my throat. The pain was so bad I coudn't move my tongue to speak, eat, or drink for a couple days, they lasted six weeks. Then as I was starting to get my life back I had another breakout, same intensity as the first but it didn't last quite as long.
Avatar n tn I'm a gay male and in sept 07 I had unprotectd oral sex (insertive & receptive) with a man I didn't know. He didn't ejaculate in my mouth, but there was pre-seminal fluid. When I got home I ate some chips & the salt stung my mouth, I realized I had burned the roof of my mouth on pizza the night before. I checked the skin in the mirror, & it looked swollen but not broken.
Avatar n tn I've had these little white bumps under my tongue, on the roof of my mouth towards the back and on the inside of my lower lip for about a year and a half. They do not hurt. They are uncomfortable as my mouth feels rough using my tongue. They just appeared one day. I have been going to many specialist in Vancouver over the past year and a half and have stumped them all so far.
Avatar n tn , now it covers nearly my entire top row. Roof of my mouth - Major swelling of the bumps (dont know what they are called) near the teeth, some sticking out more than others. All of them burn constantly. Throat - Very sore throat, and something on the right side that seems to really be sticking out. Everything in my mouth burns except for my lips. Please help me, this just happened 3 days ago.
Avatar n tn from there, they spread all over the roof of my mouth, then cheeks, then eventually to my gums, tonsils, and uvula... it was horrible, i was unable to eat and started to rapidly lose weight. over the last few months, my medic tried ketoconazole (for months), nystatin (2 full 10 day courses), and gentian violet (for about 4-5 days) - with no results... which led to this point.
Avatar m tn After a few days, the swelling showed up on the front of my gums, on my frenum (I believe that is the vein sort of line that runs between your two front teeth on your gums???). It is very noticeable on my gums now. I went to the dentist a couple of days ago, and he said he had no idea what it was. He suggested that because of my accident, I see an endodontist. I'm presently taking amoxicillin and rinsing with salt/water.
Avatar m tn or like it got rubbed with sandpaper.its 6weeks later and as i write this i have a spot on roof of my mouth thats stingging.(as of 5days ago the gal has not has an o.b)my brother is a dr. out of state.he had me go get an hiv test which was neg.then prescribed on dec3 10day prescription of acyclovir.stiil had some painless white patches/blisters on inside upper gums.then yesterday blistesback under tounge raw roof of mouth.was this my original herpes from my lipp moving into my mouth.
Avatar n tn On the inside side of the lips, on the cheek walls, and at the back of my gum line, but on the wall of the cheek. These are soft fluid filled blisters that come in one blisters or a small group. They come quickly, within 15 minutes and last for about 3 hours-5 hours. Then they break or deflate and go away until the next occurrence. I have had this happen several times over the last few months. There is a white line that encircles the blistering area. The vesicles are not on my tongue.
Avatar n tn I got my braces of today and on the top of my mouth near the roof my gums are swollen and half of it is lose. I think what caused it was my overbite fixer which was very close to my gums and roof of my mouth.
Avatar n tn one morning i woke up and could barely swallow bc my tongue was so swollen. it ended up going down on its own after a long period of hours. all of that happened last week. now, i have just awakend to a swollen upper lip. i dont know how much more of this BS i can take. i dont understand whats going on with me.
745568 tn?1232853401 I just have constant pain on the left side of the roof of my mouth and intermittent pain on left side of face, left eye, left ear. I asked my doctor to prescribe a med for it and he prescribed acyclovir. So far no improvement. I have no swelling. This is such a strange thing. I would love to know what it is. It began last Tuesday afternoon and began medication Wednesday morn.
Avatar n tn I read on different sites that herpes is very rare inside the mouth even if it did occur most of the times if will be on roof of the mouth or on the gum. It wasn't bump every time I brush or ate something white puss is gone leaving dark red spot. Do I need to get tested?
Avatar m tn I am very familiar with the pain on the roof of my mouth after doing coke. Any stimulants will cause that dreaded sharp pain on the roof of my mouth, even adderall taken daily. I smoked some meth last week and I had the roof of my mouth pain for a WEEK. I have no idea what causes it as I still get the pain even after taking adderall or E pills or any stimulant, any route of administration including oral, although smoking always is the worst.
Avatar m tn Today it looks like I have red bumps forming on the roof of my mouth. What could cause this, is this an STD or an allergic reaction or none of the above?