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Avatar f tn Many elderly women show up in the emergency room with peripheral edema or swollen feet due to congestive heart failure (which is a chronic condition). When I was pregnant, I had ONE foot swell terribly. That was a vein issue in my case. And I had pregnancy hypertension and had pitting edema overall. (good times . . . loved it so much I did it twice, ha ha). Another common reason for this kind of edema is kidney issues. And liver issues. The list goes on.
1966669 tn?1337599912 Im 28 weeks 4 days and the last few days have had super swollen ankles and feet. Does anyone have advise on how to relieve the pain and discomfort or how to stop it from happening. I was lucky in my previous pregnancy to not have this problem.
Avatar f tn How to reduce swollen feet? I have iced my feet, laid on my left side and elevated them. Seem like nothing is working.
10869131 tn?1430198496 These swollen feet and ankles are killing me! Shoes dont fit and my feet look like balloons :( my whole body feels so swollen I cant even wear rings anymore because I have chubby little sausage fingers now haha man I cant wait until it goes away!
Avatar f tn Epsom salt soak. Or keep your feet up past your hips.
Avatar f tn I noticed the other day that my feet were a tiny bit swollen but it went away a little bit later. but then today i was out all day and when i sat down i realized my feet were EXTRA SWOLLEN. they looked like freakin balloons!! is there something i can do to make the swelling go away or how do i prevent it?? ftm.
Avatar m tn Starting around Thursday Feb 18th at 11pm, I noticed my feet were swollen. The swelling is mainly on the top and the sides of my foot. It ends right around my ankle/sock line. There was no pain, no discoloration, and no scratches for infection. I went to the ER because I was scared. They ran blood tests and a urine test, and EKG. My kidney/liver levels were fine, as was my urine. The EKG was also normal.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies im 32 weeks and my feet got a lil swollen. One is more swollen than the other lol. Normally yes im tored my feet hurt aince i stand all day at work but once im up im ok i can handle it. I have a lot of energy. Yesterday i had a small baby shower just friends and i was walking around ALL day today i clean ALL day and now it hurts to even walk. My feet are killing me i feel like i cant even put pressure on them so i walk as if i have needles sticking out :/.
Avatar f tn When I would work doubles I sometimes could even walk from the pins and needles pain on my feet. Try those things other than that we are kind of stuck with it due to the nature of our fast past work environment. Good luck!
Avatar n tn When my hands/feet feel swollen I stick them under cold water it seems to help and feels good but everyone different good luck
Avatar f tn Im 25+1 an my feet are so fat an swollen it kills me to walk an thats pretty much wat I do at Work all day...any other mother's with this problem? What can I do to try an ease the pain?
Avatar f tn What can I do about swollen ankles and feet. There swelling really bad. But I have to be on my feet at work.
568603 tn?1240404035 d with lupus then you are probably going to have a lot of unexplained pain, stiffness and cramping in different areas of your body. Have you had joint pain elsewhere? Two years with lupus. May I ask what you have experienced so far? I had bad cramps in my feet for about a week right before I ended up in the ER with low sodium and low potassium. I also had cramping in my calves. I know this sounds more like a joint thing but that's what lupus does.
Avatar n tn I have pain in my feet sometimes it is hard to walk. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/296448'>c.t.a scan</a>.
Avatar f tn Woke up this morning with swollen knees. My legs, feet and ankles are not swollen, but they are sore. My omg my knees hurt. :( I'm planning on putting a heating pad on them. Hopefully that helps. Just a little bit longer! 6 more weeks!
Avatar f tn I'm going on 20weeks pregnant an my feet an ankles get incredibly swollen I also get this burning sensation an even hurts to stand on them they look like baloons about to pop :-/ an i got swollen feet with my previous pregnancy but no where this bad an painfull but I was working full time bak then on my feet all day this time around I'm at home with my daughter.. I don't see the widwife for another couple of weeks so am unsure of what I should do???
Avatar f tn my feet and ankles are sooooo swollen they are in recognizable! They are also in so much pain that when my husband tries to massage me they hurt worse ! Another weird thing : my hands have been going through the same thing , they get swollen and hurt a lot also ..
Avatar f tn What should I soak my feet in becuz they are really sore and swollen? 14weeks and 6day's pregnant.
Avatar f tn my face and hands are slightly swollen and my legs now chaffe from being swollen. Ill get a huge head ache and a really bad sharp pain in my side... sometimes its so hard to breathe...
Avatar f tn I would have the lesions biopsied to rule out other unlikely diseases. it is difficult to get a fungal infection on the hands b/c we tend to wash them regularly. It sounds like he may have pemphigus vulgaris.
4658567 tn?1364142123 My feet have been so swollen and painful for last week! I have soo much to do since its FINALLY nice (northern wiscsonsin). What do you do for your aching feet??