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Avatar n tn i have had swollen salivery glands for a couple of months know,i have seen a doctor and a dentist who believe i bite or chew the inside of my cheeks when asleep as there is a white line along the inside of my cheek where my teeth run.i also get tingling in my cheeks,does this all sound normal?
Avatar n tn The problem is I have recurrent white discharge These are the symptoms - White discharge - Groin glands feel tender and swollen and there is a persistent throbbing feeling started mild and now is every day - Burning sensation on the bottom end of the penis tip after urinating (Not all the time) - Glands under the armpits seem to throbbing left and right arm - I have been getting regular headaches back of head I NEVER get headaches/I drink green tea and water all day if i do get a headach
1761834 tn?1315841426 since around my 3rd week on triple tx (inc) I've had swollen glands in the back of head/neck and in front of and behind my ears... is this a sx?
Avatar f tn I had very swollen glands and a fever but no cough. I tested negative for strep twice, and got a culture done that came back negative. I went on antibiotics until I was better. A week later the sore throat came back in full force, but this time only on the right side. I went on antibiotics again and tested negative for mono twice. For a week and a half I had a mild sore throat that felt like you're regular sore throat.
442340 tn?1326821017 wants to leave my Peg. high, but if my glands are still swollen and my bloodwork hasn't come back, they might reduce it just this week to 135 (still at theraputic range for my weight). This is all so scary, and I just hope it doesn't mess up my SVR - but who can ever really tell that? :) Best Wishes!
Avatar f tn Well, as far as an over-all feeling, the meds did help some. But the glands are still swollen and still hurt, although not as bad or often. I go back this week to recheck my blood and make sure the antibodies are down and if they aren't then it's on to ENT. Like you said, I have good days and bad. Yesterday was BAD and looks like today isn't going to be any better as it is 4 a.m. and I have been up for over an hour because I couldn't sleep for the pain in my neck.
Avatar n tn A few weeks ago I found a hard mass/lump in my lower back on the left side and a smaller lump on the right side. It has been causing pain relating to lower back pain (stiffness, pain "slouching", pain straightening my back). This lump seems to feel approx. 1 - 1.5 inches on the left and a .5 inch on the right. On a side note, the past few weeks (starting a 2 weeks before noticing this back lump) I have had a sore area in my throat (not a sore throat!
Avatar n tn lasted for 7 days. At last it went away. NOW my hands and lower legs are very swollen. Lower legs covered with a red blotchy rash. wrists are very painful (like carpal tunnel). WHen I pick my foot up off the ground, my lower leg falls asleep in about 40 seconds. I have had a persistant cough only on one side of my throat for about 8 weeks now as well. I have had diarreah and nusea most of the last year.
Avatar m tn I started getting a swollen lower jaw about last week,after i ate a sandwhich and felt like something was stuck in the back of my teeth. Well,that felt like it was going away until i smoked, and it got a lot bigger. It now feels like there's a huge ball on the inside of my cheeks, in my lower jaw area. I got my wisdom teeth out about a month and a week ago, and I DID have problems with that.
Avatar f tn I had a tooth extraction on Monday lower back. The dentist battled a bit to remove it. He actually gripped my jaw with his hand in order to loosen the tooth. I had extreme pain since the extraction and was put on antibiotics and pain medication. Yesterday I went back to the dentist as the pain got worse and I told him that it feels almost as if the tooth is still in, because of the pain. However my right side of my face started swelling and my gland on the right side is as big as a golf ball.
Avatar n tn I started with persistent lower back pain for several days, not muscle or nerve-related that I could tell. I then developed a sore throat and tiredness, which developed over the course of the day to muscle aches (all over) and fever of 102. My right ear started to hurt and it spread to both ears and both sides of my throat. I had small white patches on my (swollen) tonsils. My neck was sore (I'm guessing where my lymph glands are) and is now swollen, and I can only open my jaw about an inch.
469755 tn?1267837078 She said she went to a chiropractor who adjusted her face and back and she has not had TMJ in 25 years. She said it came back once and that she went back to the same chiropractor and had it adjusted once more and has never returned. When I received your note I was surprised by what you wrote and surprised to hear that this treatment worked for you as well. I just made an appointment for a chiropractor and when I am done seeing him, I will write you back to let you know how it went.
945934 tn?1289049624 Found out that I could not put any food in my mouth because of a shooting pain going from the lower jaw up to before the ear. It caused this area to be tender and puffy. I could talk, swallow, and make a chewing motion so it appeared it didn't have to do with TMJ. No eating except water. The second day, it moved to the left side with the right still being tender. The third day, both were tender but getting better. I massaged, did warm compresses, took meds.
Avatar m tn I will be more specific. My submental glands are swollen and my submandibular gland is swollen. Under my jaw there is like a knot that has been there for 2 months. I am seeing an ENT next Tuesday. But what could i really have if all blood was fine?
Avatar m tn About two weeks ago, I started getting some abnormal pain in my lower back, mainly my right side also. Additionally, since the back pain began, I noticed some lower right abdomen discomfort as well. I have seen a doctor before about the testicle pain (including the rock like mass) and had ultrasounds etc., with no results. I was prescribed Ciproflaxin and things seemed to settle down. Now symptoms have gotten worse lately.....
Avatar n tn I have also had constantly swollen glands at the back left side of the neck and near my left armpit since fall. The upper part of my neck swells up a lot, too, sort of like a huge double-chin running from one end of the jaw to the other. My throat feels tight, like everything inside is swollen and pushing against each other. It doesn't feel like strep and doesn't really hurt. I have been on two different antibiotics -- cephalexin and ??? (might have been doxycycline) for infection, in Oct.
Avatar n tn I have been feeling as if something is stuck in my throat - small like a pill or something (even though I haven't taken any) - felt in the lower part of the throat. I swallow and swallow but of course the sensation is still there. I have no pain at all, and it does seem to get worse on and off throughout the course of the day (when I first wake up in the morning I dont feel it at all). At times I don't feel it there, then other times I do.
Avatar m tn I have recently last year experienced this issue. back pain mostly in my right lower back down to pressure kind of pain in my right testicle to the point where I couldn't walk normal kinda funny, I had to lie down and roll around to get minor relieve. I started feeling woozy, like the way you feel when you throw up a lot and get a little pale.
Avatar n tn It went away after one week. It came back for a couple days, went away, then came back again after one week. Today I feel as though I have a lump in my throat and pain in the lower part of my ear. I am very frustrated because I do not know what is swelling and why it comes back periodically. Do you have any idea what the problem could be or who I should go see to fix this problem.
617123 tn?1221842819 However, the problem is that these glands swell and never go back to original side. My doctor says that it's possibly because I'm skinny hence I feel them swollen. Although you can't see them, they bother me because I sometimes have problems hearing and my cheeck bones and face once did hurt. This worries me because I just had an uncle diagnosed with cancer in the parotic glands. I heard, but I could be wrong, that if the glands are not drained, it could lead to cancer. Please advice.