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657526 tn?1224582629 My attack yet become kinda frequent last yr although i took care of what i ate and because of that the docotr gave me allupurinol to prevent it but what i've discover after few months after taking that my gout no longer occur on my big toe and foot but in fact it occur on my fingers, my wrist joint my shoulder its swollen and painful. I told the doctor but he say its unlikely, theres no way it can accur there.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr. Do: My left foot was swollen for the past full month. It start from no apparent reason, then slowly spread to all joints of my foot, top and bottom (sole). My uric acid level is 6.8 and I was prescribed Colchicine 0.6 mg. The swollen reduced to about 50%. X-ray revealed no fracture and my podiatrist gave two injections of Cortisone. My foot was almost cured for two days, then the swollen came back (about 30%). The MRI revealed nothing but swollen.
Avatar n tn Pain over the big toe is a very classical symptom of gout. Please start up the medication. Also he needs to drink 3-4 liter of water and avoid pulses / Non-veg items and alcohol.
1267410 tn?1270257715 My husbands left foot is swollen and red it is more swollen by his big toeand top of his foot it has got worse since this morning his sister said mayb something bit him but there are no bite marks my aunt said maybe Gout i have not a clue to even what would cause one foot to swell and to become irritable like that if it is no better in morning i am taking him to the ER
1267410 tn?1270257715 My husbands left foot is swollen and red it is more swollen by his big toeand top of his foot it has got worse since this morning his sister said mayb something bit him but there are no bite marks my aunt said maybe Gout i have not a clue to even what would cause one foot to swell and to become irritable like that if it is no better in morning i am taking him to the ER
Avatar n tn Well Now a month later my skin stays very dry and my left foot/ankle is swollen daily, plus my hands seem to hurt every morning I wake up. First question: I'm I still recovering from the allergic reaction from the Steven Johnson Syndrome? And how long does it normal take to recover from this illness? Second question: What would lead to my ankle to swell on & off. I can barley walk on the ankle. (Doctor already told me this ankle issue is not gout).
Avatar m tn It allows the heart to pump your blood more efficiently. Was it RXed for your foot swelling? The Colchicine is used to treat gout. Two doses would not have been enough to know if it was effective in treating a gout flare. Gout doesn't always act the same in every person...however it's easy to rule this in or out based on Uric Acid levels in your blood. I assume your PCP has done this and that is his rationale behind dismissing Gout.
Avatar f tn My husband's right foot is swollen and very painful. All medical test show nothing, no infection, no vascular problems, no nerve problems, All the doctors we have seen are baffled. I can send a picture if need be. The blood veins on top of his foot are breaking and bleeding. He says the pain is most severe on the ball of his foot. It started with his big toe, spread to the next three, now it is his whole foot. It is not gout, or lymphedema. He has done everything but an MRI.
Avatar f tn First I get a tiny red blotch on my inner ankle that hurts to touch like its a bad bruise. With in three to four hours my foot and ankle is so swollen you cant even see my ankle bones.The slightest touch such as my hem of my pants or the covers in bed is extreemly painful. The first 24 hours I can barely walk on it. The second day my foot is still sensictive to touch, very swollen, looks like I have a bright red sock on, it's slightly warm to the touch.
Avatar n tn The swelling extended to the top of my foot at the base of my big toe. It hurt so bad that just sitting it was throbbing. I thought maybe I had sprained it or something during a walk or jog. it was so bad I could not sleep. I went to my podiatrist who did x-rays but said the bones were fine. She said it was gout. I have been reading on this and it all points to obesity as a cause.
Avatar m tn In the mean time I developed a very swollen foot and ankle. The Dr at first thought it was sprained but after 1 week of treatment and the symptoms worsening, he then diagnosed gout. I have been on medication for 20 days now and the symptoms have only lessened slightly. Today, I went to have a blood test for uric acid levels with regard the gout.
2062453 tn?1350336542 //www.niams.nih.gov/Health_Info/Gout/default.asp), gout is caused by high uric acid and high uric acid can be caused by, "an excessively rapid turnover of cells, such as ...... hemolytic anemia". I suspect I have gout resulting from treatment. I'm wondering if other people have experienced this condition and how long it may take to resolve after treatment.
Avatar m tn my left ankle and foot been swollen for two weeks now and tried keeping it elevated but it not working.anyone have any ideas what to try.i do have heart stent,diabetes,neuropathy in hands and feet,etc.
