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Avatar n tn RUQ(rt upper quadrant) of gums swollen but not bleeding yet. Weds night fever again 104, by am blisters over tongue, gums bleeding, white spots on palate sooo painful even just to move the tongue.Sore on lower lip with pus-type substance. What a torture to have this. Friday ER MD said its allergic reaction to be that fast not an STD so test not necessary.
Avatar m tn From time to time I try stopping the Valtrex for a few days and the virus seems to come back in the form of swollen, painful gums (it's not terrible pain but annoying, especially when brushing or flossing). Each time I stop Valtrex, it seems to take longer for the virus to reappear but it almost always reappears in the form of swollen and painful gums.
Avatar m tn 9) for the next three days he also got swollen red gums, blisters on his lips, and loss of appetite- probably because his mouth hurt so much- today is day 6- no fever- gums still red and swollen (dentist said to rinse w salt water), blisters Still evident on lip and tonight right after he brushed his teeth he threw up and had diarreah. The only thing he ate today was soup and some frozen yogurt. I think he may need antibiotics.
Avatar n tn We spent an expensive night in the ER to find she had a high fever and was dehydrated too...The subsequent treatment was a broad scale antibiotic, a hydration injection and keeping the area dry instead. No further washings or ointments. IN 2 days her behavior has turned around significantly and her genital area is already back to near normal, but the following day she developed a swelling at the angle of her jaw.
Avatar m tn To answer your question swollen lymph nodes along with a high fever and just feeling unwell would accompany them if you actually have ARS. ARS cannot be confirm until you test positive and then they would diagnose your previous illnesses as ARS which you wouldn't need a doctor to tell you that.
Avatar n tn It has been around 102-103. His lips are swollen and so are his gums. He won't eat and is drinking very little. It was originally thought that he had strep and he was given a shot of penicillin. He is still sick and now his mouth is starting to swell as well. It bleeds when I try to clean his teeth even when I am gentle. I am also concerned for his kidneys as I have been giving him tylenol and Ibu round the clock the whole time.
Avatar f tn - I have impacted wisdom teeth and swollen gums from when I had braces, so maybe that could be causing this? Unfortunately, I'm a huge hypochondriac, so these tiny little lumps in my neck are causing me all sorts of problems.
Avatar n tn The first exposure involved unprotected oral sex were she stopped midway and i noticed blood in the saliva, im not sure whether this was from a tongue stud, bleeding gums, or from a moth ulcer. (I quickly washed) The second exposure was when the condom broke during vaginal penetration i only noticed this because of either a friction burn or latex burn burn on my penis which started stinging and i stopped.
Avatar n tn 20 days before , he had swallon submental area adjacent to his chin.I conducted FNAC test of the swollen area and pathologist told me that he got high eiosinophil particles in the blood.My doctor suggested Antibiotic & Anti-allergic for that.He got rid of swelling problem after 2-3 days. 4 days before he again get submental (area adjacent to chin) swelling.I conducted his Eiosinophil Count test and found 20% (Normal range is 2-6%).
Avatar m tn type affliction No wonder I Feel Like **** It aint HIV, My Symptoms Were over 6 months ITP in mouth/ PGL/Pharyngitis/Mild Sweats/White Dots/Fatigue Anyone would believe it was HIV I didnt get, Rash/High Fever/Myalgia/Arthralgia ARS Rarely Last More Than a Few Weeks, not 3 months! If I was Seroconverting, Tests would have been positive by now. As Far as Rare strains, CRF's I believe the DNA PCR and Modern Tests would Have Picked it up. 6 months is Enough. That was My biggest Fear.
Avatar f tn pain and tingling in extremities, twitching muscles, tremors, constipation, sinus pressure, insomnia, fatigue, eye pain, tachycardia, excessive sweating, chest pains, shortness of breath, tightness in chest, neck, and jaw, headaches, nausea, swollen gums, and now for the past 3 days I have had a fever that gets higher than 101 at night. I have been test for M.S.
Avatar f tn I have MS,Diabetes(on pills),High Blood Pressure,Anemia,Periodontal Disease,Chronic Paiin & PTSD. I'm also on many medications as expected with the illnesses. Well, for two months I've had a low grade fever I can not get rid of. My doctor gave me an antibiotic an it went away for a month. A few weeks later it came back and the doctor has me going to an infectious disease doctor.
Avatar n tn neither one had that high of a fever but if your doctor is not worried than i wouldn't worry to much. is the fever going down with the meds? if any thing at least it should help calm him two molars at once has got to hurt poor child!
Avatar f tn I had a problem with the condom at the 1st (and last) time I was with a man, 7 weeks ago... (I'm a woman) I've been feeling horrible symptoms since then. Some come and go, but I'm never ok: when some symptoms go, others are there. Yes, 7 restless weeks! Symptoms are the craziest possible (I've never experienced anything like this before, all symptoms as severe as could be!
