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Avatar n tn My dad is suffering from swollen knees and feet.and bedridden because of it.I just noticed that his legs are starting to darken.Is it because of the blood not flowing normally as it should be?His doctor advised him to come back after a week of observation and gave him meds for the inflammation.It has only been 3 days but seems to be worsening.Could somebody help me out?
Avatar f tn when you have something wrong with your heart can swollen knees have anything to with it?
Avatar f tn I'm 35 weeks pregnant and it seems like no matter what I eat I get swollen feet, people say it's from sodium so I have been watching my sodium intake but my feet are still huge!! I work 40hrs a week still could this be the reason? They are killing me!
Avatar f tn Epsom salt soak. Or keep your feet up past your hips.
Avatar f tn Hopefully this works I read it from baby center (: why are my ankles and feet swollen? Swollen ankles and feet (oedema) happen in pregnancy because your body is holding on to more fluid than usual. As your baby grows, your uterus (womb) puts pressure on the blood vessels in your pelvis. This particularly affects the large vein (inferior vena cava) on your right-hand side which receives blood from your lower limbs.
556621 tn?1284221513 My 16 year old daughter, who is a very athletic individual (lifeguard, hiker, bike rider, swimmer), has recently experiences swollen painful knees. At times, in the morning especially, she finds it difficult to walk and almost impossible to bend at the knee. It is obviously a tissue swelling that causes this, but what is causing the tissue to swell? Is it a form of Bursitis, perhaps, or are there other issues that have these common symptoms.
Avatar n tn The symptoms are painful and swollen joints in the knees, ankles and feet; inflammation of the eyes and skin; and painful urination. The symptoms may come and go and take time to recover. Another rare possibility is post infectious arthritis seen after an infection with, Campylobacter, Salmonella, or Yersinia called post infectious arthritis. But in this condition there will be associated eye problems. Tests like C reactive protein, ESR may be needed. Seek the opinion of an orthopaedician.
Avatar f tn I have 7 herniated disk in my neck and back and a 70% tear on my rotator cuff and now I have huge legs feet and ankles swollen. I noticed it when I felt like bugs were crawling up my legs?? My knees are even huge? Is this all related I guess??
Avatar n tn Every morning when I get up from the bed, the first steps are really VERY painful for my feet, and also if I sit even for a little time, my feet AND knees are very sore after I stand up, especially for the first couple of minutes. Especially my right heel for the past 2-3 weeks is very painful if I touch it or when I walk on hard surface (which of course I try to avoid completely).
231441 tn?1333896366 Hi, I've been having some problem with swollen feet (well, the swelling goes up to my knees now). Today I officially couldn't put on any of my shoes except slipper types - wearing crocs now. The swelling doesn't go down significantly even over night. I tried to wear my sports shoes today, but my feet started cramping so bad I had to take them off. This ain't good. I used to have shapely ankles and calves and now there's no definition, only pudge!
Avatar f tn My feet aren't, but the back of my knees are!
568603 tn?1240407635 Yes i have had joint pains in my side, knees, feet, ankle. fingers,elbows and so forth, basically every joint you can imagine or think of. So far i had blood and protein in the urine, foggy urine, hair loss, i went through cytoxan for months afterwards i was diagnosed with cmv. Spent 10 days in the hospital everyday when i was in hospital i had a high fever of 102 or greater its lot ore but right now i just cant think of of.
231441 tn?1333896366 Hi, I've been having some problem with swollen feet (well, the swelling goes up to my knees now). Today I officially couldn't put on any of my shoes except slipper types - wearing crocs now. The swelling doesn't go down significantly even over night. (Oh, my Ob apparently not too concerned but I just have to do regular urinalysis and monitor BP, except with the rapid weight gain - 10 lbs per month for the past 2 months....).
Avatar f tn Meanwhile the right foot still was swollen . So he sent me for therepy. The therepy injured my back and knees. So I stopped going. They then took X-rays and found MY toe was fractured badly and the pin had shifted. So I had to go in for a biopsy to make sure there was no infection . Then go back to redo the surgery again. This time inserting two plates and five screws. Well as my luck has it One screw is working its was out.So he has to operate and remove the plates and screws.