Avatar m tn The only thing that is uncomfortable is the fact that I have to wear sandals because my shoes won't fit over my foot (the top of the foot is indeed that swollen). The foot itself is not discolored in any way, it's only the ankle. So any possible ideas would be appreciated. I hate thinking that going through all this isn't getting to the issue at hand and I'm worried that if I keep walking around on it I'm going to cause something else to go wrong.
Avatar f tn My dad is type 2 diabetic his foot is swollen and when he went to the doctor he asked him to do some tests so that he would make his mind whether he has got Gout or not ,well those are the tests : BIOCHEMISTRY >>>>> BLOOD UREA 0.26 g/l BLOOD CREATININE 13.74 mg/l PLASMA URIC ACID 96.
Avatar n tn His foot looks swollen and reddish now also. He's also prone to gout having had a few gout attacks recently. We took him to a doctor and they did a blood test from his arm (not his knee) and x-ray. Nothing on the x-ray. They said from the blood test (from his arm) that he does not have an infection. His uric acid level was 7.1. He is not running a fever. Is it likely to be gout from the description I've presented or likely to be an infected bursa? Or something else?
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3197728 tn?1377281500 Been having a pain in the top of my foot to where i cnt bend it.. cud it be pregnancy related? Or shud i.get it checked out?? Been hurtin almost 3 weeks..
Avatar f tn Hi i have been having similar problems my left foot is swollen very tender but not hot or red. but so tender to touch the pain is also around the bottom of the leg my doctor thinks its gout but i dont agree the swelling is worse after i have walked on it i dont know what to do with it i have slight numbness in the bottom of leg when you touch it its a strange feelinig any one any ideas.
Avatar n tn For about a week now I've had my left top part of my foot has become swollen and painful to the touch. it is also very painful when i begin to walk and put weight onto the ball of my foot . As of yet i havent been to my doctor as i thought the swelling and pain may go but was wondering whether it was something fairly serious that definitley needed checking out. can you help?
Avatar n tn If your foot is swollen, then that's a sign that something is physically wrong with your foot/ankle somewhere I would think. Being run over and injured when you were little might have something to do with your pain at this time. Maybe something didn't heal correctly, etc.. As far as your foot "shaking" when you hold it, I'm not sure what you mean by that, or what would cause it-unless it's from some sort of muscle weakness?.
Avatar f tn I developed suddenly top of left foot pain and redness, near middle toe, dr diagnosed cellulitis and have finished two weeks of antibiotics, now foot and ankle still swollen very painful as if a build up of fluid and cannot get shoe on or walk. This has been nearly three weeks.
Avatar m tn Next morning i woke up at 3 am with more pain than i could fathom. Foot was red and very swollen. Excrutiating. Caught taxi to Dr. he said i have gout? blood tests showed normal uric acid level. Treated me for gout anyway. I'm on colgout. It's been 5 days. Still can't walk. Toe joint is still swollen. Can't bend toe up and have minimal motion down. I'm petrified! I love running, hiking etc and being imobile like this is killing me.
Avatar m tn It feels like my foot is swollen, but its not. My right ankle is fine. Nobody seems concerned, but thats how my father started with congestive heart failure when he was 80. I just wish someone could give me an idea what might be causing this. My doctor told me to cut back on salt, but I don't use salt AT ALL. Any help would be appreciated. Its starting to worry me.
Avatar m tn My right ankle and foot is swollen. Has any one had this sx? This is the second time it has happened to the same leg while on tx and in FL. Any feed back will help.
Avatar m tn Thats good to hear...No swollen knuckles...I am perplexed... what can this be?
Avatar f tn I have pain on the ball of my foot. It hurts when ever pressure is put onto it, like walking. I also have lower back pain due to a buldging disc, wondering if the two are connected. My foot is a little swollen on top, and I've have this new pain for about a month.
Avatar f tn On May 31st I moved to Las Vegas NV from NW Oregon. Since about June 5th my left ankle & foot have been swelling, getting increasingly worse by the day. I am drinking more water - could this be fluid retention? The right leg is normal, and there has been no injury to the left leg, ankle or foot. What might be the cause?
Avatar n tn It can also be due to corn or calluses. Tendonitis is another possibility. Foot infection, gout, rheumatoid arthritis are the other possibilities. It can also be ligament injury. Since a confirmed diagnosis cannot be given on net please consult your doctor regarding this. Meanwhile, rest your feet by keeping them elevated on a cushion or stool. Apply ice pack. Take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory such as Tylenol, Aleve or Mobic. Hope this helps. Take care!