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324372 tn?1222823802 I was wondering if any of you had trouble in your pregnancy with swollen glands under your arms? I'm 37 weeks along, and I have a lump under one arm, center of my armpit that is pretty small, and tender to touch. I've had it for awhile and keep forgetting to tell the doctor about it since it really doesn't hurt unless you touch it. I figured it was a sweat gland and would go away, but it hasn't so far. Now I noticed one on the other side that is the same place, pea sized.
Avatar n tn On the inside of my mouth on the left side my gland is swollen with a small white puss pocket on it. Besides that underneath my left arm is very tender but doesnt feel like a gland is swollen. The my tounge is white and my gums are swollen. I dont know whats going on with me. First I was told by the doctor that the puss pocket is a piece of debrite that got stuck on the back of my gland.
Avatar n tn Been there for over a year now. I have swollen gland under my right arm for 3years now. I have a swollen gland under my left arm for over 7 months. I now have swollen glands in right side of my neck by the collarbone. I am tired all the time and I break out in a sweat for no real reason, for the last few months.I am now losing weight with no effort at all. I have been on thyroid meds for the last ten years for hypothyrodism. About twice a year I have a dry cough that last for about 6 weeks.
Avatar n tn I'am a 56 year old woman, for over a month now I've noticed that my glands in my neck are swelled the ones under my left arm a very swollen to the point that I'am very concern that this could be cancer. I was prescribed T3 by one docter and progesterone and ever since I have felt bad I also always feel like I have a fever and cold. please help me to find some answers.
Avatar n tn I have graves disease and I have just had a total thyroidectomy at the age of 23 my calcium levels keep dropping and the doctors have me on 6 catrate tables a days as well as 6 calcitriol capsules a day and i have noticed hard lump under my arm my doctor says its a swollen gland most likely due to the operation i was woundering if this is normal
Avatar n tn ( The C2 nerve ). Not ignoring the feeling of discomfort under my arm he has recommeded still going for the ultrasound next week but there are no lumps or bumps there now and the swollen lymph glands have gone down. The doc has given me anti inflammatory painkillers and recommended physio to treat the trapped nerve.
Avatar n tn Hi, You could have enlarged axillary lymph nodes if you have used a deodarant, done waxing or shaving in the under arm region. The most common cause of enlarged lymph nodes is infections. Do consult your physician - he will prescribe you a course of antibiotics. If the lymph nodes still persist , then they would need to be investigated further.
Avatar f tn Are there any other swollen nodes under the legs in the arm pit area? Any swollen in the groin or back legs? Any indication of possible dental issues going on? Hope you can find an answer and please keep us updated.
Avatar m tn This was accompanied by a very bad cough. I also had a really bad pain under my left arm. I felt terribly ill and went to the doctor who diagnosed bronchitis, he said that I also had a nasty ulcer on my throat. As I am in the Southern hemisphere and it is summer, he said this was really odd as he hadn't seen any other patients with these symptoms this time of year. He prescribed anitbiotics but 4 weeks later I am still sick.
Avatar n tn The problem is I have recurrent white discharge These are the symptoms - White discharge - Groin glands feel tender and swollen and there is a persistent throbbing feeling started mild and now is every day - Burning sensation on the bottom end of the penis tip after urinating (Not all the time) - Glands under the armpits seem to throbbing left and right arm - I have been getting regular headaches back of head I NEVER get headaches/I drink green tea and water all day if i do get a headach
Avatar n tn Ok, well I dont have alot of suggestions for u, but I wanted you to know that others share the same fears .I too have had swollen glands in my arm pit area for the past couple months. They seem to go up and down .. it is so annoying, painful, one day it is one side then the other.. I went to my doc they thought I was nuts ran my blood work complete CBC and was fine..yet they still are doing it at least I think they are. Feels like I have pressure under them.
Avatar n tn Are they connected? Is it possible the lumps under my arm are cysts and not lymph glands? Is there something I can do? Is there something I should be worried about? Is there tests I can ask my Dr to do to rule out anything serious?
