Swollen gums from wisdom tooth

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Avatar f tn One day my left eye swelled and has been watery ever since then I notice a few weeks later like 2 that I was getting terrible pain in the back of my mouth. My gums felt swollen and I think they bled alittle. They are my wisdom teeth I went to a dentist but ever since I feel feverish. I have a low grade fever a lot. My teeth are killing me all the time well the wisdom teeth. Does this sound like from my wisdom teeth coming through?
Avatar n tn My wisdom tooth is the one in front of the white patch. My wisdom tooth is pulled to the front from my braces after losing a tooth from a previous accident. Thank you for your help. Btw I just went to the dentist for a clean literally two days ago and dentist said my teeth are fine. Swollen gums started today. http://tinypic.
Avatar n tn I have a bad smell and taste coming from the tooth.Plus it is so swollen that it feels like I have a hard bump on my gum underneath that tooth.My question is.Does this sound like it is infected or abcess?I'm very worried because I am hearing all these crazy stories,like the infection could go to your brain.Is that true?I am going to go in to the dentist soon.But I figured I would take a antibiotic for it before hand to save money.I am taking clindamycin.Will this help.
Avatar f tn Iv had swollen bleeding gums all through my pregnancies it's normal it's uncomfy and a pain but itl go away after u have ur baby
Avatar n tn Does anyone know what i can do for tooth pain i have to get my wisdom teeth out soon but cant for like another month and i doubt they will give me pain med for it? Tylenol doesn't work!
Avatar n tn It is almost a week now when the lower back part of my right gum started to get swollen. I saw a small teeth coming out from the end (probably the wisdom tooth) and the pain is turning from severe to fair. Right now, the gums are still swollen, and I'm beginning to have gum sores (which is treated using oral anti-septic), but the pain is bearable. As much as possible, I wouldn't want the tooth to be extracted, although it is unknown until when will the gums swell.
Avatar n tn I suggest that you go to the dentist to check it out and more than likely he/she will also want to extract the tooth. Most people like myself once the wisdom teeth start breaking through the gums we get them extratced because they cause nothing but problems and get pulled out anyway. So please see the dentist because if you have an infection and it is not taken care of properly you can cause alot of probelms and especially with your sinuses.
Avatar f tn There is inflamed gum tissue in the area of the unerupted or partly erupted wisdom tooth. The gums may be red, swollen or draining fluid or pus. Treatment involves antibiotics and warm salt water rinses. This is only a possibility. Consult a dentist for exact cause and treatment. Hope it helped. Best luck and regards!
Avatar m tn im 16 years of age and i have a wisdom tooth on my right side of my mouth, i have a lump in my throat which is a swollen lymph gland and its on the same side as my wisdom tooth, i also keep getting jaw ache and its causing me to have a really sore throat bad enough that i cant be bothered eating because it hurts so much, what should i do?
Avatar n tn Uses the proxa brush to get in between his teeth and braces (can't use it on back teeth because of swelling) Flosses Brushes his teeth in tiny circles with wetted regular toothbrush, then away from gums as ortho tech showed him Rinses mouth with Closys (an antiseptic rinse), swishing vigorously to dislodge any missed food particles Brushes his teeth with the sonic toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste on "gum care" setting for 3 minutes Has his dad or me look to make sure he didn'
Avatar m tn My wisdom teeth have been impacted for about a year or so now (I know, I've been neglecting getting them removed), and when they first became impacted, my bottom right gum line above it kind of split open a bit and swelled slightly I assume from the tooth breaking through. All four have partially broken through the gum. That went away within about a week.
Avatar n tn On 3/21 and got my (lower right)wisdom tooth removed. I followed the instructions that the dentist gave me and took the appropriate perscriptions and pain killers etc. I went back to the dentist on 3/27 to get my stitches removed only to find that my stitches were gone already. (I don't think that they were the kind that dissolves)This did not seem to alarm my dentist at all.
Avatar n tn old female who went to the dentist for the 1st time on 3-12-07 to get my left wisdom tooth removed. It was impacted and very infected. After the removal, I had very severe tonsillitis for about 4 days. On 3-15-07, I had my right wisdom tooth removed because it had also begun to give me problems (severe pain and a swollen face). When this tooth was removed it had not fully erupted and needed to be cut out.
Avatar f tn They would try to break through my gums, leaving me with swollen, aching gums. I would chew gum all the time just to give myself something to do - plus, for some reason, it would take the 'edge' off the pain. I went through that for several months until I had them all out at once. I was 17 and quite relieved. As long as that tooth stays where it is, there is the chance that it will apply pressure to the teeth nearby and cause shifting.
