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Avatar f tn I have swollen gland on my left hand side of my throat, I have no tonsils, but when it really gets really swollen I find it very hard to breath and swallow, please help.
1373434 tn?1284820769 There are also white patches and I get a lot of lumps on my tonsils. I went to the doctors and the doctor told me I had normal tonsils for a 23 year old, but I disagree. Does anyone else inspect their throat? What can they see? I'm really worried I have throat cancer. Please help!
Avatar n tn If the tonsils are swollen and if you have swollen glands in the neck then you should take antibiotics. Also sine you have fatigue for so long, there is a lingering infection for sure. The symptoms of discomfort from left ear, to the angle of jaw on the left side along with fatigue can be due to heart problem too. It can also be due to blockage in the left ear canal or Eustachian tube due to accumulation of secretions as in sinusitis, tonsillitis.
Avatar m tn day 1 - 4 painful urination and spot (both seem to have cleared) day 3-5 swollen and tender glands, day 5 to 10 swollen and painful tonsils, day 8 - 10 sore and swollen gums, day 10 sensitive penis.
Avatar m tn Are you having any other symptoms such as fatigue or tender/swollen glands? Are you having trouble breathing? I had a swollen throat about 5 years ago and it turned out to be mono. If it persists, I would suggest seing an ENT. Hope you feel better soon!
Avatar n tn no I just have nasuea, swollen glands(is pea sized swollen????) any recommandations would be great I have been to tons of docs, and no answer please any suggestions on what it could be or things that I could look into.
Avatar f tn hi, thanks for your reply. We havnt an appointment yet for the mri, her consultant has reffered her for one. However we have been to see her consultant today after I telephoned her expressing my concerns. She had a very good all over check and she thinks shes pretty certain its a virus ontop of virus on top of infection thing :(. But has said if she deteriorates then we must take her to a&e. She confirmed tonsils very swollen but no infection.
Avatar f tn My throat go a little better over the next 4 days then a week after I went to urgent care I woke up and my tonsils were very swollen and covered in white. My glands were sore in my neck when I pushed on them. The next day the tonsils still very swollen and covered in white and very sore. Is this hiv related?
Avatar m tn My throat was really sore, I had a 103 degree fever, and thyroid glands were swollen. Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen didn't do much to relieve the pain. The rapid strep test said I did not have strep throat, but after looking at my throat a few times the doctor believed the test was wrong and gave me Augmentin. So after 2-3 days the symptoms gradually got better and life resumed. I finished taking the antibiotic on Wednesday (the 16th).
Avatar m tn I been having a sore throat and swollen glands since 2 weeks after unprotected sex I tested negative for hiv what can be causing my sore throat and swollen glands I have white dots on my tonsils and I’ve gone to the doctor and no medication helps nothing at all and I’m at 3 months rn with this chronic sore throat and swollen glands
Avatar f tn Can you get hpv if you touch the clit and labia for like 2 seconds not wet no finger by hole just the clit and either side the labia and then immediately touch your penis/meatus/glands or put it on there lip just the head with foreskin normal not pulled back for like a second only because I have swollen tonsils for about a month skin peeling and like a cluster of white bumps under foreskin where it meets the meatus please some one help
Avatar n tn swollen tonsils are from herpes? what about swollen lymphnodes under jaw? this went away with antibiotics after a few days...
Avatar f tn My dog and puppy have swollen glands what could couse this to happen 1 1 and a 8 mouth old
Avatar n tn Around November 7th, I developed what I assumed to be a run of the mill sinus infection. I had a lot going on with an ill family member, and didn't do my usual home treatment. It stuck around until around Thanksgiving. During that time, I was on a 7-day course of penicillin (root canal) and went through a bought of some stomach bug. The penicillin didn't do anything to help my sinus symptoms. The symptoms of the sinus infection are gone, but there are a few annoyances still lingering.
1527688 tn?1292814414 it is now going on 4 weeks and my tonsils and lymph glands are still swollen not enough to see but in my neck you can feel it and my throat can be seen but it is slightly protruding.
Avatar n tn a couple of days later i got really sick, ot and cold sweats, temperature, acute tomsilitus and swollen glands.
Avatar n tn You need to get your dog to the vet. Worry about what it COULD be after you find out what it IS. Swollen glands in dogs can be caused by anything from something fairly minor, like tonsillitis (yes, dogs do have tonsils) to very serious illnesses like canine lymphoma (cancer), so make an appointment so that she can be seen as soon as you can. Please let us know what the vet said.
Avatar f tn I have had an FBC which all came back fine and an ENT has put me forward for an Fine Needle Biopsy as she thinks I need it to see what shape the glands are? I used to think that this was all due to infection but my glands have been swollen for so long and spreading of swelling is worse I am now doubting it - could this be something more sinister? Is anyone experiencing or has anyone experienced anything similar?
Avatar n tn ve been gargling and wiping down the tonsils. Do I need an antibiotic? My tonsils became really super swollen and painful a couple of months ago (when I was in a different but very stressful situation) but tests came back negative for mono, strep, etc. I did an antibiotic series at the time and they were still swollen but went down a few days later.
Avatar m tn I had this kind of issue with 2 of my children , always sick, sore throat swollen glands, ear aches ..a few years ago now , they removed their tonsils and they wwre not sick like that again .
Avatar f tn Symptoms of strep throat include throat pain, difficulty swallowing, red and swollen tonsils, swollen/tender lymph glands in the neck, fever, and fatigue. However, these set of symptoms may also be observed in a viral infection or some other kind of illness. To confirm if this is due to streptococcus bacteria, throat swab or culture and direct physical examination may be done. If this is due to a viral infection, it usually resolves after a few days.