Avatar f tn Woke up this morning with swollen knees. My legs, feet and ankles are not swollen, but they are sore. My omg my knees hurt. :( I'm planning on putting a heating pad on them. Hopefully that helps. Just a little bit longer! 6 more weeks!
Avatar f tn It doesn't hurt very bad, it's just uncomfortable and a little mild pain comes and goes. Also my feet are a little tingly and seem slightly swollen. The bulge behind my knees can be seen when I stand up or stretch my leg out. I looked it up online and "baker's cysts'' come up, but then I saw something that says it rarely happens behind both knees. My question is.. Does anyone know if these can be cysts/fluid build up behind my knees or do you think they are lymph node swellings?
Avatar n tn when I wake up feet are so swollen I can hardly walk, behind knees and the muscles in my calves hurt. Feel very fatigued all the time. I'm on my feet 3 days a week for at least 10 hours. Suffered from heat exhaustion a month ago. Could the heat exhaustion have caused this unusual pain for me?
Avatar f tn I messed up my knee and foot on the same leg and the next day i got sunburned from the knees down. After i got sunburned my feet and ankles swelled to double thier normal size. Has anyone else ever had this happen. The injured foot is deffinatly worse. The other one is starting to go down but it still bothers me that my feet look like balloons.
Avatar n tn I had swollen ankles + feet initially which developed into chronic dull achiness and stiffness in joints of feet, knees, hands, wrists, and elbows, with blood work which showed a low positive rheumatoid factor. My dr suggested at first that it might be a mild case of RA. So, visited a rheumatologist who said "no", the swelling disapeared after a couple of months, 10 months passed, then my dr discovered the goiter and started me on 25mg of T4.
Avatar n tn I am currently 35 weeks Pregnant and my feet are so swollen it's unbelievable! My ankles and legs are the same. I can only wear flip flops as I can't fit my feet into any of my shoes! I've spoke to my Gp and she just said keep them elevated but it's still not helping! Anyone know what else I could do?
Avatar m tn I can understand the weight and body mass(large belly) causing the swelling of my legs and feet from the knees down but would that also cause tingling, pain and numbness in my feet??
Avatar n tn After 8mos the swelling has gone down considerable but now the inferior extensor retinaculum is very tight around both ankles, red spots on the tops of my feet near toes and outside edge of my feet to the heels have many visible veins. Calf areas are tight and swollen. What could this be, how do I fix it, how long before it heals?
Avatar f tn I've been swollen for 5 days now Went to the doc and they told me to drink more water and stay off of my feet. I'm swollen from my knees to my feet. I wouldn't worry unless you Start having contractions. Continue to lay on your left side as well.
Avatar f tn My Husband has been suffering for 4 years now without anybody diagnosing his symptons. His Feet are so swollen he can hardly walk , We can't find shoes wide enough to fit his feet as well. The toes are so swollen , His fingers as well .. We need help in finding out what this is.. He just had major inflamation removed from his wrist and the doctor just said it was an auto immune deficiency in his body..
Avatar m tn Medhelp people got me a new password, so am back in my old incarnation, for better or worse... Swollen ankles neurological? Wow, never heard that. My feet have swollen such that I can't fit into my shoes any more, all at the same time as the eye problem and hand problem. The swelling is on the instep and the outer ankles, definitely is fluid. Thought I'd maybe put on weight, but I've actually lost a stone in weight in the last month. Next time I see the doctor I'll show them my feet.
Avatar f tn Last night i thought my water was about to break cause the baby was moving down a lot. But yeah, for the past week my hands and feet have been swollen but last night its been pretty bad to the point it hurts. What does this mean and what should i do?
Avatar f tn Drinking and elevating my feet doesn't work for me, and I'm at a point where it's difficult to walk, my knees and half of my tights are swollen, not to mention my face. I haven't noticed any difference after one cup, maybe it'll take a few days to work.