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Avatar m tn Ie wouldn't it be likely to have swollen glands in his neck and groin as well as arms? Are lymph nodes usually detectable by touch? Sight? We cannot feel any individual 'nodes' just a general noticable swelling and pain beneath the arms. There have been no other symptoms that we can think of. Are swollen glands/nodes also associated with other std's?
Avatar f tn I first saw my doctor in April with swollen glands in my neck I have seen him 3 times since, today being the most recient. The swollen glands NEVER go down. They don't always hurt but it is getting more frequent and severe. My doctor said today that we would try one more antibiotic and steroid pack for 1 week and for me to return for a follow-up that if the "KNOTS" are still there in one week he wants to do a scan.
Avatar n tn Three weeks ago,I had a low-grade fever for about one week, as well as swollen lymph nodes (not sure if that's what they were) in my neck. My neck sort of felt swollen and lumpy. I also had a very slight sore throat and occasional runny nose that came and went. I would feel as if I was getting a cold, then the sore throat would just go away. My period was also 2 weeks late, but I did get it. I had an acne breakout at the time. Irregular periods are not uncommon for me.
Avatar n tn I always have and was wondering if anyone else out there that has these swollen nodes in neck also have problems with their teeth and also wondering if problems with teeth (infections and such) could cause the nodes in the back of the neck swell up. Also, the glands in the front of my neck have always been large... these problems I've experienced have gone on for years... So, I'm hoping its nothing serious because, if it is, and I have it for years.... what chance would I have?
Avatar f tn We are two days into the mystery rash syndrome. Today she is poorly - swollen glands and sore throat, very dehydrated. She had a headache last week but that has gone. She is a student - there has been a case of bacterial meninitis in her block recently but she is showing no sign of stiff neck or ongoing headache. She does not have a significantly raised temperature. Should I just keep closely monitoring or rush to bemused and off duty local GP?
Avatar n tn I felt quite tired for the next 2 coming days and 5 days later i found two more glands in my groin(swollen and not visible but can only be felt). Then i started feeling like my muscles r twitching(spasms like) could it be a disease? coz im really trying to figure it out?
Avatar n tn I also have these exact symptoms. Itchy, swollen and burning upper eyelids - much worse in the morning, gradually worsening for a week or two, then fading away and leaving me with very dry and scaly eyelids. The left one is a bit worse, but both are affected. Began about 3 years ago - sometimes I'll go several months without a flareup, though my eyelids always seem tender even then. Lately they've been much worse, with hardly any break in between irritation.
Avatar f tn The first time I went off the antibiotics it was the same thing, and the sores and weeping and intense itching and swollen glands (in neck and back of head) came back. I am finishing up my second course of antibiotics and the same thing - I still have the itching - so I'm worried it will come back again in full force. Anyone every had an infection with this corresponding skin condition?
Avatar n tn I had the same problem - red swollen itchy eye which started on the skin just under my left eye as the weeks went on it spread to the eye lid, the bridge on my nose, between my eye brows and to to skin round my other eye. it drove me in sane it was so imbarassing going into work. On the days it wasn't as red it was very dry bumpy and scaly horrible. The attack lasted months and the skin was starting to look wrinkly!
Avatar f tn tongue) Swollen, red skin on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet Swollen lymph nodes in the neck and perhaps elsewhere Second phase In the second phase of the disease, your child may develop: Peeling of the skin on the hands and feet, especially the tips of the fingers and toes, often in large sheets Joint pain Diarrhea Vomiting Abdominal pain Third phase In the third phase of the disease, signs and symptoms slowly go away unless complications develop.
1245842 tn?1287833651 I have small and large blisters all over my hands and now my feet. My skin is red and swollen and using my hands is very painful. This itching is INCREDIBLE.I also recently got a rash all over my body in a reaction to the dermatitis. I was told to do 'wet wraps' on my hands with Elocon cream which initially worked on the blisters that were already there, then new ones appeared. I looks like dermatitis 'travels' all over your hands.
647391 tn?1275020233 Hives (medically known as urticaria) are red, itchy, raised areas of skin that appear in varying shapes and sizes. They have a tendency to change size rapidly and to move around, disappearing in one place and reappearing in other places.Many cases of hives are "idiopathic," meaning no cause is known. Others may be triggered by viral infections or medications. Diagnosis of both is by clinical examination and complete blood tests and allergy tests.
14776903 tn?1437687992 It's been over a year since I have noticed swollen lymph nodes in my neck (posterior and submandibular chain). At the beginning I thought they are just "shotty" lymph nodes which remained palpable after having infectious mononucleosis in 2011. However, they seemed to be over 1cm so I decided to make an appointment with my GP. I have been told that swollen lymph nodes are not a rare phenomenon and there is no reason why I should be worried about them.
Avatar n tn It feels like a swollen gland which I often get in my cheeks but I’m not sure if there are any glands there
Avatar f tn I did rupture the C5 AND C6 in my neck and had to have surgery, this definitely has shined some light on my misery. Thank You all so much for taking the time to tell your stories because this has probably not only saved me more unnecessary expense but has brought me hope in a diagnosis.