Avatar n tn Any other symptoms? Fever, weight loss, night sweats, itching or any pains in your abdomen?
Avatar f tn About a week ago he got really sick to his stomach and was puking and pooping a lot and had a low grade fever. this problem pretty much went away until three days ago he got a high fever of 102 and was sick to his stomach. the next day his gums were swollen and it made it painful for him to eat. Today he's noticed some small yellow bumps on his tongue. they don't really hurt unless he hits them up against his teeth. his gums are still swollen and his teeth hurt as well.
Avatar m tn HAHA I think she may have indulged in her own prescription pad. She is well known for prescribing anti-depres meds very freely!! When I had that bloodwork done the only thing that did come back abnormal was the CRP. The A&E doc said it was high but didnt do anything. Is it very high?? As I said before, I cant even get repeat bloods done as she thinks I'm crackers!! I coped with the accident but this is a bit to much.
442340 tn?1326821017 wants to leave my Peg. high, but if my glands are still swollen and my bloodwork hasn't come back, they might reduce it just this week to 135 (still at theraputic range for my weight). This is all so scary, and I just hope it doesn't mess up my SVR - but who can ever really tell that? :) Best Wishes!
Avatar n tn I also am experiencing the end of my tongue being somewhat irritated, numb, and mapped. Some mornings, I wake up with swollen gums behind my front teeth; wondering if my tongue is causing that while I sleep! Anybody here having tongue issues along with lips and eyes? I've tried all kinds of topical things on my lips and eyes, but nothing seems to really work. This week, I'm trying the apple cider vinegar, as I've heard from other sources that this is really good.
Avatar f tn the next morning, he woke up with the side of his face swollen (same side as the mouth sore). He lets me touch his swollen cheek, which feels firmer at at he part near his nose/mouth. He does not have an allergic reation to paracetamol cos i have been giving it to him for his fever before. His fever is gone and he also has an appetite, so I assume it does not have anything to do with his teeth or gums.
Avatar n tn I have the same problem as this red swollen itchy eyelids. Don't have allergies like this. I do wear contacts--why would they cause this? I haven't been wearing the contacts for days now....
Avatar n tn Have they checked her throat? If her neck is swollen, it could be because of a pulled muscle, but it could also be swollen lymph nodes. Dogs CAN get tonsillitis and sore throats,and if her lymph nodes are swollen, they could also be causing her pain.
Avatar m tn My dog went in for a annual exam this week. He had high ALT (112 U/L) and ALKP (396 U/L). Everything else was in normal ranges (but they did not do a CBC even when I asked). The vet thinks it is Cushing's disease. He is 11 years old and has been slowing down a bit and also suffering with the heat; we moved to a very hot and humid climate (Texas) 10 months ago. This was the first time at the vet's since moving to Texas.
Avatar f tn I believe what you said but I'm wondering about ARS in people who actually have it. When they have fever due to HIV infection, how high is the temperature? And for 'swollen lymph nodes' ,How big are they?
Avatar n tn wife and kids sick week before with high fever and cough. Had light muscle and joint pain, felt that I was about to get fever, popped a pill for fever. Also had sore throat with occasional cough and stuffy nose. No rash or head ache. Took antibiotics for sore throat but no help. No fever, only feverish. Occasional nausea but probably due to anxiety. Swollen gum on the right side with dentist saying that it is due to top tooth aggravatig lower gum when I bite. Lymph node under the jaw swells.
Avatar n tn 5 then cankersores, then swollen red bleeding gums the bleed a lot when brushed what is this? Fever on seventh day normal but gums are bleeding a lot and are still swollen.
Avatar f tn I took my 3 year granddaughter to the dentist after she started to complain about things being too hard to eat and running a high fever (103). I noticed what appeared to be her gums swollen in the front bottom. Her dentist said she was still teething and we needed to brush her teeth instead of letting her. She gave my granddaughter magic mouth wash to numb the area. That was a Wednesday. By Friday she would not eat anything and screamed if we tried to use the mouth wash on a cotton swab.
Avatar n tn wife and kids sick week before with high fever and cough. Had light muscle and joint pain, felt that I was about to get fever, popped a pill for fever. Also had sore throat with occasional cough and stuffy nose. No rash or head ache. Took antibiotics for sore throat but no help. No fever, only feverish. Occasional nausea but probably due to anxiety. Swollen gum on the right side with dentist saying that it is due to top tooth aggravatig lower gum when I bite. Lymph node under the jaw swells.
Avatar m tn The dr there told me i have herpes in my mouth and thats what was causing me to have a fever, headache, swollen lymph nodes and swollen gums and etc. I was shocked since im not sexually active, my doctor suggested i get tested for hiv and gonnorhea since im consider high risk now? my only exposure was the needlepoke which was i was told here not to worry about about it. Should i be worried about hiv? Is my life really over and am i contagious forever?