Avatar m tn hi ever1.....im terrifed i have cancer...i have swollen glands all over ,neck under arm and groin area i have a small pian in my lung no cough...being to doctor she is doing blood so far all clear have an ultra scan on my stomack next week to see if my stomack glands are up also....she keeps telling me not 2 painc but im 33 years old and i do smoke am trying to give up now......................has any1 ever had this and turned out not 2 be cancer.......
Avatar m tn This was accompanied by a very bad cough. I also had a really bad pain under my left arm. I felt terribly ill and went to the doctor who diagnosed bronchitis, he said that I also had a nasty ulcer on my throat. As I am in the Southern hemisphere and it is summer, he said this was really odd as he hadn't seen any other patients with these symptoms this time of year. He prescribed anitbiotics but 4 weeks later I am still sick.
Avatar f tn I felt a lump under my left arm approximately 2 weeks ago. I cannot feel any lumps on my left breast, but it has become achy and numb in that area and it travels down my arm. I've had no fever, but I have felt run down lately. I have read that lymph nodes can become swollen fighting infection. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow - should I be worried??
Avatar n tn are they swollen glands, nodes.. or are they like some growth .. how can i get them to not be swollen or removed.. i hoped this liptosuction would remove it all but i guess it only removes the tissue not the lumps themselves which are still there and very sore.. i noticed if i put alot of pressure on them when they hard they soften up and temporarily disappear and it is more comfort but within 20mins they return hard lumps..
Avatar m tn 7 months after the intercourse I have had small swollen glands mainly painful under my arm, I also have them in my neck...Should I be worried? I do not have any other other symptoms but I have a serious case of anxiety..
Avatar f tn Both of these went away the following day, but I now have a swollen gland in my neck, and under my arm both on the right side. Also, I seem to have another swollen gland in my groin area on the right side bikini line. From what I have read from this site, it would be abnormal for the swelling to appear in multiple locations if this is just a sinus infection. Is it possible that the areas are swelling for different reasons? Could this be a sign of an STD?
Avatar f tn How long does it normally take to resolve? And also how do you know if you have a swollen glad or lymph node under your arm and normally does more than just one swells up? But thank you for the information that you have already given to me. I will have it looked at as soon as possible.
Avatar m tn after 7 weeks i still i have random pain on my left arm and it seems that I have developed a swollen gland under my left arm pit. I did compare it to my right arm pit and it is deffinetly different. Also the glands in my groin get tingling from time to time and i have the feeling that my groin area is swollen. . I have no other symptoms beside the feeling of swollen glands the muscle pains and a general feeling of malaise. Are those signs that the body is fighting a viral infection ?
Avatar n tn When I was about 18, I noticed swollen pockets under each arm. They are not identical. One is a little more puffy and is visible from the front, and the other is not as bad, and in th armpit. I went to the doctor for my college physical, and he told me it wasn't the lymph glands, but was 'fat sacks' or something. That seemed strange to me, since I was not overweight - at that time I was about 5'4" 120 pounds.
Avatar m tn swollen gland on one side of neck and under one arm pit along with a extremely sore right side of my chest my right breast and shoulder blade whats going on ?
Avatar n tn Off-late I started feeling few swollen lymphnodes in my under arm on both the hands. My doctor has asked me to go for thyroid scan and chest xray. I'm yet to tell him about swollen lymph nodes. Do you think this may be related due to thyroid? Please suggest.
Avatar n tn When I felt it, my lymph gland area under my arm pit was swollen, no hardness, just a wide area that is swollen. Is this something any of you has experienced? I am scheduled for just my abdomen and pelvis area for CAT, is this something that the CAT could pick up for under my armpit?...so that I should request that area done also?
Avatar n tn there are lymph nodes in your armpits...maybe you are getting sick or have some sort of infection that has been caught in your lymph node. that is what people refer to when they say that their "glands are swollen." have you noticed anything similar on the back of your neck or in the other armpit? i am not a doctor, but i know that they tend to swell for me when i am getting sick.
Avatar n tn It was worse on the right side leg. I´m not really sure if the glands here were swollen, it didn´t really feel that different there. I also had a slight feeling under the arm pits and a thick fur covering on my tongue a lot of phlegm and a slight sore throat. It all seemed to be disappearing and getting better but then the other day I suddenly felt the burning sensation in my legs again and which subsided but then it all started under my arm pits and neck.