Swollen feet from walking

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5915949 tn?1396191827 So sorry and good luck. Try exercise ball, heard it really helps.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies, ive been having very swollen feet and they wont get any better they been getting on my way to get chores done, with my baby just 2 weeks away from being here its very hard to be on "bed rest" like my doctor said, theres to many things to get done for my little one, any ideas besides walking?
Avatar f tn Im 36 weeks i have been getting very swollen from my legs and feet i try to raise them and it doesnt even help. What can i do?
Avatar f tn Any one know what might help swollen feet.
Avatar f tn Thank God I finally had a day off today to put up my feet. At wrk i am up standing walking back and forth 95% of the time at wrk. There are no times for breaks, but yesterday I was wrking fron desk so I was sitting mostly all day im guessing thats why? Anyways what do you guys do for this issue? Theyre so tight my feet look idk bruised.. Ideas pleasee?
Avatar f tn This preg I haven't had to much swelling but last preg my feet were always swollen. I couldn't get away from it but they say walking helps with swelling drinking lots of water and try not to over do it usually if I'm on my feet to much is when they get swollen.
Avatar f tn However, my feet have been constantly swollen for the past 2-2.5 months. Its both of my feet, ankles, and lower legs. I have not injured them and have no other symptoms to report. I have tried compression stockings and they don't seem to help. I have tried walking every day and still the swelling persisted. They are swollen from the moment i wake up in the morning, it does not go away with eleveation. Any ideas? Suggestions?
Avatar f tn I have swollen feet and hands and bloating. look like i'm 6 months pregnant by night time. My feet are painful to walk on most of the time. I've had to by bigger shoes to fit my feet. I have been see a naturpath and she says that my liver is note working properly. i'm taking liver tablets to detox. I feel that nothing is working i gave up smoking 15 months ago and have put on 15kgs and have been trying to lose it but it just won't budge. I thought maybe you might be able to help me.
Avatar f tn Any of you lady's have swollen feet/ankles? I work about 40 hours a week and my feet are killing me. What do you guys do to help your aching feet?
Avatar f tn So Today Was My Babyshower .. Usually My Feet Swell Up At Random Times & Once Ina Blue Moon .. Really Happens Only When Im Sitting Down For A Long Period Of Time .. Today At My Babyshower They Slowly Started Swelling & As I Was Sitting Down Opening Gifts I Could Feet My Feel Swelling .. i Had To Even Take My Sandles Off ! & Struggled To slide Them Back In !! Its Now 10:53 at Night & This Started Happening Around 4ish & My Feet Are Still Swollen ..
Avatar f tn I do have my feet up but is not helping
Avatar f tn Hopefully this works I read it from baby center (: why are my ankles and feet swollen? Swollen ankles and feet (oedema) happen in pregnancy because your body is holding on to more fluid than usual. As your baby grows, your uterus (womb) puts pressure on the blood vessels in your pelvis. This particularly affects the large vein (inferior vena cava) on your right-hand side which receives blood from your lower limbs.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies my feet are swollen I went to Walgreen and got my blood pressure check it was 134 over 83 they said it was normal. I've been drinking lots of water and watching my salt and sodium intake. What do you ladies think and what should I do about my feet any suggestions would be great..
Avatar f tn I just started school this week, also full time student, and I always walk from one side of the campus to the next, and for the first time my feet got super duper swollen! People have said to drink LOTS of water, reduce salt intake, and wear comfy walking shoes.
1205495 tn?1265829914 Im 13wks pregnant and my feet is swollen is it normal for this to happen so early in my pregnancy? Someone please tell me whats going on or if its ok? Or what should i do?
Avatar f tn We've been out ALL day at the Charlotte motor speedway watching all of those dummies run in circles, and my feet are so swollen I guess from walking up and down the bleachers.
Avatar f tn My feet and ankles are very swollen. My feet feel like they are burning all the time even though it's -20° outside, I want to wear flip flops onto the snow to cool them down! My fingers and wrists also swelled and I can't wear any jewelry anymore. Only 8 more wks!!
Avatar f tn Starting a couple days again i been getting really bad sore and swollen feet and ankles..went to dr and had it check everything is ok..just a mixture of being on my feet at work and from the heat. Anyone know of anything besides laying down that could help with the soreness and puffiness..could i put ice on them? Anything for the soreness?
Avatar f tn It helps but I've noticed as long as I work on my feet all night, I'm going to get swollen. My doctor said it's just one of those things and as long as there aren't signs of preeclampsia then there's no need to worry. Just make yourself as comfortable as you can.
Avatar m tn I'm also 1000 miles away from home right now too. Walking I think is going to be tough. Since this started I can't walk a 1/4 mile down the street before getting winded. I explained all this to the doc and she said there was nothing wrong with me. Nothing that any test they ran could show. She did mention that it might be that since i'm not home i have slowed down a bit. Back home I was outside everyday doing yardwork or something around the house.
Avatar f tn I have swollen ankles and feet but I attribute that to having broke my right legand left foot.
362119 tn?1223141536 i have the same problem... i just came back from a nice walk... and BAM, swollen feet and toes! my daughter says i have shrek feet!! my stomach was also tightening, but only on the right side... i figured it was time to head home, we'll give it another try tomorrow!
Avatar m tn Medhelp people got me a new password, so am back in my old incarnation, for better or worse... Swollen ankles neurological? Wow, never heard that. My feet have swollen such that I can't fit into my shoes any more, all at the same time as the eye problem and hand problem. The swelling is on the instep and the outer ankles, definitely is fluid. Thought I'd maybe put on weight, but I've actually lost a stone in weight in the last month. Next time I see the doctor I'll show them my feet.
Avatar m tn get an xray to see if you are developing a bone cyst or arthritic joints. the other pains you are experiencing could result from walking abnormaly to compensate for the pain.
Avatar f tn I have just recently started walking again after having a pulmarary embolism a year ago this month. I still have to hold on to something when I walk so I go to the local grocery store and use a buggy to help keep me stable. I walk around to outside isle and then up and down each isle. I have built myself up to doing two full laps. I have a lot of pain in my lower legs and right hip. Should I be warming up before I walk with some leg lifts or what? Ism also wanting to try and strengthen my arms.