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Avatar m tn The right side of the roof or my mouth is swollen and has gotten more swollen since yesterday. The area that is swollen is by my eye tooth and back. It is a dark red almost blue color. My teeth don't hurt but I have tried brushing my teeth and rinsing my mouth with salt water but nothing has helped. Do i need to se a doctor? What is it most likely?
Avatar m tn Hey guys er first of all around 4 - 5 days ago my lower left gum (towards the back - where the 1st molar and the one before it is) my 2nd molar hasn't fully grown yet (and i'm 18... lol) Anyway, it first happened on the left side where it sort of swelled and was very tender so I couldn't chew on that side and it bled a little.
Avatar n tn I went to the emergency room and was given a rapid strep test that came back negative. The doctor gave me 250MG of Cephalexin and 100W of Propoxyphene-N. I have taken these medications religiously for 3 days. My throat is no longer as painful as it was originally, but it is still very painful and colored the same way. Also, the infection has spread to my gums and gums feel smooth to my tongue, are red, black, and white, and are also very painful.
Avatar n tn On both sides of my upper mouth my gums have swollen. They protrude out from the sides of my mouth in the shape of a traingle. It comes from the back teeth up 5 teeth forward, then the swelling ends. This is both sides and it hurts to bite anything on both sides. The bottom is not affected and there is no discolorations anywhere. The swollen area is very hard and sticks straight out. It is swollen a little on the inside, but not the same strange long triangular shape.
Avatar n tn After the 10days I still had a sore throat that feels like an ulcer down my throat, and I also still had about 10 mouth ulcers as well as swollen gums. I went to my Internal MD and he put me on Medrol dose pack and Levaquin. This initially helped w/ the mouth ulcers but the one down my throat got much worse. I was given a Celestone inj and put on Orapred. Also taking Pepsid. Throat neg for strep and mouth ulcers neg for Herpes. This helped for about 3 days but then the pain has come back.
Avatar n tn well since then I still have the dry mouth but now I also have a swollen tongue,swollen pale gums only on my top set of teeth, bottom feels fine I have swelling in the inside of my cheeks and when I smile my cheeks are swollen especially the left side .
Avatar f tn Lastly, I want to add that a few years back I was hit in the area of the mouth that I was describing when a friend of mine was tossing his sandal across the room. I didn't seek any dental attention at the time because it didn't cause me any pain after the incident.
Avatar n tn hi I'm turning 21 this year. It is almost a week now when the lower back part of my right gum started to get swollen. I saw a small teeth coming out from the end (probably the wisdom tooth) and the pain is turning from severe to fair. Right now, the gums are still swollen, and I'm beginning to have gum sores (which is treated using oral anti-septic), but the pain is bearable. As much as possible, I wouldn't want the tooth to be extracted, although it is unknown until when will the gums swell.
Avatar m tn As my gums have been hurting for the past few days on the inside bottom in the front I decided to take a look in the mirror today and I noticed on both sides on the bottom of my mouth white hard bumps - they appear to be a part of my gum line and look like bone - however I do not remember ever seeing this before. The only thing that looks weird about it is that they both start at three teeth from the back and stop before the first front bottom 3 or 4 teeth.
Avatar f tn my gum at the back of my mouth has become swollen and it really hurts. My throat has also became very sore. I cant eat anything because it hurts too much. What can i do? What can it be?
Avatar n tn my gums are swollen, they don't bleed and the back of my throat hurts, my husband had this a couple years ago and they never figured out what it was and now it's happening the same to me they just start swollening up slowly till it's the whole mouth, i'm a regular brusher and use listurine, lately i've been brushing at least two times a day and us mouthwash all day to keep it clean but it just doesn't seem to be going down, my husband said that his lasted a month and it got so swollen he couldn'
Avatar n tn The ortho tech said he needed to to a better job brushing his teeth, and showed us what she wanted him to do. Since that time it has been a big struggle. His gums in the back of his mouth are now right on top of his brackets, in spite of a great deal of effort on his part. The ortho office isn't a whole lot of help; they just tell him he's not doing it good enough. We even bought a sonic toothbrush that the office sells with the idea that it would help. It hasn't.
Avatar m tn From time to time I try stopping the Valtrex and the virus seems to come back in the form of swollen, painful gums. Each time I stop Valtrex, it seems to take longer for the virus to reappear but it always reappears in the form of swollen and painful gums. I had this same symptom (although much more severe) when I initially contracted the infection together with fever and lesions on the penis and testicles and one strange lesion on my lower stomach.
Avatar m tn From time to time I try stopping the Valtrex for a few days and the virus seems to come back in the form of swollen, painful gums (it's not terrible pain but annoying, especially when brushing or flossing). Each time I stop Valtrex, it seems to take longer for the virus to reappear but it almost always reappears in the form of swollen and painful gums.