288415 tn?1231634102 No running in ears but still maddening external itching. Crusty **** can be scraped off the itchy area. Its like dried onion skin. C'mon I know I am not the only one with this ****. Help!
Avatar n tn I tend to get swollen from time to time so I bought the football icepack from walmart you put in your lunch pack. They have all kinds but that shape is perfect that that spot. good luck with the sweeling. I agree, latex allergy, probaly that spermicide. That stuff can really cause some problems with allergies. Good luck.
Avatar n tn My guess is that what you're experiencing IS from teh prednisone and should dissipate in a few days. I've been on prednisone quite often in my life and I also experience the same thing sometimes - my face will get beet red, feel hot to the touch (but I'm not running a fever) and will feel tight and dry.
Avatar n tn For about 10 to 11 years I have this problem of bumps showing up on my skin. They are warm to the touch, and are raised. They usually go away over night. Once in awhile half of my lip will swell 3 to 4 times norm size. My knees swell. I have even had these knots on the bottom of my foot. One of the strange ones is that my finger tip will swell. About one month ago I had surgery, and it made my body go into over drive. One day I had about 100 bumps. Went to the doc.
Avatar m tn A few weeks ago the symptoms started coming back with pain in my armpits, neck and groin, nothing obviously swollen, but I've been told they could be swollen under the skin. Sometimes I get pain in other areas where lymph nodes could be (behind the knees, elbows), also accompanied by a slight sore throat and ear ache. I recently went to the doctor again for another look and she "thinks" a few are swollen, but seemed kind of unsure.
Avatar m tn My husband thought it was a pimple and tried to squeeze it (gross, I know but it was bugging me and I couldn't reach it) In the next few days it got big, about the size of a quarter, quite red and painful, sometimes itchy. I made an appointment with my doc. but the next available appt is in 3 weeks. I made the appt. but need to know if this sounds like something that needs more immediate care.
Avatar m tn I dont mean peeling, but like, white, sort of wrinkly and very dry looking. Not itchy, though makes my skin in these areas feel hotter to the touch than the rest of my skin. 2 or 3 slightly larger spots just below my chest. Freckle-like patches on my shoulders and upper back (though to be fair, they might always have been there I just hadn't really studied my shoulders and back much. I mean, who does?!).
281019 tn?1235009097 What now? It's always something wrong with me. I stopped even going to the upid doctors. Then I was in a wreck 9/26/08. My "issues" I've had for 2 years (rheumy dxed RA 3/24/09) are 10 times worse. I can deal with most of them. Now it's something else. I get the "slapped face" (aka:SF) when I have ocular migraines. Which ever eye is effected, that side of my face is ultra sensitive. Like cold is freezing & hot is like fire.
Avatar n tn I had swollen glands worst on right side of face with chin-neck on right side all swollen. took steroid pills for 3 days and clairtin, then i broke out with pimples all over my body, sometimes they are very easy to see other times i feel them but have to look hard to see them. I've had them for five days, new ones appeared on my face the 4th day and a few on my palms. Started on my back, then stomach arms and legs.
Avatar n tn my oldest is 8 he has swollen lymph nodes in his neck. My 2 year old has many swollen lymph nodes in his neck (large) and also in his underarm and groin area(small like buckshot). I also have a 5 month old. I am trying to pinpoint my oldests food issues. The 2 year old and 5 month old have severe food intollerances and from the research that I have been doing this past year it seems that food allergies/sensitivies/intollerances can absolutley cause this.
Avatar m tn In people sensitized to metals, mobilisation of the allergen might results in a skin rash. These effects are well-known to doctors using D-penicillamin for treatment of various diseases such as multiple sclerosis. If you, by any chance, suffer from allergy to nickel or other metals or if you have silver or gold fillings in your mouth, this might increase the probability of metal sensitization. The MELISA blood test can objectively diagnose allergy to the metals you are currently exposed to.
Avatar n tn It seems to get hard and be in the shape of a ball on the right side and the left labia gets hard. Its also swollen and full of fluid in the loose skin on the lower end of the vaginal opening. I describe it as feeling like you have a blister. It stings and burns. I have had this happen 3-4 times since dating my bf. This is the first guy its ever happened with. The first time was scary. My vagina was huge, clit huge, libia huge, I was shocked at this thing protruding from my legs.
Avatar n tn As I said my glands are enlarged as I can feel them and they feel like they are small round glands. I have had swollen Lymph nodes before with strep but only in the neck so I know what they feel like. As for my last doctors visit they found or actually I found a lump in my cheek that they say is a cyst and think that is what is causing the head pressure. See tow diffrent ENT's as well as PCP on the 9th. Will post more as I know it.
Avatar n tn the tell tale sign of it are blueish to black fibers that can be found in skin biopsy, or in some cases are externally exposed and can be picked out with tweezers. other possiblities are inflammation or disease of the nerves in the area. if it is systemic (full body) crawling, an mri of the brain, Cervical and thoracic Spine should be considered to rule out lesions or tumors. if it is local, MRI of the area should be done.