Avatar m tn Now it is not unusual to have the pain from this for some time, especially pain from the bottom gums as there is a major nerve there right by the tooth. My bottom wisdom tooth surgery took a long time to stop hurting but the swelling and other troubles were gone in days. After 6 days you ought to be much better. Do not delay and call your dentist. This is nothing to mess with so close to your brain.
Avatar m tn I'm a 24yo male and I've been having some worrying issues that I think may be related to a long neglected impacted wisdom tooth. I can't remember exactly how long my wisdom tooth has been impacted, but it's been at least a few years. It's not terribly impacted, it's at least halfway out of the gum and it's not particularly crooked. On rare occasions, the gum around my lower right wisdom tooth will become inflammed for a few days and return to normal on its own.
Avatar f tn I've had this for a week now where the gums around my wisdom tooth are swollen. so far, it doesnt hurt that much. i went to the dentist and he prescribe me some antibiotics such as amoxicillin and ibuprofen and help with the infection and pain. i've been taking it for 4 days now and the infection is still there. the ibuprofen does help with the pain. yesterday, my throat started to hurt pretty badly and i was scared that this meant the infection was spreading. but the pain come and goes.
Avatar m tn The extraction site itself seems to healing fine, but the gums around the tooth next to it are swollen and very sore. The dentist put me on antibiotics (ees), but after 4 days, the swelling and pain are no better. The dentist said the swelling was just trauma from the extraction, and not to worry, just keep taking meds. I'm worried because, as I said, the pain and swelling are still present, and I would think that after 4 days, the swelling wouls start to go down.
Avatar n tn Like i said I have over 2 weeks of antibiotics and still no help. The abces started from my lower rightside wisdom tooth.
Avatar n tn last week i developed an abcsess in my tooth. my cheek became very swollen. the doctor said the infection from the abscess had passed from my tooth into my cheek. they put me on keeflex. within 24 hours about 60% of the swelling in my cheek had subsided. i am now on day 6 of a 10 days worth of the keeflex.
Avatar n tn i just removed 2 small sharp flakes from my gums and it feels better but i can feel more boney material where these pieces broke off....Will this material dissolve or do i need to have it cut out?
Avatar f tn At first I thought I got something stuck in my gums but I flossed and nothing came out. It feels like someone is putting pressure on my gums. My gums don't look swollen and they don't bleed when I brush or floss. It's become very painful where it hurts to eat certain foods. What should I do? Made a dentist appointment but not until August. 3. I've been having pain with my wisdom teeth also. I have 4 and two of them are stuck. Could they because causing a lot of my problems?
Avatar n tn if have an impacted wisdom tooth,and it has little white spots aroundit.is it infected.
Avatar f tn When I was pregnant my upper right wisdom tooth decided to start coming through. The dentist said it was partially impacted and that it would need to be removed eventually. She said to wait until after the baby was born and we were done breastfeeding. We are still nursing so I haven't set anything up to have it removed. I recently started having pain in the right side of my mouth, similar to the pain I have when my TMJ syndrome flares up.
Avatar n tn My wisdom tooth is the one in front of the white patch. My wisdom tooth is pulled to the front from my braces after losing a tooth from a previous accident. Thank you for your help. Btw I just went to the dentist for a clean literally two days ago and dentist said my teeth are fine. Swollen gums started today. http://tinypic.
Avatar f tn I also always swish water around my mouth after eating since good does get stuck behind a different wisdom tooth. From some Internet research, I discovered that your jaw is supposed to make new bone to fill in the tooth socket. But that can only happen if they remove all of the tooth supporting ligaments. If they don't, the ligaments can rot years later and you will have recurring infections. This is called cavitation. My dentist wasn't old but it seems like he didn't go to a good university.
Avatar n tn I have fillings in all of my molars/wisdom teeth, & from time to time the bottom left ones will get sore for a couple of days but it's usually nothing serious. well, yesterday it was worse than usual so i put a warm teabag in my cheek to see if that would help. long story short, i went to brush my teeth about 30 minutes after i put on the tea & my gums in that area had turned blood red & were bleeding pretty badly whenever i put the brush to them.
Avatar n tn If your dentist is saying its not from your tooth(I personally I think it is, having both tooth and sinus problems) I would go to your regular doctor. I know wisdom teeth can cause a sore throat and swollen gums.