Avatar n tn about a day or so ago, i noticed a small cankersore on the gums above my top front teeth. Within one day, the entire area above my gums on the left side of my mouth has turned this greyish color, and is very painful. The texture has stayed the same, it is not bumpy or anything. The greyish color goes all the way from where my gums meet my teeth up to the top, starting at my front left tooth and going reaching back to my molars.
Avatar f tn I did have part of a salivary gland removed and biopsies in my neck when I was 19 (now 30) for chronic inflammation. Now, the gums on the bottom behind my very back teeth on both sides are swollen and extremely sore. I'm now on antibiotics and the soonest I can get in with the ENT is April 5th. The roof of my mouth hurts when I talk, swallow, or yawn and the gums are extremely sore no matter what. Please help!!!!
Avatar m tn Difficulty swallowing Sensation of lump in throat Sensation of pressure on throat Pain and tenderness in neck and/or thyroid area Difficulty taking deep breath Goiter Thyroid nodule Burning sensation in throat Sore throats Swollen tongue Choking fits Distorted sense of taste (Dysgeusia) Salt cravings Sweet cravings Speech problems Dry mouth Halitosis (bad breath) Propensity for cavities Propensity for gum disease L
Avatar n tn I originally thought the pain in my cheek was due to me accidentally biting it, but now at the very back of my mouth near my gums, not on them, there's a little lump. The lump and the area around it all the way to my throat is swollen, and I can barely open my mouth. It is super sore and I don't know what is wrong. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Today is the last day of the antibiotics my face is still swollen, its painfull to open my mouth, my gums are weeping blood and puss and i'm still in a lot of pain. What sould I do?
Avatar m tn Approximately, three days ago I started experiencing swollen gums and some bleeding while brushing (I had my wisdom teeth out as a teen). Yesterday morning I experienced sensitivity to cold and hot food and beverages. The sensitivity progressed during the day. I started to experience extreme dental pain by night time. I tried to eat soup for dinner and it causeed extreme stabbing pain. I can't pin point it to a tooth, just one side of my mouth/jaw. I couldn't sleep at all.
Avatar n tn Greetings, About two weeks ago I woke up randomly with what felt to be sore, inflamed gums near the first molars on each side of my front 4 incisors. I also noticed that the gums beneath them seem to have receded quickly. I also had several ulcers, one on the roof of my mouth, one under my tongue -- both of which feel as though they've healed up. I had a deep cleaning done a week ago -- the Dentist noticed a significant buildup of calculus on the back of my front incisors.
Avatar n tn Today is the last day of the antibiotics my face is still swollen, its painfull to open my mouth, my gums are weeping blood and puss and i'm still in a lot of pain. What sould I do?
125112 tn?1217277462 In looking at it, the thin piece of skin that nearly touches in-between the two front teeth, that extends a little further back...is abit swollen and whitish (obviously, irritated). My question is, could this be the cause of a hormonal problem? I.E. a sensitive mouth. I was also curious about a "cobblestone" throat. Have you seen this numerous times in your profession? I'm just trying to get a sense if this appearance is a common one.
Avatar n tn In the last couple of days, my glands i my neck have become swollen (hard to swollow), now the back of my tounge and my gums are sore, i have also recenetly gotten a cold sore, is there anything you can help me with on this? It's difficult to eat right now because my mouth is so sore?
Avatar f tn Previous to the sore throat, I had been experiencing gums that were red and swollen, and the skin on my gums peels off. Also the area below my gums, the crevice between the gum and cheek, in the 4 areas below my molars the skin is very irritated with sores and the skin over top of the sores is white and peels away. I also have sores on the side of my tongue, where it attaches to the back of my throat is red, irritated and white skin forms over it, but it peels away easily (like the crevices).
Avatar m tn These can be removed by a dentist (if you get them too), however, I found they grew right back within two weeks. Best of luck. Do see a dentist regularly during your pregnancy-they also can help you maintain great teeth & gums.
Avatar n tn His oral care is done each day several times. Most of his baby teeth are gone and the perms, some of them have arrived. 6 to 12 months ago, his gums where the molars would be on the upper jaw, ( he doesn't chew we figure they not broken thru.) well, on both sides they are swollen. Maybe 1 1/4 inch long, thickeness approx 1 cm and 2cm wide. When you feel it it feels like hard jelly. Since he can't talk we have to go by what we see, it looks like he in no pain at all.
Avatar n tn seems to be clearing up for the most part there is one really infected spot in my mouth it is swollen up and hurts but when i use the mouth wash it takes the pain away so i am thinking that its just part of the mouth condition.